7 steps to quickly forget your loved one

Relations are stalled, misunderstandings and quarrels spoil life for both of you. There comes a moment of unbidden truth, and you part. It happens every day with hundreds of thousands of people. The main thing in such situations is to remember that life goes on. And you deserve happiness in this world! To enjoy it in full, you can not do without 7 steps that will quickly forget your loved one.

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  • What can not be done

Step One

Take the situation of parting. This means, at a rational level, to comprehend all that has happened, to reproduce the moment of the gap in memory and to recognize its accomplishment. But do not do this with a touch of sentimentality.

Take yourself in hand and write down on the sheet at least three prospects that you open due to the circumstances.

It can be:

  • admission to the university;
  • device to work in another city, about which you dreamed, but the second half firmly held you back;

  • trip to an unknown country, capable of opening new horizons of your personality.the emergence of a free from the "beloved" time, which can be spent not on attention and concern for it, but on your own self-development.

So, the goals are outlined, it remains to put ourselves in order for their implementation. At this point, a loved one, naturally, is still in your heart, but, rehabilitation is yet to come.

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Step two

Clear the space. If you lived together, discard all objects that remind you of your beloved. It will not be easy and will cause a lot of memories, but as soon as your apartment becomes free of elements of its presence, extraordinary changes are expected.

Even if you just met, throw it out: gifts in the form of teddy bears and other romantic trivia, ornaments and photographs - should be immediately given to someone.

So, you will be freed from unnecessary memories as much as possible, the image of a sweet one will appear less often in memory.

In addition to transforming your home, it is very useful to change the situation more drastically, at least for a while:

  1. Arrange yourself a vacation in the form of a trip to the sea, to the mountains and other extraordinary places with which the country is full. Unity with nature can heal the deepest wounds.
  2. If you lead an active lifestyle, go camping with a group: similar proposals can be found on any site of the tourist club.
  3. If you like dancing and fun, gather with friends in another city or even a country, go to a nightclub or to a beach party, walk the streets, go to a cafe, meet new people.

By the way, about people: try to communicate only with your friends, but not with your loved ones.

Only in a trusted atmosphere will your mental forces be able to recover, and memory will erase past feelings.

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Step Three

After an emotional shake, you will feel differently. The next step is to take time.

Options to make yourself nice can be a lot:

  • Sign up for a manicure.
  • Change your hair style or update your hair color.
  • Treat yourself to SPA treatments in the salon or at home.

In addition:

  • Arrange the evening with candles in a bath with foam and salt.
  • Buy flowers for yourself, and it is better in a pot: both practical, and pleasant, and will not cause unnecessary associations.
  • Go to the movies for a good movie or invite a friend to the movie screening. It is important at the same time not to choose dramatic pictures, stop on comedy.

In other words, do everything for yourself and remember: too many pleasant things do not happen. Then you definitely will not think about how to make yourself forget the past, because time will be filled with the enjoyment of the present.

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Step four

A separate stage in the restoration of peace of mind - shopping. No woman felt bad buying beautiful things.

Of course, the number of purchases directly depends on the budget, but at least one bright, feminine and attractive wardrobe item must be purchased.

But buying clothes during a shopping trip is not an end in itself, because you can experience a lot of pleasant emotions from trying on all kinds of outfits. In this case, it is important to measure not only things that suit your style, but also completely opposite to those to which you are accustomed.

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Step five

After numerous changes, think again about the place of your life. Arrange all the points above "i", paying attention to the fact that before the appearance of this person in destiny, you too were happy and much joy, you can get a positive without him, as evidenced by the results of recent weeks.

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A complete rethinking of your position in the world and society together with a clear understanding of your own value and uniqueness will help to cross out the past and the feelings it caused.

At this stage it is important to understand that everything you did after the parting was done for you, not to attract his attention, revenge or show that you can be better.

Do not allow any categories of relationship in your head: you are he and he, whose paths have departed forever, so that your personal path can rise to perfection, happiness, and harmony with yourself and the world.

You can write down all your thoughts, tell a loved one, draw images that convey the real state of affairs: a splash of emotion is necessary in order for the psyche to purify itself from the accumulated negative. As a result, you must come to an understanding that a failure of love is not the worst loss in life, because the main thing is not to lose yourself.

This way you can look at the situation and its place in your life from the outside, as an independent observer. Be sure: at this moment you will have nothing to regret. And if once again you want to cry about your unhappy fate, run from such thoughts to the street, to visit: anywhere, where you can put things in order in your head.

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Step Six of

Sooner or later it's time to take stock. Ask yourself, what lesson did you learn from past relationships? Think about how you should not behave, what should not be conceded, and, finally, what is the real cause of the gap. What is it for?

In your life, a new favorite person will necessarily appear, new relations will begin to develop, in which it is very important not to make past mistakes.

Let you enter a new stage of life, but crossed feelings are one thing, and crossed out experience is another. He is a good adviser, able to help preserve a new love that will seem to be the only one in your destiny.

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Now to the question of whether you can forget the person you love, you will definitely be ready to answer in the affirmative.

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Step Seven

Pay attention to the looks of men addressed to you on the street, in public transport or at work. Make sure that you are an attractive woman, worthy of attention, love and tenderness. Start flirting, not thinking about what others will think of you.

Of course, any coquetry has a limit, do not overplay or try to make a passing novel. Having done this, you will definitely regret the spoiled relationship with a friend or just feel the internal discomfort after it is completed.

Now you are again open to the world, let and the world discover yourself: maybe he has already prepared a surprise for you in the form of new feelings and relationships.

The question naturally arises as to how long it takes to erase the former lover from the heart. This is strictly individual and depends on the duration of the relationship, your character and external circumstances.

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What can not be done

In order to recover from parting as from a painful period, neitherin any case it is impossible:

  • Hope that everything will work out, wait that the loved one will understand the error and return.
  • Search for meetings with the former, try to talk and find out the relationship.
  • To learn the details and details of his life.
  • Meditate over his guilt, remember all the nastiness and quarrels.
  • Hatch a revenge plan: to quarrel with a new passion, to arrange a random meeting when you are next to a cute young man and such unnecessary actions.
  • Compare the other men with the former and yourself with his new woman.
  • Let others regret or do it yourself.
  • Consider that the best period of life is over and new relationships can no longer be built.
  • Rush into the pool of love adventures. YesDay yes, yes! All is right, only from pain in the heart is not so easy to get rid of. While it is very hard
    . . I think only about one question: how can you do this with a man, just throw it. . before the wedding itself. My brain can not accept this!

    Well, look for pluses) Better before the wedding than after it, and even with the child)))


    Julia do not worry everything will work out!


    The youth is forgetful and the time is working for you, but how to survive the betrayal in 50


    It's terrible when a man showed you how much the relationship could be ideal, offered to move to another country,and then just changed his mind and said that nothing will turn out. ..


    I have the same situation) The girl was frightened of serious relationships, although she originally wanted to come, but I will still go otherwise I'll regret all lateravshuyusya life

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