6 Simple Ways to Become Popular in Instagram

Instagram is the most fashionable social network, in which more than 130 million users are registered. Instagram has its own stars. They have thousands of subscribers and are always in the top. But they are not only popular because they have learned to tell their stories through high-quality images. Everyone can become very popular in Instagram, using 6 simple methods.

  • Correctly create
  • profile Photo
  • Hashtags
  • Communicate in
  • community Advance in other social networks
  • Use filters

Properly format

profile Start your ladder of glory in Instagram from your personal page. Information about yourself in the profile needs to be designed in an interesting and original way. Write a few lines that embody you, put the text on the cent and add a couple of interesting smileys.

By no means make your account private, this will only complicate the task of recruiting a large number of subscribers.

Next, choose a theme and profile style. You can, how to choose the most popular themes, and come up with something different, but in the latter case, avoid using photos with different processing.

Stylishly and original look accounts, photos in which are marked by one common theme. Of course, you can always go beyond the topic, but the page devoted only to fashion will attract fashionists and women of fashion who will sign up and show interest in your photos.

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Photo by

To advance in Instagram it's best to post really cool photos. If you like to travel, you simply have to share pictures of beautiful landscapes with your subscribers.

Do you have a pet? Excellent! This is the right step to frenzied popularity, because everyone likes seals, dogs and other pets.

Do you like to pamper your family with delicious dishes? Great! You are already practically an Instagram star. As the statistics showed, most often the instragmers are enjoying photos:

  • of steep wheelbarrows,
  • of expensive and beautiful things,
  • of children,
  • of family holidays,
  • of animals,
  • of original decorated food.

A unique dog named Tyuna became popular in Instagram because of a wrong bite.

The most popular personality in Instagram is Justin Drew Bieber - Canadian pop-R & B-singer, songwriter, musician and actor.

The owner of the most beautiful priests in the history of Instagram existence.

The most popular photo is a photo of the American model Kendall Jenner.

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You must sign your photos with hashtags. In combination with beautiful images, tags can give a really large number of new followers. Users of the Instagram often look for photos of certain things or places, so describe your pictures with hashtags in as much detail as possible, and then those who found a snapshot in your tag will necessarily subscribe to you.

Do not forget about popular hashtags and always insert them to your photos.

Today there are a lot of such tags, promonitortte them and choose the most appropriate to your topic account.

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Communication in the community

Active position and friendliness in the communities is a guarantee of your future popularity. People love to communicate, but be sincere, as falseness is felt even through the Internet. Be sure to find people with similar interests, rate their photos, leave comments. As the statistics show, it is a pleasant and sincere commentary under the photograph that arouse the interest of its author and, as a rule, this person comes to the profile, puts the likes and subscribes to the commentator.

Read also how to make http://woman-l.ru/kak-sdelat-krasivoe-selfi-pozy-i-idei/ beautiful selfi: poses and ideas of
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Promotion in other social networks

Surely your accounts are in other social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Vkontakte, so why not use them to promote your photos? Set up simultaneous posting or share links to your pictures in other social networks and you will significantly expand your potential audience.

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Use filters

Statistics show that photos, processed with special filters, like users more than others. Thanks to the built-in photo editor, you can apply filters directly in Instagram. But of the 28 built-in filters,

  • X-Proll,
  • Normal,
  • Hefe,
  • Earlybird,
  • Rise,
  • Amaro,
  • Valencia,
  • Brannan,
  • Hudson,
  • Lomo-fi are very popular.
  • loading. ..

These filters will greatly improve the quality of the picture and give it an interesting flare.

If you stick to these simple tips, then you will quickly become popular in Instagram. But remember that the most important thing in achieving success is beautiful photographs filled with history. Without quality images, any actions will not bring any result. Live a busy life - travel, visit interesting events, do what you like, rest and when you understand what you have, what to tell and show the world.

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