15 ways, how can I quickly remember where I put the thing

Almost everyone in life had a situation with the loss of this or that thing. Many people know the feeling when the desired object was only in his hands, and now he completely disappeared. And sometimes it seems that the thing should lie in its usual place, but it is not there. It is easiest to arrange a spring cleaning and turn over the whole house, but this does not always help. There are several effective ways to quickly recall where the right thing has gone, both psychological and not entirely scientific.


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  • Method1

    For all the comic nature of this method, you can try to appease the brownie, because it is he who can be the culprit of the loss. Following the superstition of the brownie, one has to bribe something: put a glass of milk or a saucer with jam in the corner, put a sweet roll, a biscuit or some honey. It is generally believed that the house lovers are sweet, so they will be happy with such a delicacy and stop naughty.

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    Method 2

    An alternative to paying bribes can become a kind of game with him, superstitious people sometimes use such an ancient method - to turn to the house-servant. As a rule, they say directly: "Play and give", and the necessary thing will soon be found.

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    Method 3

    One theory states that missing items can escape your attention in a certain spatial corner of the apartment or house. If you follow this logic, then the search will require more effort than simply calling the house.

    For example, you can buy in the most ordinary store a bright color candle, which you need to put the house in front of you and light it. Looking at the flame of a candle, try to revive in memory and visualize the lost thing. It is believed that referring to the depths of memory, thus, you can remember where you could go, you need a thing.

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    Method 4

    If you are not left feeling that the thing has just been in your hands and suddenly disappeared, you can try to return to its original place. Once there, it is necessary to repeat all the same actions that were done before, to follow the same route. Reconstruction of one's own actions can help to immediately remember where the desired object is.

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    Method 5

    If a small-sized item is lost, then in this situation only logic will help. It is necessary to start thinking where it would be logical to put it. For example, it is convenient to put a small object in a desk drawer or a small box. It is necessary to search first of all there, where it would be most rational to put this very thing.

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    Method 6

    It should be imagined that now the thing is in hand, and then remember exactly how it looked and try to mentally repeat its actions. If the "scheme" of the action "drew" in your head, you need to go and check - and what if this happened exactly?

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    Method 7

    Try to think about where this item was stored, and see if there is a pile of newspapers, linens, children's toys, or whatever. Perhaps it will be enough to pick up the newspaper, and there will be a "loss" hidden behind it.

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    Method 8

    Psychologists believe that oblivion can help in the search. Sometimes, in search attempts, we are too addicted to the smallest details and ourselves unconsciously prevented concentrating on the main thing. Thus, we are deceiving our own brain, which begins to think that the thing has already been found, and falsely calms down. In this case, the thing itself can lie right in front of our eyes, but we do not see it.

    In this case, you can try to distract yourself, stop thinking about the loss, do other things. Most likely, after some time the loss will be detected.

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    Method 9

    According to the oldest notion, you can take scissors, open them and put them in an open form on the table. If you believe the legend, the missing things after that are instantly. The secret is that at this moment your attention is shifted to scissors, and you do not think about the lost thing and soon it is easy to remember where it is.

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    Method 10

    Take any chair in the house, tie a knot or towel to one of its legs, and then go about your business. After a while, the lost thing will show up. Approximately the same effect can be obtained by turning upside down a glass or a cup, which is most often used in the house.

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    Method 11

    The pendulum is a good aid in the search for missing items. It is quite simple to do it - just simply tie a small load to a long string and, holding it by the upper edge, pass through the apartment or another room. At this moment, mentally speaking about the loss, and if in some place the pendulum is set in motion - look carefully, it is probably here that the missing thing is waiting for its owner.

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    Method 12

    You should stand in the same place where the last time the lost thing was in your hands and throw a similar object up with a cry: "Brother, find your brother!".Where the object falls, there and should be sought.

    This procedure can be repeated several times, and one of the attempts is sure to be successful. This method is effective in finding objects of round shape that could easily roll somewhere.

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    Method 13

    You can take a thread length in your own growth, fold it into seven layers and tie it with three knots at an equal distance. Thread under the pillow and go to bed. It is likely that in a dream you will see where the right thing could disappear.

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    Method 14

    Do not be lazy to inspect the places you have already searched for. Happens, that at repeated survey the thing is.
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    Method 15

    If no method helps to remember where the thing was put, then only hypnosis will help. You can go to the reception to a hypnologist, but here it is worthwhile to think whether a lost thing is very necessary. Maybe it's better to forget about it, to wait a while and not to spend money, but the thing will be found out by itself and pretty soon?

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