Pillows with which filler is better to buy for sleep

Comfortable pillows - one of the most important components of a healthy sleep. At night, the head and neck should be in a comfortable position, otherwise the morning headache will be agonizing. Cervico-thoracic spine may also suffer. Therefore, when choosing pillows for sleep, it is important to pay attention not only to the volume and shape, but also to the filler.

  • Natural fillers animal
  • Pooh, pen
  • Wool
  • Silk
  • horsehair
  • Natural fillers of vegetable origin
  • Bamboo fiber
  • Corn fiber
  • Vata
  • Buckwheat hulls
  • Latex
  • Herbs
  • Synthetic fillers
  • Polyester
  • Sintepon
  • Hollofayber
  • Komforel
  • Gel
  • Tinsulate
  • Recommendations for choosing a pillow

Natural fillers of animal origin

Byears filled with animal origin are considered traditional and are still in demand. Their downside is that they have a short lifespan. It is impossible to erase them, therefore it is necessary to change at least once every six months or regularly to dry-clean it to extend the shelf life.

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Feather, feather

Feather and feather pillows are soft enough, light, keep shape well and warm. But after a while they can start to prick and "lose" the material. Feathers and fluff climb out, remain on clothes, bedding, settle on carpets.

In such pillows quickly enough bugs and ticks are planted. In addition, molds may appear. Therefore, they must be dried regularly in the open air. Feather and down pillows are contraindicated to allergic people and children.

Pillows with this filler are absolutely not suitable for people suffering from diseases of the spine. Excessive softness of down and feathers provokes pain syndrome.
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Woolen pillows are quite elastic and medium in stiffness. The filler is made of camel or sheep's wool.

When choosing pillows from this material, it is worth paying special attention to the quality and degree of wool cleaning. All sanitary norms must be observed, otherwise the filler will quickly become unusable.

But even the best quality wool pillow will eventually fold and it will be impossible to put it in order. Sometimes in this natural material mites are found.

Wool cushions need to be ventilated and dried 3-4 times a year. If there is an urgent need, they can be washed by hand at temperatures up to +30 degrees with the use of special tools.

Some believe that sheep wool has healing properties and helps fight muscle and joint pain.

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Pillows with silk filler occupy a leading place at a price, because for the production of material requires a huge number of cocoons of silkworm.

Silk pillows are very soft, light, well-shaped and do not cause allergies. Do not have a smell.

Pillows with silk filler are good for washing, which prolongs their service life. For them, hand wash or delicate in the typewriter is acceptable. Immediately after washing, the pillows are heavy enough and look crumpled, but they can easily be straightened by hand. As they dry up, they restore their natural form.

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For making pillows, horsehair from the mane and tail of horses is usually combined with sheep and camel hair. Horse hair is quite elastic, so it provides good head support. These pillows are very tough and will suit people with spinal problems. The filler is durable and does not lose its shape. Thanks to the "spring effect" cushions with horsehair provide a comfortable sleep.

Horse hair absorbs moisture well, therefore, such a pillow will be an excellent option for a person suffering from increased sweating. In addition, horse hair has antibacterial properties and is well ventilated, so this pillow will always remain dry, it will not accumulate dust.

Pillows with horsehair fillings are considered one of the best natural cushion options for allergy sufferers.
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Natural fillers of vegetable origin

Some vegetable fillers have specific features, therefore not everyone will be suitable. These pillows are hypoallergenic and very comfortable for sleeping.

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Bamboo fiber

Pillows with bamboo filler are soft, warm, perfectly tolerate washing and have bactericidal properties. The filler in structure resembles cotton wool or sintepon. Bamboo fiber is wear-resistant, therefore the pillow will last a very long time.

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The bamboo filler is considered to be the most natural and hypoallergenic, sometimes, thanks to a special composition, such a pillow can even help alleviate allergy symptoms.

Bamboo has bactericidal properties, so these pillows are not susceptible to attack by mites, bedbugs and pathogens. They just die in this environment.

The cushion with bamboo filler absorbs well and lets the moisture in, perfectly ventilated. However, periodically it must be dried, otherwise it will start to jam, lose shape and become less comfortable.

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Corn Fibers

Corn fiber fillers are very soft and light. The material is very elastic and elastic, so the pillow is wear-resistant and easily restores the shape even after severe deformations.

Corn fiber is made from corn kernels and is a natural biological raw material. The filler is resistant to dirt, absorbs and evaporates moisture and creates a favorable microclimate for sleeping.

Pillows filled with corn fiber are the best option for allergy sufferers and people with very sensitive skin.

Corn fiber keeps shape well, is resistant to dirt and absorbs moisture well. It is not inferior in quality to pillows filled with cotton.

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Wadded pillows are very light and bulky. They are very soft and gentle, so tactile contact brings great pleasure. Wadded pillows keep the heat well, so they are suitable for sleeping in the cold season. But in the summer they will be hot, because the filler poorly passes the air.

Wadding is the cheapest and short-lived material. Pillows with cotton filler are comfortable and soft only while new. After a few months of constant use, cotton wool slips and the cushion deforms.

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Vata is poorly ventilated and absorbs all odors well. Pillows with cotton filler can not be washed and even damped. They do not succumb to drying, and because of the dampness in the filler, a fungus can form. Even after one wash, the cotton wool gets stuck in the lumps and the cushion becomes unusable.

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Buckwheat husks

Pillows filled with buckwheat husks can be bought only in specialized orthopedic stores. The filler takes the form of the head and neck and has the effect of massage and aromatherapy.

The pillow is very stiff and well fixes the cervical section, doctors advise sleeping on a pillow with buckwheat husks for osteochondrosis.

This pillow should be periodically ventilated, dried and beat out dust. Also it is necessary to consider, that to filling and a smell of a pillow it is necessary to get used. Usually it takes 1-2 weeks.

The filler from buckwheat husks serves no more than 2 years. After the expiration date, it can not be used, since the husk turns into dust.

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Latex cushion is a piece of rubber foam with many holes for air circulation. The material is elastic, elastic and holds the shape well.

Latex is used to make special orthopedic pillows. They support the head and cervical support well, making the sleep process more comfortable. Regular use of such a pillow helps to reduce pain, if any.

Latex pillows are hypoallergenic and have antibacterial properties. They do not accumulate dust, germs, fungi and mold are not planted. The pillow "breathes", so it does not warm your head during sleep and does not provoke sweating. However, it is cold in winter on it.

Latex cushions are well erased in the typewriter. Their service life ranges from 10 to 20 years.

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Pillows with herbs are used for aromatherapy and fighting insomnia. Typically, the filler is treated with impregnation or diluted with a mixture of dried herbs. If the filler contains herbs, the pillow may gently rustle during movement.

As a filler, yarrow, St. John's wort, thyme, common hops, common oregano, medicinal sage, peppermint, birch leaves, lemon balm, chamomile are usually used. But often they make a collection of several herbs on the basis of their compatibility.

Pillow with herbs suitable for use for no more than 2 years.

An alternative can be applying to the usual pillow of essential oils. The effect will be the same.

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Synthetic fillers

Pillows with artificial filler are soft, light and comfortable. Differ hygienic and hypoallergenic, because they do not absorb dust and odors. Such pillows can be repeatedly washed, they very quickly dry, do not lose shape and have a long service life.

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You can find several variants of pillows made of polyester. There is a 100% synthetic filler or diluted with cotton.

It is better for allergic patients to give preference to this filler, since the polyester is hypoallergenic and has antimicrobial properties.

Polyester pillows hold the shape well, almost do not jam and are comfortable for sleeping. They are easily erased and wrung out, very quickly dry and do not deform for a long time. On average, such a pillow will last 8-10 years, if it is whisked daily.

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Synthetic is considered to be one of the most durable synthetic fillers. Pillow of sintepon will last up to 10 years, if it is regularly washed by hand. Machine wash significantly shortens the shelf life of the filler and the pillow can get into clods after 1-2 years.

Pillows with sintepon have a memory effect. The degree of elasticity depends on the size of the fibers. The smaller they are, the better the pillow will keep its shape and last longer.

It should be borne in mind that with time the cushions from sintepon are jammed and become less voluminous, however this does not greatly affect the quality of sleep.

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Hollofayber - 100% polyester, twisted into springs. It is used in the manufacture of orthopedic pillows. This filler is absolutely safe for allergy sufferers.

The material is very elastic and quickly restores shape. This is both a virtue and a disadvantage, because because of excessive elasticity, the hollofiber strongly springs. First time it can interfere with a calm sleep.

Sometimes holofayber combine with sheep's wool to increase the degree of rigidity. These pillows are quite durable and well tolerate machine wash, quickly dry.

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Comfort is a synthetic ball, past antibacterial treatment and coated with silicone. The balls are hollow and fluffy, their size is not more than 6-7 mm, so the pillow is soft and at the same time is not deformed. It easily rubs off and dries quickly.

Comfort is used in the manufacture of pillows for pregnant women. It is a hypoallergenic filler, it does not contain fungi, mites and other microorganisms. On such a cushion it is convenient and safe to feed the child.

Pillows with ball filler do not roll and do not crumple, their service life is long enough.

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Gel pads are suitable for people with spine diseases. The gel is almost non-pressurized and maintains the physiological position of the neck and head.

The spine and muscles are relaxed during sleep, therefore, in the course of time, morning pain in the cervicothoracic region ceases to disturb. When moving to a pillow filled with gel filler, there will be no discomfort, but at first the sensations may be a little unaccustomed.

Pads with gel filling do not require machine washing. Care is to periodically wash the surface of the pillow with a clean damp cloth. Accordingly, they do not accumulate dust.

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Tinsulate - artificial swan-down. The filler is a very thin spiral, treated with silicone. Tinsulate is 1.5 times warmer than natural fluff. It is considered one of the thinnest insulation. However, it accumulates static electricity and can cause overheating of the body.

Pillows made of artificial swan fuzz do not absorb foreign smells, let in air and ventilate. Tinsulate is a hypoallergenic filler in which mites, bugs and mold are not planted. Suitable for children and newborns.

Tinsulate is very durable. The service life is 12-14 years. Pillows of artificial swan feathers can be washed in a typewriter at 40 degrees or manually. Tinsulate easily restores the structure after washing and quickly dries, does not deform and does not get lost in lumps.

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Recommendations for choosing a pillow

When choosing pillows for sleeping, you need to follow several rules:

  • It is necessary to check the elasticity, elasticity and strength of the pillow before buying. Slightly lie on the pillow to see how comfortable it is.
  • Square and rectangular cushions are most suitable for sleeping.
  • The optimal size of an adult pillow is 50 × 70 cm, the child's size is 40 × 60 cm.
  • The height of the pillow for sleeping on the side is selected based on the width of the shoulders. The height of most pillows is 10-14 cm, but there are higher and lower ones. For sleep on the back, a low pillow is suitable. Also the height depends on the stiffness of the mattress. A rigid mattress assumes a lower pillow, and a soft one - a high one.
  • The cushion cover must be made of a dense fabric, otherwise the filler will "climb" outward. Thin material will quickly become clogged and torn.
  • Seams should be thin, strong and elastic. To check their quality, gently pull the fabric in different directions.
  • It's best to stop the selection on pillows made from hypoallergenic materials. With proper care, mites, bugs and molds do not grow in them, and dust does not accumulate.
  • It is necessary to check the availability of labels with the composition and recommendations for washing. Also it is necessary to ask the seller for a certificate of quality.
  • Pillows, which can be washed manually or in a typewriter, are considered more economical, convenient and durable option.
  • In order not to cause pain in the cervicothoracic area, try to choose more rigid pillows.
  • The pillow filler for pregnant women and children should be hypoallergenic, breathable and well fix the position of the neck and head. It is worth giving preference to hard materials that easily restore the shape, do not require constant whipping and do not deform.
  • If excessive sweating occurs during sleep, attention should be paid to fillers that absorb moisture well, for example, horsehair, latex and bamboo fiber.
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