Methods of fighting mold on walls and wallpaper

Mold is a fungus common throughout the world. In high concentrations, mold is toxic to the human body, and with a weakened immune system can cause some diseases. This type of fungus multiplies by spores, and quickly grows on the walls. From a mold it is very difficult to get rid of. Therefore, you need to know what exactly is the cause of the appearance of mold, and how to prevent its occurrence in the room.

  • Why does
  • are exposed to mold for surrounding
  • Abatement of
  • eliminate excess moisture and cold
  • Remove mold and fungus
  • Means against mold
  • Chemicals
  • Biotol Spray
  • Olympus stop mold
  • Dali
  • Fongiflyuid Alpa
  • EcoSept
  • Folk methods
  • Grapefruit seed extract
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Acetic acid
  • Baking soda
  • Tea tree oil

Why does

appear? There isseveral reasons for the appearance of mold fungus in the apartment:

  • increased air humidity in the room( this fungus actively progresses in growth in a humid environment);
  • no ventilation in the room( if you do not regularly ventilate the room, most likely, a mold may appear on the walls);
  • incorrectly selected building materials and finishing during construction or repair( under certain conditions, drywall can cause fungal growth);

  • an abundance of hygrophilous plants in the room.
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Than mold is dangerous for the surrounding

Black mold in large quantities is very toxic to the human body, and the constant poisoning with fungal spores can result in the occurrence of some diseases:

  • asthmatic attacks;
  • allergic reactions;
  • chronic nasal congestion;
  • eczema;
  • dermatitis;
  • stomatitis;
  • conjunctivitis;
  • bronchitis;
  • laryngitis;
  • intoxication of the body;
  • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • foot and nail fungus.
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Methods of fighting

To prevent mildew from returning it is necessary to eliminate the main foci of its origin.

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Eliminate excess moisture and cold

In order to eliminate the increased humidity in the room it is necessary: ​​

  • to provide the room with good access to oxygen( regularly ventilate the room, open windows for at least 30 minutes a day or install, keep the door open);
  • install the exhaust system if possible, if the mold appeared in the kitchen or in the bathroom;
  • do not dry wet clothes on batteries, as high evaporation of moisture promotes multiplication of the fungus on the walls;
  • do not put wet things in the cabinets, as it can die and mold from lack of air circulation;
  • detect and repair all cracks and cracks through which moisture can penetrate into the room;
  • install good quality double-glazed windows, which will prevent moisture from entering the street;
  • If possible, remove all carpets and carpets with long nap, which are also a good habitat for mold fungus.
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Remove mold and fungus

After the excessive humidity in the room has been eliminated, the mold must be removed from the walls. For this it is necessary to perform such manipulations:

  • first of all lay the floor, close the doors and windows, and take out the furniture, carpets and clothes before the mechanical cleaning of the premises, so that later the spores do not spread again around the apartment;
  • cumbersome furniture should be treated as thoroughly as possible by means of the fungus;
  • if the black mold is covered with a large surface, then you need to remove the wallpaper from the walls;
  • with a dry cloth or sponge remove mold from the surface;
  • if the mold has eaten too much into the wall, then it needs to be cleaned with a spatula or perforator;
  • dry the surface with a building hair dryer;
  • apply the selected agent for the treatment of the walls and leave for 6 hours, then again apply an antifungal agent;
  • after 12 hours after treatment, once again, dry the surface and the room and you can start finishing work.

Important: All mold removal and treatment must be carried out with gloves and a respirator so that there is no risk of catching fungal spores.
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Mold control

Special chemicals have been developed to eliminate mold and there are popular effective recipes.

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The best chemical remedies for mold removal are:

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Biotol spray

An effective tool that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor processing.

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Olympus Stop-Mold

Suitable for processing in cellars, bathrooms, and rooms with high humidity and poor lighting.

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An antiseptic solution used to prevent the appearance of mold, after its mechanical removal.

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Phongifluid Alpa

Suitable for removing any kind of fungus and is odorless.

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A broad-spectrum agent that perfectly fights against fungus and pests even on wood.

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Folk methods

If for any reason the use of chemical agents is impossible, then there is the possibility to applyeffective folk remedies for removing black mold from the walls:

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Grapefruit seed extract

To prepare the solution, add 20 drops of extract to a half liter of water and treat the surface. It has no smell.

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Hydrogen Peroxide

Treat the surface with 3% hydrogen peroxide, then rinse with water after a few minutes and dry the wall well.

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Acetic acid

Table vinegar 9% must be sprayed with a spray on the wall to be treated. Do not rinse, the smell will quickly erode.

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Baking soda

Stir in a liter of water a teaspoon of soda and apply to the surface of the wall. Then clean the area with a stiff brush and dry it well. For greater effect, you can use this method again.

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Tea tree oil

To prepare the solution, mix a teaspoon of oil with a glass of water and spray or apply a soft brush on the surface to be treated.

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