What do birthmarks mean on the body?

Ancient sages claimed that moles or nevi on the body are a gift from above. By the location, color and size of the birthmark predicted the fate of a person and the features of his character. People, fond of esotericism, consider birthmarks bioactive antennas, which regulate the information and energy field of man. Sometimes moles have an unusual shape, which has a karmic effect on a person.

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value form

  1. birthmark birthmark in the shape of a cross, indicating severe trials and difficulties in life.
  2. A star-shaped mole is considered a favorable sign. The owner of such a birthmark will always be protected from adversity and serious illnesses.
  3. A birthmark in the shape of an island or continent is characteristic of impulsive individuals who can not control their own emotions.
  4. A mole in the form of a bird is a happy sign and indicates the purposefulness of its owner.

  5. The mole, associated in form with the cat, is characteristic of mysterious and mysterious personalities who possess magical powers. In ancient times, such a birthmark was considered a diabolical sign.
  6. Birthmark in the form of a bonfire indicates the emotionality of a person, courage and ability for insane feats. Owners of such birthmarks are proprietors and jealous.
  7. Birthmark in the form of a human face speaks of isolation. The owner of such a birthmark needs the support of close people.
  8. A birthmark resembling a lip impression is a "kiss of destiny".She will present to the person in life only positive surprises.
  9. A mole in the form of an elephant indicates the loyalty and reliability of its owner.
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Value of moles in the form of digits

Birthmarks on the body can resemble figures in their form. Consider the value of moles in the form of digits:

  • Unit - indicates the straightness of the person;
  • Two - speaks of the impermanence and weakness of the character of its owner;
  • Three - talks about a person's cheerful nature and narcissism;
  • Four - indicates the decency of man;
  • Five - speaks of the willingness to win fame at any cost;
  • Six points to a sharp mind and discernment ";
  • Seven - typical of the idealists;
  • Eight - speaks of the spiritual balance of its owner and the ability to earn money;
  • Nine - speaks about the ability of a person to make his own destiny.
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Moles on the hips

Large black moles, located on the hips, are considered an unfavorable sign for men and women. They can symbolize serious illnesses and failures. A woman's birthmark on her hip is a sign of unhappy love. A mole on the top of the thigh in a man tells of his closed nature and high working capacity. A lot of moles on the hips promise family problems and mess in business.

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Moles on the shins

Moles on the shin are found in women with a bright appearance and a violent temperament. At the man such mysterious sign symbolizes success and luck in financial questions, and also changes for the better. The mole of red color, located on the shin, symbolizes the quick-tempered, and even aggressive nature of its owner.

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What are the birthmarks for the calves of the legs

In a man, the birthmark on the left calf indicates its windiness, weak willpower and inconstancy in love. In a woman, such a symbol symbolizes devotion. Moles on calves are considered favorable signs, which promise their owners interesting trips and meetings.

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Birthmarks on the knees

If the moles are located on the inside of the knee joint, they symbolize the failures and misfortunes that lie in wait for the person on the path of life. A large mole on the right knee of a man means a successful marriage, and on the left knee - serious problems and disagreements. A man with a birthmark on his left knee is complex and variable.

Birthmark on the right knee promises a woman a bad marriage and unhappy love, and on the left knee - longevity and women's happiness.

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The importance of birthmarks on the ankles

The males on the right side of the ankle indicate pride and inability to adapt to changing conditions. The mole on the opposite side of the ankle symbolizes wit and sociability.

A woman's birthmark on the right side of her ankle promises her financial problems, and a mole on her left ankle is a happy marriage. Owners of such birthmarks are active and cheerful.

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Moles on the chest in women and men

Men have moles on their breasts symbolizing discretion, wit and the ability to persuade. If the birthmark is localized on the right side of the chest, the man is pleasant in communication and is an optimist. The mole on the left side of the chest indicates a man's love and affection for women. On the creative abilities of men says a mole, located at the center of the chest.

A favorable sign for a man is considered to be the birthmark in the left side of the breast of yellow, brown or pink. It symbolizes strong health and financial well-being.

Moles of bright red color on the chest is a sign of Mars and predicts a man fighting and rivalry.

In women, the presence of moles on the breast indicates a strong maternal instinct or a violent temperament. The owners of such birthmarks are affectionate mothers and loving spouses. A woman with a mole on her right breast is fickle in love.

The mole under the left breast predicts its owner a strong family and healthy children. Indicates the vigor of a woman and the ability to independently achieve the success of a mole, which is under the right breast.

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Birthmarks in the armpit

Men with a birthmark in the armpit are leaders who quickly achieve respect in the community and are able to earn money. A woman's birthmark in the armpit indicates her inconstancy in love, talkativeness and emotionality. Owners of such birthmarks find it difficult to find a common language with men.

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Birthmark on belly

For a man, a large birthmark in the center of the abdomen is a favorable sign, as it symbolizes wealth or a major gain. For a woman, such a sign is a misfortune and loss of a loved one in her youth.

A mole below the navel indicates a man's frivolity. For a woman - a favorable sign, which indicates the family well-being of its owner. If a woman has a mole in the waist area, then she usually has an eccentric nature.

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Moles on the wrists

In a woman, a mole on her right wrist indicates her selfishness, stubbornness and perseverance, and for a man - for his strong character and purposefulness.

For a woman, the birthmark on the left wrist is a happy sign, and for a man such a birthmark portends the danger and loss of a loved one.

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Birthmarks on the brush

In men, the birthmark on the right hand is considered a rare but favorable sign, which symbolizes universal recognition and success. Birthmark, located at the man on the left hand, will tell about his excellent business qualities.

For a woman, a mole on a brush is a happy sign. Owners of such birthmarks are sociable, have an analytical mindset and are considered extraordinary personalities.

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Moles on elbows

For a woman, birth marks on elbows are a favorable sign, which foreshadows harmony and spiritual integrity. For a man, birth marks on the elbows denote hard work, life difficulties and impermanence.

Moles that are on the inside of the elbow give out a vulnerable person who is harassed by troubles and setbacks. He in his life will have to do everything on his own.

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Value of moles on shoulders and forearms

A mole on the left shoulder of a woman means a happy life and well-being, and on the right shoulder - serious illnesses and failures.

Men with a mole on the right shoulder are wise and reasonable. A man with a mole on his left shoulder often falls into a depressed state.

A woman's birthmark on her right forearm indicates her great creativity. For a man, a birthmark on the right forearm is considered a happy sign. The owner of such birthmark is distinguished by non-standard thinking and practicality.

Men with a birthmark on the left forearm can quickly adapt to changes in life. They are serious and reasonable.

For both sexes a round and convex bright red mole on the forearm is a well-being that will be achieved by overcoming significant difficulties. Small birthmarks of red and brown color on forearms are found in sensible and purposeful people.

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Moles in the perineum and genitals of

Holders of such birthmarks are unrestrained, emotional and endowed with a violent temperament. A man with a mole on the genitals can enjoy life, and is also a devoted friend. The woman's birthmarks on the labia point to her amorousness, windiness and impermanence.

A man with black moles in the perineal region likes to dominate, and also differs aggressiveness and unsociability. Birthmarks pink in the perineum are considered a sign of health.

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The importance of birthmarks on the back

For males and females, moles on the back are considered a favorable sign and have the same value. The mole on the back, located on the right side, indicates the straightness and sincerity of its owner. For its owner is also characterized by poise and commitment.

The mole in the left side of the back speaks about the sociability, purposefulness and practicality of its owner.

A large number of reddish-brown moles, which are located along the spine, promises prosperity. Owners of such birthmarks are self-confident and are real realists.

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Moles on the feet

If the mole is located on the right foot, a person likes to travel. Men with a mole on the left foot are witty and sociable.

Moles on the toes indicate the instability of the psyche of its possessor and suspiciousness.

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Importance of birthmarks on the neck

Men with birthmarks on the neck unbalanced and weak-willed persons. These men are affected by changing weather conditions and magnetic storms.

Women with moles on the neck are fickle and capricious.

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