25 room flowers, which must grow at home

Creating comfort in your own home, it is very difficult to find the right wallpaper, carpets, furniture and other items. It is equally difficult to find the right houseplants that will not only please the eye, but will also benefit for one reason or another. We bring to your attention a selection of 25 room colors with photos and names, which must necessarily grow in the house.

  • Azalea
  • Aloe( Stoletnik)
  • Anthurium( Men happiness)
  • Araucaria
  • Waxy ivy
  • Geranium
  • Hippeastrum
  • Cactus( Echinopsis)
  • Calla
  • Calathea
  • Kalanchoe
  • Camellia
  • Myrtle
  • Oksalis
  • Rose
  • sansevieriya( Teschin language)
  • Sapolia( violet)
  • Spatifillum( Female happiness)
  • Scindapsus golden
  • Fatty( Money tree)
  • Ficus
  • Chlorophytum
  • Cyclamen
  • Citrus( lemon, mandarin)
  • Eucalyptus


Colorful decorative shrub of the heather family. A native flower from India, China, the mountains of Siberia and the Caucasus. The leaves of the flower are small, symmetrical on long legs. Flowers are large multi-colored, curly. Azalia has a lot of interpretations about growing a house. Many sources say that the lush and blooming azalea in the house will bring luck to the household in the business sphere.

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Aloe( Agave)

Shrubby plant with dense and fleshy swept leaves. The ends of the leaves are covered with spines. The plant can be light green or with small white specks. Aloe can be called a "home doctor", it is an indispensable plant in the house. Helps with colds, headaches, gastrointestinal diseases, throat and nose diseases, diseases of the oral cavity, boils and abscesses. An excellent tool in home cosmetology. Effectively stops bleeding.

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Anthurium( Male happiness)

A lush house plant with shiny, dark green, heart-shaped leaves. Flowers are large in the shape of an ear with a single petal around. The flowers are often of a red shiny color. A native flower from South America. It is considered that Anthurium brings happiness to its male host. The flower symbolizes courage, passion, strength, freedom, love.

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Evergreen coniferous plant in the form of a miniature tree with a pyramidal crown. Instead of leaves at the plant soft needles are greenish-yellow. Araucaria in the house will fill the home with freshness and coniferous aroma. Serves as an excellent air purifier.

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Wax ivy

Evergreen climbing plant of the family is leafy. The plant has a heart-shaped or oval leaves of dark green color. Inflorescences flower umbrella, on a long pedicel. Inflorescence can be up to 25 flowers of white, pink or red. A native plant from China. It is believed that the plant protects the household from various misfortunes and removes negative energy. The plant cleans the air and kills germs.

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Luxuriant houseplant with curly, light green, radical leaves. The flowers are small, lush, on high stems, in the inflorescence of an umbrella. Flowers can be white, pink, red. Geranium is famous for its antiseptic, bactericidal and antiviral effects. Very often the plant is used in home medicine for the treatment of acute respiratory disease, otitis media, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, headache, toothache, normalization of pressure, indigestion and wound healing. Attributed to the geraniums and mystical properties of the definition of the diseases of the household, the plant begins to fade and disappears when someone gets sick.

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Perennial bulbous houseplant of the family of the lily. A native plant from tropical America. Leaves are belt-shaped, dense, dark green in color, up to 60 centimeters in height. Stalk is single juicy dense, up to 90 centimeters in height. Flowers large, lily-shaped, collected in an umbellate inflorescence of 2-6 flowers. Color of flowers can be very diverse. The plant cleans the air well.

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Cactus( Echinopsis)

The cactus has a spherical symmetrical body with small needles. The body color of the cactus is dark green, the body is ribbed. The cactus blossoms, with good care, at the end of spring and every year. The cactus throws out a furry, soft arrow at the end of which the bud opens. Blossoms one bud for 1-3 days. Flowers exude a wonderful fragrance. You should put the cactus in places where it is possible for any radiation( computer, TV and other equipment).Cacti attract money and protect the house from thieves.

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A lush house plant with heart-shaped leaves in white speckles or monophonic, dark green in color. Leaves on long legs. Flowers are single on long pedicels. The flower consists of one colorful folded petal and middle cob. Color colors can be white, pink, red, beige, yellow. A native flower from South Africa. Calla has magical abilities to transform aggressive energy into the energy of joy and triumph. It is considered to be a guardian of the house, and also a generator of good and joy.

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A bushy house plant covered with large oval leaves with a corrugated pattern. Leaves are dark green with light green or burgundy patches. The leaves are located symmetrically on high juicy legs. It flowers in small yellow or white flowers. Flowers are located low on separate legs. Kalatea well cleans the air in the room. The flower is considered to be the absorber of negative energy. According to many beliefs, kalathea brings peace to the family.

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Lush houseplant with spatula-shaped or oval leaves. The leaves are dark green, shiny, on separate legs, radical. Flowers in the inflorescence of the umbrella, small, color may be different. In the house Kalanchoe is considered to be a full-fledged "home doctor".The plant is able to heal wounds, regenerate the skin, treat a runny nose, treat a stomach ulcer, treat varicose veins and stuff.

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Lush bushy houseplant. The leaves are oval, shiny, dark green in color. Flowers large, red, on separate pedicels. Externally, the flower is similar to a peony flower. Camellia in the house, to success in creative and career endeavors.

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Tree-like houseplant. The trunk of the tree is thin, single. The crown of the tree is formed from small branches and small frequent leaves. Crown myrtle in the form of a ball. It is considered to be a plant myrtle, capable of giving eternal youth. The plant brings home happiness and eternal love.

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A bushy plant. The leaves of the plant are purple. Outwardly, a flower resembles a "flock of purple butterflies".Blossoms oxalis with small white flowers in umbellate inflorescences of 5-10 pieces. The flower has the property of splashing. Oxalis can be eaten in salads and as a substitute for sorrel. The flower is recommended in the house to those who want to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Oksalis has the properties to sharpen feelings and strengthen intuition.

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The room rose has many varieties. The bush rose is externally similar to street roses. A braided rose does not grow in the room. A tree-like rose or a Chinese rose, according to legends, brings misfortune. A rose bush in the house is the oldest symbol of wealth, love and prosperity.

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Sansevieria( Teschin language)

A bushy, massive plant. Leaves are juicy, large, xiphoid. Leaves can reach 2 meters in height. The leaves of the plant can be of a monochromatic dark green color or with impregnations of white and even with a light stripe in the middle of the leaf. Sansevieria promotes family well-being and harmony. Traditional medicine has not overlooked the therapeutic antiseptic properties of plant leaves. The juice of the leaves heals the wounds and stops the blood.

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Senpia( violet)

A low-planted houseplant. The leaves of the violet are oval, dense with a rough surface. Leaf color is gray-green. Each leaf on a separate stem. Leaves lying, located in the root part of the plant. The flowers are regular, on separate pedicels. Flowers can be pink, red, purple, white, yellow or multicolored. It all depends on the species. According to popular beliefs, violet brings family well-being. A plant is considered a symbol of eternal love.

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Spatifillum( Female happiness)

A lush house plant with shiny, dark green, heart-shaped or oval leaves. Corrugated sheets. Flowers are large in the shape of an ear with a single petal around. The flowers are white, matte. A native flower from South America. It is generally believed that Spathiphyllum brings happiness to its master woman. Flower will return, tenderness, hope, love.

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Scindapsus golden

Wandering indoor liannery plant. The leaves are oval or cordate, dark green in color. The leaves can be fringed with a yellow strip or with yellow patches. The plant is used in most cases as an excellent air purifier. The flower is able to transform the energy of laziness into mobility.

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Tolstyanka( Money tree)

Indoor tree plant. The trunk of the tree is dense, can be both squat and high( depends on the subspecies of the plant).Leaves are small, oval, juicy, dark green in color. The leaves are symmetrically arranged along the branches. According to Chinese beliefs, the leaves of the tree resemble coins. It is believed that the plant attracts money to the house.

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A tall houseplant. Stem is dense. Single, can be up to 1.5 meters in height. The stem can be brown or burgundy. The leaves are large, oval, juicy, dark green in color. Ficus maintains an even energy balance in the house. Excellent air purifier.

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A bushy houseplant. The leaves are light green, thin and bendable, with a xiphoid shape. In the middle of the leaf there is a bright band of leaves on the bush a lot. A native plant is from the subtropics. Chlorophytum is an excellent air purifier. The plant is able to fill the air with useful phytoncides. In people, the plant is called "family happiness".According to beliefs, he brings happiness, comfort and peace to the family.

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Lush bushy houseplant. The leaves are dark green.gray, matte. In leaves, whitish impregnations. Flowers are single on their own pedicels. Flowers look like butterflies. Color of flowers can be varied. Most often, flowers have the right natural gradient. The plant has a powerful energy. An excellent antidepressant. It drives away bad dreams and dispels fears.

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Citrus tree( lemon, mandarin)

Citrus tree in the house can be both lemon and mandarin. The trunk of the tree is strong and massive. Leaves are small, dark green in color, on thin branches. Crohn on such indoor trees, often, spherical. Most often with proper care on the tree fruit is formed. Citrus tree in the house is an excellent air purifier. Also, the plant fills the house with citrus freshness, which improves the sleep of household members and increases the overall mood.

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A bushy houseplant. The leaves of the plant are small, dark green, symmetrically located on separate legs. Eucalyptus cleanses and refreshes the air. Eucalyptus leaves have very useful properties for asthmatics. Also, the plant is very useful for people with bronchial diseases and runny nose.

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