How to Make a Beautiful Selfie: Postures and Ideas

After the appearance of the social network Instagram, self-photos became a very popular direction in photography. More and more users are joining this network, millions of new photos are uploaded daily on personal pages. However, not everyone has a smartphone with a camera that knows how to make a beautiful selfie, which postures and ideas to use, so that this frame is interesting for subscribers. This whole art and our today's review will help you figure out how to take photos that will collect the maximum number of likes in social networks.

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    How to do

    Today, even the world stars and presidents of states spread their photos of their faces to social networks.

    In 2013 in the UK the word "selfie" became so popular that it was included in the Oxford Dictionaries dictionary.

    Although in Russia this is the art of photography and has not acquired such a large-scale popularity, however, there are a lot of fans who click on the camera. And this passion for "self-pitying" is manifested not only in girls, but also in many guys. But to make a beautiful selfie, which will find response from the audience, is not so simple.

    There are several unspoken rules for creating a good self-photo:

    1. Keep an eye on the lighting. A picture taken in daylight will give a shine to the hair, smoothness to the skin, will illuminate the iris of the eyes and make them brighter. Photographing in the twilight, you always take risks - it can both spoil the photo, and make it mysterious and charming. Play with light, and you will definitely find your face.
    2. Nothing can spoil the SELFI like a lack of background. Many people like to do selfie at home, but usually these pictures are boring and similar. Where it is more interesting to go out and take a picture against the blue sky or a painted wall. Even a photo in the mirror of the shopping center will look much lively and more interesting than the home selfie. However, a couple of frames in an embrace with a favorite ivy bear, with a pet or buried in a blanket can be put in Instagram with hashtag # cute.
    3. Shoot your face at the right angle. It is known that the left and right side of the face slightly differ from each other. Try making SELFI a head to the left, and then to the right, and determine which side you are more photogenic. When shooting, it is recommended to lift the phone upwards, so the eyes visually appear wider. Experiment, turn your face in different directions, and you are sure to find the right angle.
    To create a beautiful selfie with a large background capture it is recommended to use a special monopod for selfie.

    Pushing the phone away from you, you can put more people in the frame or capture some incredible natural background. Another useful device for making selfi is a silicone case with a sticky back side. It's all simple - put the cover on the phone, stick it to anything( glass, mirror, wood, stone, etc.), and take pictures of yourself at full speed.

    And here's what you should not do, it's to take care of serious events, for example, at religious ceremonies, memorial services or funerals, it's considered bad form.

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    Typical sexual poses and "cute" duckfaces - it's certainly good, butwhen similar photos are millions, get lost in the general mass is very easy. Only pictures with non-standard poses, bright accessories in the frame or incredible nature in the background, make you pay attention.

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    For girls

    Pos to create selfies is not so much, because when shooting on an elongated hand, usually on the picture you can see only the face and chest of the girl. Therefore, the pose should be chosen so as not to distort the proportions of the body and emphasize the depth of the eyes. The best shots are obtained when shooting at an angle, the back must be straight, and the chin is slightly raised in order to avoid the formation of wrinkles on the neck.

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    Selfi full face is better to avoid at all, because the camera is peculiar to increase the nose, and such pictures are rarely successful.

    It's bright and unusual will look like a selfie girl, against the backdrop of some kind of sights.

    To capture more of the background, lift the camera above you. Also do not be afraid to make ridiculous selfies, girls with a sense of humor are especially attractive. For example, use bigfies for a selfie or a funny hat. Grimace, fool around, because it is these photos that look "alive" and are very popular. Selfi in the gym, where the girl takes off in the mirror and stands in a half-turned position, showing the relief of her figure, enjoy great success with the opposite sex.

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    For men

    In order not to look like a daffodil, it is better for men not to excel in searching for non-ordinary poses. Photograph yourself on a beautiful background, in extreme or unusual situations, near sports cars, with celebrities, with animals, and husks and subscriptions are provided to you. Well, to fix the result, do not forget to add brutal self-photo from the gym, where you stand in the famous pose of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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    Ideas of

    Do ideas for selfies end? Then read below, especially for you, we have prepared several ideas that will help create beautiful and original "sissies".

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    For home

    Home furnishings are an inexhaustible storehouse of ideas for selfies.

    To create a beautiful, romantic picture, lie down on the bed, gently bend your head from the edge, raise your hand with the camera up and slightly bring it back, and bend the second hand and bring it to your face in the area of ​​your lips. In the frame in the foreground will be the eyes, then the lips with a playful hand, and then on the back, slightly blurry plan, the contours of your figure.
    For selfie at home, do not forget to use any attributes, be it a mug with tea, a book, a plush toy, a pillow and so on. Original pictures are taken when making a meal, when a girl is standing in an apron, with a kitchen mitten and a saucer, and at the same time "conjures" over a pot.

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    For girlfriends

    The best attribute for selfie with girlfriends is a mirror, because when shooting on an elongated hand it is difficult to fit two or three faces in the frame. Poses for such a shooting can be anything. Seeing yourself in the mirror, try different options:

    • hug each other;
    • be fooled;
    • bounce;
    • cute smile;
    • make funny faces;
    • eat ice cream;
    • drink a cocktail from the tube.

    And do not forget about accessories, the pose of cool girls with glasses is still just as relevant. Hats, scarves, sunglasses, wigs, hoops with ears strongly influence the dynamics of photography and make it much more interesting. You can experiment with mirrors, bifurcated or even triple selfie looks extraordinary.

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    lovers Creating a loving couple is called "relfi," that is, a romantic selfie.

    Classical Relfi are removed in bed in an embrace with his second half. However, even such pictures can be original and interesting. For example, together lie down exactly at one height, tightly press each other's heads together and photograph so that the frame has half of the face of your partner and you, visually you should be two halves of one whole. It is original, symbolic and simple. By the way, you can still work on this photo - to enlarge and trim the eye level. Then in the center of the frame there will be two eyes, but different people.
    Another pose that causes fits of love and emotion in the audience is when the pair is as close as possible to each other, slightly bending their heads down, touching their foreheads and closing their eyes. In the frame should be only the faces of lovers.

    Originally look like a Rolfi, shot from the angle above the pair's head. Lovers stand embracing, looking up, their eyes shine. But when setting such a frame, take care of the background, because it will be visible. This pose can be the basis for many other ideas - lying on the grass, sitting on the bed, in the water, in the car, on the carousel. The main thing is that there are two in the picture, and they were in love.

    In conclusion, I would like to add that SELFI is a momentary entertainment.

    Do not spend a lot of time creating the "same" frame.

    It does not come out now - it means it will work out next time. Do not let social networks become a source of your leisure. Remember that life is buzzing around you, where there should always be a place for entertainment, walks in the park, travel, live communication, sports, books, family, pets and much more.

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