How and what to clean ornaments from gold and silver of the house

Products from precious metals for sure will be found in the treasured casket of almost every woman. Someone wears them all the time, someone - just "on the way out," but time is inexorable, and any jewelry can lose its original brilliance and beauty, fade and look not very presentable, and therefore require an elementary attention.

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Before answering the question how to clean jewelry from gold, it should be noted that for this purpose in no eventmeans that contain abrasive particles are not suitable - they can scratch the top layer. At the end of the procedure, the decoration is polished with a soft toothbrush and thoroughly dried.

  • In a small amount of any oxygen bleach, it is advisable to drop a couple of drops of the means that the dishes are washed and pour boiling water. In the rapidly forming foam for 15-20 minutes, the gold-requiring products need to be cleaned.

  • Lemon juice, liquid for contact lenses is somewhat unusual, but effective.
  • Excellent way - boiling in a detergent solution. Pollution can be easily cleared in a few minutes.
  • If the dirt is very serious, it can help at home cleaning the gold peroxide. To do this, a 5-minute "bath" in such a composition: a small amount of water is added half a teaspoon of washing powder and a vial of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia solution. After the decoration, brush with a toothbrush.
  • How to return the shine to gold? For this, the jewelry is placed overnight in a glass of warm sweet water( 3 tablespoons of sugar).
  • You can moisten with a slightly sweetish solution( 0.5 teaspoon per glass of water) a cloth and rub it with an ornament.
  • Such methods are original and simple: cleaning with lipstick, onion juice, beer mixed with egg white. These substances are applied to a soft cloth, which the products are wiped. The further actions are similar to the above.

This kind of variety, like white gold, is an alloy of three different metals: gold, nickel and copper proper, and rhodium-plated jewelry is covered from the platinum group. But over time it can wear off, so cleaning white gold requires extreme caution.

  • It is permissible to use a solution that can be cleaned with gold, ammonia with equal amounts of water. In it is added a little shampoo, and there for half an hour the product from white gold is placed. Then it is washed in water and thoroughly dried with a soft cloth.
  • To clean ornaments from white gold it is very simple in soap solution, and soap should be soft. Things are immersed in this solution for half an hour.
  • At home, cleaning gold with ammonia is carried out as follows: the product is immersed in a 25% solution for a couple of hours, and then everything, as usual, is rinsed and dried with a cloth.

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Silver items look very elegant and noble. One trouble: the metal very quickly loses its "commercial appearance" - it dims and darkens. Folk recipes offer various ways to clean silver from blacks and other contaminants. In this case, it must be borne in mind that before any of them, one must certainly drop the dressing in soapy water, and for a while holding it in it, thoroughly rinse.

  • If the silver decoration is not soiled, you can try to remove the dirt with a warm soap solution, adding a few drops of ammonia to it. In this mixture for the night put silver products. In the morning they clean them with an unnecessary toothbrush - preferably with soft bristles, so as not to scratch the surface of the decoration. After that, the jewelry is washed in running water and dried with a soft cloth - preferably a piece of flannel or suede.
  • The chain can be cleaned with a well-known method - moistened soda. Hold the chain in the palm of your hand, rubbing it with a soda for 15-20 minutes with a toothbrush until the soda darkens. Washing and drying - as in the previous advice.
  • In the same way, silver is cleaned from contamination with toothpaste or powder.
  • For this purpose, warm solutions of citric acid or table vinegar, prepared from an approximate calculation of 50 ml per 350 ml, are also suitable.
  • Low-grade silver will be well purified in lemon juice or "lemon juice" solution. The product should simply be held in them, and then polished with a soft cloth.
  • How to clean silver and gold? For about 20 minutes silver ornaments are placed in a solution of a detergent powder, brought to a boil, just as in the case of gold products.
  • To remove darkening from a large silver cross you can use a stationary eraser.
  • Gold-plated silver requires careful cleaning, so as not to damage the gilding. The surface of such a product is wiped with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or turpentine. It is allowed to clean with vinegar, which is washed off after 5 minutes and allow the decoration to dry without wiping it.
  • Interesting is considered a folk remedy, like water from boiled eggs. Not completely cooling such water, silver products are placed in it, and then wiped dry.
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Products with stones

Cleaning of gold and silver is often complicated by the presence of stones on the adornments around which pollution is most often formed.
  • Rings, earrings, pendants with diamonds need to be cleansed of fat at least once a month. Preventive "bathing" occurs in warm water and liquid soap.
  • How to clear gold from dirt if it is decorated with stones? It must be remembered that in this case, the usual methods are not at all. Especially this applies to stones that are glued to the product - all sorts of "water procedures" are contraindicated to them.
  • For a small contamination, cleaning with alcohol or cologne - with the help of a cotton swab. Do it very carefully and smoothly.
  • Heavily soiled jewelry will save gasoline. The procedure is carried out with a soft toothbrush.
  • Cleaning silver products with stones is best done with special compounds, the treatment of which is also an additional protection for the surface.
  • In extreme cases, you can use a cleaning method that involves the use of ammonia, but the solution should be weak - literally 5-6 drops per glass of water.
  • The stone itself and the attachment points are wiped with a cotton swab( in no case a sharp object!), Dampened with cologne or glycerin, and then the decoration is polished with flannel or suede.
  • Sufficiently hard stones such as ruby, sapphire, emerald or diamond can be cleaned with a slurry of ammonia with tooth powder. This method is suitable for enamel.
  • Turquoise, amber, moonstone, malachite are cleaned the same way, but also soapy solution is used.
  • Special attention is required for pearls in a silver frame. It, for example, can not be cleaned with ammonia to avoid changing the color of the pearls. The fatty coating and yellowness can be removed in this way: the dressing after washing in a solution of soap is wrapped in a thin linen flap, covering a little salt - about a teaspoon. The knot is rinsed in warm water until the salt dissolves completely.
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It is known that it is easier to prevent a disease than to treat it later. The same rule applies to the storage and handling of jewelry. So, silvering can be avoided if:

  • doing household chores related to the use of water, removing bracelets and rings;
  • if all the same jewelry touched wet skin, they should be wiped with a soft cloth;
  • using creams or ointments for hands, decorations are also removed( especially if the composition of the ointment includes sulfur);
  • badly affect silver items iodine, and mercury salts, and common table salt, so avoid contact with them;
  • jewelry is recommended to store in a dry place, better - in a special box, and ideally - each decoration is packed separately;
  • should not listen to the recommendations for cleaning silver with dishwashing detergents. In the same "Fairy" is the high content of alkalis causing silver to darken. Forbidden substances include hydrogen peroxide.

Moments that prevent pollution for gold, in many ways similar. In particular, this applies to domestic work, water procedures, sports, as well as the use of medicinal and cosmetic products, which can cause an unexpected chemical reaction. A liquid for removing varnish can also have a detrimental effect on the state of the gold ornament.

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  • Jewelry with enamel or natural stones should be protected from mechanical and chemical influences - impacts and contacts with certain substances.
  • In principle, silver care is not difficult. It is enough to have a regular soap bath for him, followed by rinsing, drying and light polishing with a suede or flannel scrap.
  • In order to prevent silverware, it is possible from time to time to "boil" with potatoes. For this, during the boiling of water, silver is dropped into it along with a piece of foil. Let it leave for 5 minutes. After taking out, the product is rinsed and dried.
  • If some of the ornaments are worn infrequently, they should be stored by wrapping in foil, so they do not oxidize and darken.
  • Gold jewelry is not recommended to be stored in a cardboard box: this material contains sulfur, which in time can "tarnish" the metal.
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