Type of figure apple

Among representatives of the weaker sex, the figure "apple"( type "O") is often enough. Famous owners of the figure "apple" are Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and Kelly Clarkson. The main advantages of the figure "O" are slender legs and a beautiful chest. Women with the figure of "apple" it is important to choose the right clothing style to hide the weaknesses of the build.

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  • Recommended clothing for the figure apple
  • Dresses
  • Skirts
  • blouses, cardigans, tops
  • Trousers
  • Jackets, coats, jackets
  • Swimwear
  • Not recommended clothing pieces apple
  • footwear and accessories for the figure apple
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  • The basic rules of nutrition for the figure of the apple
  • Tips for physical exercise for the figure of the apple

Features of the figure apple

The holders of the figure "O" have the following individualsnnosti physique:

  • no pronounced waist;
  • shoulders and hips of equal width;
  • long legs;
  • the volume of the hips coincides with the volume of the breast;
  • flat buttocks;
  • protruding belly;
  • thin arms.

If the owners of the figure "apple" begin to gain extra pounds, fat accumulates in the waist.

There are two types of the figure "O": "apple" and "vase".Women with the figure "apple" have such features of a physique:

  • breast of medium size;
  • lack of a waistline;
  • the volume of the abdomen is larger than the volume of the breast;
  • slender legs;
  • tightened buttocks.

The figure of the famous American pop singer Britney Spears corresponds to the build "apple".

The representatives of the weaker sex with the figure "vase" have:

  • breast large size;
  • slightly outlined waistline;
  • width of the hips corresponding to the width of the chest;
  • long legs;
  • flat buttocks.

The figure of British actress Kate Elizabeth Winslet has all the characteristic features of the physique "vase".

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Recommended clothes for the figure of an apple

Stylists advise women of fashion with the type of figure "O" to choose clothes that will visually lengthen the female silhouette and harmonize the proportions of the upper and lower parts of the body. It is important to emphasize the main advantages of the figure - the chest and beautiful legs, and also to remove the accent from the wide waist. The main error of the owners of the figure "apple" - the choice of baggy clothes in the waist. As a result, the figure of the woman of fashion looks shapeless and is associated with an inflated ball. Consider what things will help to emphasize the dignity of the figure "apple".

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Effectively on a woman with a physique "apple" will look:

  • dress-case;
  • dress-bustier;
  • dress with an overstated waist;
  • dress asymmetrical cut;
  • dress with corset;

The above styles will help to hide the protruding belly, lengthen the silhouette, and also emphasize lush female forms and rounded shoulders. Correctly selected length of the product will help to focus attention on the long legs of the owner of the figure "apple".

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Female spokesperson with the figure "apple" stylists recommend to choose:

  • skirt with a slit;
  • skirt-trapeze;
  • skirt-sun;
  • skirt with high waist.

The length of the product should not be above the knee. On women with the figure "O" look good skirts of dark shades.

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Blouses, sweaters, tops

The "apple" bodybuilders will be fitted with models of clothes that fit nicely in the chest and are cut loose in the waist. The best options are:

  • blouses and sweaters with frills, ruffles and fringe;
  • flowing tunics made of lightweight fabrics;
  • tops with a cut;
  • blouse with high collar.
  • loading. ..

The length of the product should be below the waistline, so as not to emphasize the protruding abdomen. Women with a physique "apple" suitable multi-layer clothing. So, the transparent blouse in combination with the top visually narrow the female silhouette.

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In the wardrobe of the fashionista with the figure "O" the following models of trousers must necessarily be:

  • classic trousers of straight cut:
  • trousers tapering downwards;
  • trousers with high waist;
  • trousers with wide trousers;
  • capri pants;
  • trousers with a wide belt.

Trousers can be decorated with patch pockets or slatted pockets.

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Jackets, coats, jackets

It is recommended that female representatives with a "apple" figure wear jackets and short-cut jackets. In this case, the fastener should be located under the chest or at the chest level. Women with a physique "O" can safely choose:

  • jackets and jackets, which expand to the bottom;
  • long straight coats;
  • is a coat with a cut knee length.

Choose clothes with original details - bright buttons, folds, various inserts. They will divert attention from the wide waist and protruding abdomen.

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To the holders of the figure "O" stylists recommend choosing:

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  • swimwear with wide straps with a square cut;
  • fused swimsuits with colored stripes in the center of the product.

Bathing suits made of multi-colored fabrics are not suitable for you. The swimsuit of black, blue or burgundy color will look harmoniously on the owner of the figure "apple".

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Not recommended clothes for the figure of the apple

Models with the type of build "apple" should avoid styles that emphasize the fuzzy waistline or rounded stomach. Representatives of the weaker sex with the figure "O" are not recommended:

  • cut-off dresses;
  • mini skirts;
  • baggy models of blouses and tops:
  • tight sweaters;
  • blouses with fluffy sleeves;
  • pants with a low waistline;
  • tight pants;
  • merged swimsuits with a deep neckline.
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Shoes and accessories for the figure of the apple

To emphasize slender legs, women with the figure "O" can wear:

  • high-heeled shoes;
  • half-boots;
  • shoes on the platform;
  • sandals on the straps;
  • ballet shoes;
  • clogs.

You do not need to buy shoes with buckles and shoes with a small heel. Such shoes will give your feet excessive massiveness and draw attention to the wide waist.

Stylists recommend that women with the figure "O" wear graceful accessories, and also exclude from the wardrobe wide belts, large bags and bulky jewelry.

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Texture and color of fabric for a figure About

Clothing made from fabrics with a thin pattern, vertical stripes, small peas and diagonal cells visually make the figures of the figure "apple" slimmer. Women with the figure "O" is not recommended to choose clothes that are made in white, beige or pink tones. The best option is brown, blue, black and red. Owners of the figure "apple" should avoid large drawings and bright prints on clothes.

Frosted knitwear, wool and cotton are the most suitable fabrics for tailoring. Women with the physique "apple" should avoid elastic fabrics, as well as not buy products made of chiffon, satin, viscose.

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Basic rules of nutrition for the figure of the apple

Women with the "O" physique are inclined to completeness, so it is important for them to eat properly to maintain harmony and beautiful shapes. Nutritionists recommend that the owners of the "apple" physique comply with such rules of nutrition:

  1. Reduce the number of animal fats and carbohydrates in the diet.
  2. Give up sweet drinks and alcohol.
  3. Enrich the diet with foods that contain fiber.
  4. Use Kim Protasov's food system to normalize body weight.
  5. Drink regular green tea and drinks, based on ginger.

Possessors of the figure "apple" can be consumed in unlimited quantities:

  • various root crops;
  • leguminous crops;
  • low-fat meat;
  • citrus fruit;
  • dairy products with low fat content;
  • dried fruits;
  • fish products;
  • cereals.

Women with physique "O" should be excluded from the menu:

  • by-products;
  • flour and confectionery;
  • fatty fermented milk products;
  • salted cheeses;
  • spices.

Several times a month it is recommended to carry out unloading on berries and vegetables.

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Tips for physical exercise for the figure of the apple

The most problematic zone for the owners of the figure "apple" is the waist. For its correction a combined complex of exercises is used, which includes:

  • swing of the press;
  • exercises with hula-hoop;
  • twisting, tilting and rotating the body;
  • stretching exercises;
  • weight training.

Running, swimming and cycling will help to gain the necessary muscle mass in the upper and lower parts of the body.


It seems to me that the "apple" is not the most successful type of figure. A woman must constantly keep herself in shape, otherwise a noticeable tummy immediately appears. And the dress is far from being suitable for everyone, although if you correctly emphasize the breasts and beautiful thighs, you can distract attention from the shortcomings of the figure. And the diet that you recommend, I liked. Sweets and pickles always lead to a set of weight, they should be excluded.


Well, if you got such a figure! I liked the article very much, because the tips correspond to reality. I mean, what is really called is what is appropriate for this type of physique and what does not fit( from personal experience).Thank you for effective advice!

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