Types of bobs

The opinion that the bangs are not for everyone, is mistaken. In fact, there are many varieties of bangs, most importantly - to correctly choose this element of the hairdress under the shape of the face. With the help of bangs, you can disguise flaws by correcting the imperfect cheekbones or forehead. Variation with a bang is the least risky way to change your look and style.

Even if you do not like the new image, you can easily and quickly grow strands and change bangs, or smoothly transfer hair to the total length. However, if you decided on such an experiment for the first time, do not immediately cut the bang very short. It is better to start with elongated species. So, let's talk in more detail about the types of bangs.

  • Straight bangs
  • oblique fringe
  • bangs to one side
  • short bangs
  • long straight bangs
  • torn fringe
  • asymmetrical bangs
  • thick bangs from the top
  • thinned bangs
  • Divided bangs
  • Curly bangs
  • extravagant bangs
  • How to choose bang on the face shape

Straight fringe

Classic version of the bangs when the strands are evenly trimmed along the eyebrow line, or slightly higher. This kind of bangs suits the owner of an oval face. By the way, this option is also different. For example, a bang can stand out from the rest of the hair mass, or merge with strands on the temples. You should not choose this type of bangs for girls with a square face, it only emphasizes the angularity and makes the image coarser.

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Slanting fringe

This is a variant of a bang when the strands are trimmed along an oblique line from the temple to the temple. The length of such a bang can be different. The cut line also varies in shape and is either straight or slightly rounded. This fringe is considered a youth option, it softens the sharp features of the face, visually lengthens the rounded forms and reduces the massive chin.

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Felt on toe

Long strands laid on one side. This option is suitable for almost any type of face. Gives an image of sexuality and coquetry. The bangs on the side can be pulled out with an iron and fixed with a hair gel, or laid slightly with a curling wave. A great way to look more feminine and younger.

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Short fringe

Strands, as a rule, at the level of the middle of the forehead between the eyebrows and the lines of hair growth. Such bangs are great for a small round face. She visually lengthen the shape, and make the face more open. It is worth noting that this option can be worn for girls with perfect eyebrows and a straight forehead. If you have any shortcomings in this area, do not strip them. You can stack a short bang on one side or straight. With a short fringe, squash or long hair look good.

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Long straight bang

Long bangs flowing into the eyes. Completely covers the eyebrows. This option is by no means applicable to girls with a small face, but for an oval or elongated face, this is an excellent choice. Long strands give an image of mystery and sexuality. The emphasis in makeup is recommended to do on the eyes - they should be clearly highlighted.

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Ragged fringe

This kind of bang brings an element of carelessness into the hairstyle. Ragged bangs are great for an oval face. For girls with a short face, this is a great way to correct deficiencies and slightly extend the cheekbones and chin. The most stylish look with such a bang is short hairstyles. In this case, you can "tear" the tips, making the strands different in length and thickness. This will give an effect to the image and make you younger.

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Asymmetrical bang

Felt, trimmed unevenly. Strands in this case will have different lengths. You can also use the "torn" edge. This bang does not require special styling, it is enough to use a small amount of mousse for hair. It is permissible that the strands lie a little carelessly and randomly. For more even strands, use the iron for styling. This option gives lightness to the image.

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Thick bangs from the top of the head

The optimal version of the bang for women with low forehead - bangs begins almost at the crown, which visually makes the forehead higher and lengthens it. In the round form of a person with such a bang, it is better to combine a hairstyle with a square or long straight hair. The rectangular face of such a bang will make it more feminine.

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Thinned fringe

Rare strands falling on the forehead, soften the face visually, reducing large features and heavy chin. Thinned bangs fit for a square and rectangular shape of the face. The bangs can be laid on their side, or form straight strands. Not bad looks a rare bangs, laid on two sides, but this option is suitable only for the ideal face shape.

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Split bang

In this case, the strands are laid on two sides. You can distribute the hair evenly, or separate more strands on one side. Such a bang makes the upper part of the face visually already, which makes it possible to use it for the owners of a triangular face or an excessively wide forehead.

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Curly bangs

Strands in this case can be long or short, laid on one side or separated. But always the hair in this case are waves. A wavy bang with straight hair is inappropriate.

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Extravagant bangs

This is a bold version of a bang for lovers of extreme experiments on their appearance. The bangs can be cut very short, or the long strands are highly combed and laid back. This kind of bang harmonizes with the same extravagant and unusual hairdo, otherwise it will look inappropriate.

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How to choose a bangs according to the shape of the face

Choosing the right kind of bangs, you can narrow your forehead, draw a round face or make the look more expressive. The main thing is not to make a mistake with the choice. Most lucky girls with an oval face shape. In their case, you can choose any kind of bangs.

Owners of a square face are better off choosing their asymmetrical or oblique bangs. A long bang with rare strands will soften the sharp corners and make the face more feminine.

Girls with a round face shape are recommended to choose a long bang, this option will visually stretch the face. Also look good in this case the following types of bangs:

  • oblique;
  • asymmetric;
  • short ragged;
  • bangs on one side.

For those who have a naturally triangular face shape, one should choose the classic straight bang in the form of an arc that softens facial features. The same effect can be achieved if you lay a long bang on one side.

Any bangs require a monthly correction from the hairdresser. If you decide to grow a bang, try at first to pin it, or use the hair iron to lay it on one side.


At me the most simple bangs, and at times she bothers. From the article I learned that it can be different. I will definitely try to change the image.


Just do not trust yourself to the first counter barber. To change the image it is better to turn to a competent stylist. I once tried different haircuts, which my bang just was not. I chose the magazines myself, but everything was somehow not very. Until I found a good master. Now I am completely satisfied.


Very useful information. Just now I think that something in itself to change. I used to wear straight and slanting bangs, and now I grew my hair. I did not even know that a bang can be chosen according to the shape of the face. I'll take note!

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