How to make ombre staining for dark hair

Hair styling in the style of ombre has recently become more popular. The unique technique of ombre is the smooth transition of colors to each other. During painting, both similar paint colors can be used, and completely different. Types of staining ombre are striking in their diversity. This article will help you figure out how to make the right ombre staining for dark hair.

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What are the types of

? Consider the basic ones:

  1. Classic. This technique is performed on long hair. During the staining, two tones with a smooth transition are used. Most often on dark hair, lighten the tips. This species is suitable for brunettes, brunettes and redheads.
  2. "Burned Out".In the process of using this technique with bleached roots, the tips are discolored. This technique is used on light brown hair, since dark must be pre-clarified.

  3. Vintage. This technique is best suited for those who plan to smoothly change the color of hair. In this case, the roots of the hair are colored under a natural color or the tips are lightened. On short hair, a vintage ombre is performed with an almost imperceptible boundary, with no more than three tones being used. This technique is suitable for girls with blond and dark hair.
  4. Transversal. During application of this technique, the ombre is made by a special transverse strip with a smooth transition to the base color. The best transverse staining technique looks on medium and long dark hair.
  5. Color. This technique involves the use of several color gradients or a single bright hue. This technique is most often performed on long hair. At the same time, you need to remember that before darkening the hair has to be clarified beforehand.
  6. Sharp. During this technique, painting is performed with an extremely even sharp contrast, while the color does not grow. The saturation level and the color of the ombre are set at will.
  7. Ponytail. Uniform semicircle color all the hair. Most effective this technique looks on long hair, while the bangs also paint tips.
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What you need

For the hair coloring in the ombre style, the following materials will be needed:

  1. Paint for ombre coloring.
  2. A qualitative oxidizer.
  3. Capacity for the preparation of paint( not metal).
  4. Brush or brush for applying paint.
Note on the types chelok
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The process of staining

On the eve of painting the hair, you must necessarily make a mask with vegetable oil. To do this, evenly distribute along the entire length of hair two tablespoons of vegetable oil, then wrap the head with a towel and leave overnight. This mask will provide hair with all the necessary nutrients.

Hair styling in the style of ombre passes in several stages:

  1. Choose the type of color depending on the length, as well as the color of the hair.
  2. Staining of tips. For this, the tips of the hair are not more than 10 centimeters evenly applied to the paint and leaves for 45 minutes. After that, the paint is washed off, and the hair is dried with a hair dryer.
  3. Re-painting. At this stage, a smooth transition from dark to lighter color is carried out. As a rule, the paint is applied already a couple of centimeters higher. By time, the paint is kept much less - about 25 minutes, and then washed off.
  4. Final stage. Painted hair must be treated with special means for protection and intensive care.

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Examples of

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Short hair

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Medium length hair

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Long hair

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Svetlana, 19, Nizhny Tagil:

"In my opinion, after painting in a super fashionable now ombre style, I began to look much more spectacular and brighter. True, my luxurious dark hair began to need additional care after lighting the tips. "

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Irina, 37 years, Moscow:

"I've been suffering for a few weeks after staining in the ombre style. I wanted a novelty and a luxurious color, and as a result I have terrible split ends, an incomprehensible blurry color and a neglected appearance. "

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