115 fascinating books of a different genre that are worth reading

Less and less people in our time read books, especially, this applies to the younger generation. Many people think that it's easier to watch a film that is based on one or another literary work, maybe easier, but certainly not more interesting. Books are so fascinating that they are read, forgetting about time, so you should give free rein to your fantasies and read books from the following list of the most fascinating works.

"The dawns here are quiet" - Boris Vasilyev

The commander of the 171st Vaska convoy urges the leadership to transfer to him non-drinking fighters. The command, having satisfied the request, sends him a detachment consisting of five girls. One day one of his wards notices an enemy detachment, she informs the commander, and he decides to intercept. As it turned out, the Germans are three times as big as them, so one of the girls Vaska sends for reinforcements.

"The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" - Douglas Adams

The Englishman Arthur Dent, along with his friend Ford( a native of a small planet), are barely escaping from Earth, which was destroyed by an alien race in order to build a hyperspace highway in its place. From imminent death in space, they are saved by President of the Galaxy Biblbrox, with whom friends travel on a stolen ship in search of the legendary planet Magratea. Besides them on the ship are Marvin, an eternally depressing robot and Tricia, one of the few surviving earthlings.

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"Alice in Wonderland" - Lewis Carroll

A girl named Alice is in the country,where strange events and various miracles occur. After chasing the rabbit, Alice loses her balance and falls into the hole, after which she finds herself in a room with a large number of doors. The girl under the influence of magic objects constantly grows then decreases to unimaginable sizes. In a miraculous country, she meets a lot of interesting, friendly and dangerous characters, some of whom help her, and the latter try to execute.

"Diamond sword, wooden sword" - Nick Perumov

The power in the empire Melin is captured by the orders of the Rainbow. The ancient prophecy says that soon Dan and the dwarves will have a powerful weapon that they will direct against people - Diamond and Wooden swords. With the support of the Gray League, the young emperor, in the hope of getting rid of the guardianship of the Rainbow, leads a bloody mutiny, but the attempt to destroy all the magical orders proves to be provoked by far more sinister and powerful forces. If the Diamond and Wooden swords come together in battle, then Mellin is threatened with imminent death.

"Alchemist" - Paulo Coelho

The plot of the book unfolds around the young shepherd Santiago, who dreamed a prophetic dream of treasure. The guy decides on an unprecedented trip to Africa, but he has to go through many tests: lose all the money, become an assistant crystal dealer, meet the Alchemist and even fall in love. As a result, he again returns home to sunny Spain.

Scarlet Sails - Alexander Greene

Longrena did not pay tribute in his native city because he did not help a drowning innkeeper, but few knew that he was the one who was guilty of the death of the former sailor's wife who was left alone with her daughter in her arms. Assol grew and dreamed that a ship with scarlet sails and a handsome prince would take her to the shore. Responsive guy Arthur, hearing about this story, decides to fulfill the girl's dream.

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"American Psycho" - Bret Easton Ellis

Patrick Bateman, a citizen, a fellow graduated from a prestigious university and got a decent job. For unclear reasons, the guy begins to kill people unsystematically. The police get off their feet in search of a cruel killer, because they do not understand the motif of this serial. At this time, Bateman, seized by rage, enjoys the commission of new eerie crimes.

"Anna Karenina" - Leo Tolstoy

Anna comes from St. Petersburg to convince her friend not to abandon her husband, who changed her, at the station the girl meets Alexei Vronsky. Despite the marriage of Anna, they have a relationship, which her husband will also learn. All attempts to save the family do not work.

"The White Guard" - Mikhail Bulgakov

The plot of the book unfolds around the family of Turbins living in the City in 1918.The citizens of the occupied city are trying to defend themselves against Petliura's army by their voluntary forces, as the German troops are preparing to retreat. The commanders of the pens partially disband the fighters, understanding the hopelessness of the situation, while others organize active resistance and tragically perish.

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"The Battle of the Iron Chancellors" - Valentin Pikul

The plot of the novel is based on the history of intra-European relations, which are actively developing during the 50-70s of the XIX century. The central figures are Gorchakov and Bismarck - the chancellors of Russia and Germany, the countries that found themselves in the arena of world politics in an unenviable place. With the help of various tricks, which mean diplomacy, countries are trying to achieve their goals.

"The God of small things" - Arundati Roy

The actions of the novel occur in 1969, then in 1993 in India in the city of Ayemenem. The book tells of the difficult life of a simple Indian family, in which the opposite-sex twins Rachel and Esta were born. The novel touches on many topics that concern society: the caste system, the role of women, the position of untouchables and others.

"Great Expectations" - Charles Dickens

In the novel, the author describes the life and maturation of the boy Pip, to whom fate has tossed many trials. He was honored to turn from a simple blacksmith into a gentleman, as it turned out to be possible thanks to the help of a secret benefactor, whom he once helped. Despite all the vicissitudes of the guy does not leave a hope for the reciprocal feelings of the girl, in which he is in love.

"The Brothers Karamazov" - Fyodor Dostoevsky

In the wealthy Karamazov family there is a constant flurry of passions and experiences. Father and brothers then quarrel over money, they compete for the girl, while doing nasty and sometimes rash acts. Events lead the heroes of the novel to a tragic denouement, after which they sincerely repent and try to find forgiveness for the committed sins.

"On the Road" - Jack Kerouac

An autobiographical novel tells about the author's adventures when he and a friend traveled around the country. Moderate quiet life of Sal and Dean was constantly replaced by trips, which brought a lot of new impressions to the guys. But since the last trip, Dean returns alone, leaving a dysentery patient in Mexico. As a result, Sal finds true love and refuses a regular trip with Dean.

"Far from the distraught crowd" - Thomas Hardy

After the young girl Bashteda inherited a profitable large farm, she was noticed and began to seek at once three boyfriends. Among them, Gabriel, farm manager, Francis, military sergeant of rank and William, a successful farmer and gentleman. Opponents fiercely fight for love while the girl tries to understand who is closer to her heart.

"The Witcher" Andrzej Sapkowski

A young man named Geralt receives great strength and responsibility. The guy makes a living by destroying monsters that are dangerous for mankind. Trying to bypass all sorts of political intrigues, he nevertheless gets involved in one of them, as he must protect the girl destined for him by fate.

"Witches Abroad" - Terry Pratchett

A humorous fantasy novel about a young witch, who was bequeathed to become a fairy-godmother Cinderella. Before Magrat set a goal - not to allow the marriage of a girl with a prince-usurper. The allies of the young fairy became senior witches, who together are forced to resist a powerful sorceress who uses the power of mirrors and fairy tales against them.

"Witches" - Roald Dahl

Witches exist and they roam unhindered among ordinary people. But the grandmother of the protagonist knows a lot about witches and even learned to distinguish them from people. The trouble is that these nasty creatures hate children and therefore pose a great danger to them. And the boy with his grandmother is just in the thick of events for the annual witches' coven, which takes place under the guise of an ordinary meeting of a small society.

"The Great Gatsby" - Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Nick Carraway is the voice-over author of the novel, in which he talks about his life and about the acquaintance with the rich man Jay Gatsby.mysterious Mr. Gatsby constantly arranged in his huge estate loud parties, which collected a lot of people. But despite such popularity, he still does not manage to lure to his house the one and only important guest - a girl from the past.

"Wind in the Willows" - Kenneth Graham

The heroes of the fairy tale are various animals. The author with the help of these characters shows the reader a completely realistic picture of the mores of English society at the beginning of the twentieth century. The tale of the life and adventures of animals teaches to forgive, understand and help each other.

"A party with an overnight stay" - Jacqueline Wilson

This work tells about five girlfriends who took turns in their birthday to invite the other girls to a party with an overnight stay. After the celebration, the girls danced, tried on various outfits, swam in the pool and just fooled around. But one of the girlfriends is afraid to invite girls to such a party, because her sister is very different from ordinary people.

"Winnie the Pooh and all-all-everything" - Alan Milne

The fairy tale tells of a teddy bear named Winnie the Pooh, who is the closest friend of Christopher's boy. The guys constantly get into some awkward situations because Vinnie really loves honey, if he climbs to the bees, then the boy has to save him. In addition to them in the story there are such characters as Rabbit, Donkey, Owl and Piglet.

"Lord of the Rings" - John R. R. Tolkin

A group of 9 characters, among them there is an elf, a dwarf, a wizard, hobbits and people trying to end a bloody war. To do this, they must by any means destroy the magic ring, giving great power to its owner. Going to the goal, the heroes are forced to split into several groups, but this is only the first test on their hard way. Enemies attack them on their heels and every next turn of volunteers may face another danger.

"Return to Brideshead" - Evelyn Vaud

The protagonist of the novel, Captain Ryder, takes command of his command and takes his platoon to a new location. How surprised he was when it turned out that they had arrived at the Brideshead Estate. The fact is that the guy spent a lot of time here in his youth when he was still studying, so Charles embraces memories of a carefree time and an old friend of Sebastian, whom he then became very friendly with.

"War and Peace" - Leo Tolstoy

The author describes the life of the Russian nobility quite finely before the war with Napoleon and during the fighting. The plot captures not only the everyday life of the intelligentsia, but also the conduct of military operations. The work describes the characters of many main characters, who, despite the difficult times, continue to love and hate, they make new acquaintances and arrange a personal life.

"War of the Worlds" - Herbert Wells

The novel takes place in England in the early twentieth century. Astronomers notice the celestial bodies approaching the Earth, which resemble ordinary meteorites. But it soon becomes clear that the aliens from Mars make an invasion of the planet. All the tools are useless against the invaders, so the sinister tripod machines roam the earth, destroying everyone around.

"Wolfhound" - Maria Semenova

The plot twists around a young barbarian named Volkodav, a guy from the genus Gray Dog in his childhood witnessed the death of his settlement. The very boy was then intentionally left alive, but sent to the Gems to work in mines. A long way awaits him from a slave to a warrior, from thoughts to revenge.

"Magus" - John Fowles

The protagonist Nicholas is a prominent representative of the British intelligentsia. Having established a relationship with a girl, the guy suddenly escapes to a remote Greek island, where he is looking for adventures and new sensations. It seems that for Nicholas the fictional world is much more valuable than the real one, but the owner of the villa, where the guy began to live, Mr. Conchis has his views on the guy.

"Midshipmen"( trilogy) - Nina Sorotokina

The main heroes of the novel are three guys who have become inseparable friends. Young midshipmen are honest, brave and ready to engage in battle, defending their honor and the interests of their native country. Guys are forced to get involved in a whirlpool of political intrigues and events. Now they are waiting for real adventures, fighting fights and love dramas, and trust comrades can only each other.

"Harry Potter. .."( all parts) - Joan Rowling

A story about a boy who, in tragic circumstances, was orphaned as a child. And after many years Harry enters the school of magic and, like his friends, tries to become a real magician. But ill-wishers constantly commit attacks on the life of the boy, because there is a prophecy that he is the only one who can defeat the powerful magician Voldemort trying to seize power over the magical world.

"Hero of Our Time" - Mikhail Lermontov

Grigory Pechorin is a young military man who tries to understand the meaning of life. On his fate fell a lot of tests, the guy ran into a duel, he was sent into exile, he witnessed a smuggling activity, fell in love, was loved and rejected love. But despite all the adventures, Gregory is in constant search of himself.

"Pride and Prejudice" - Jane Austen

There are five daughters in the Bennet family, but unfortunately it does not have a large fortune, and therefore to give out at least one of the girls for a decent and wealthy person would be a great happiness for the father. And then luck smiled at them and two rich and unmarried young men arrived in the city, which became a good prospect for the sisters Bennet. The intrigue is tied up already at the first party during the acquaintance of young women with young people.

"Gormenghast" - Mervyn Peak

The main hero of the novel is a young man named Titus, who was born the ruler of the huge fantastic castle Gormenghast. This event was the beginning of great changes that threaten to destroy an ancient dynasty. Young Titus has to fight for what belongs to him by right, but despite the fragility, the guy has a persistent character.

"City as Alice" - Neville Schüt

A young Englishwoman named Jane met a young man during the Second World War. And at the end of her search for a loved one they throw a girl in faraway Australia, where she, thanks to the great condition that she inherited, tries to promote the economic prosperity of a small town.

"Pomegranate Bracelet" - Alexander Kuprin

Princess Vera on her birthday receives a beautiful bracelet decorated with rare green garnets. As it turned out, he was sent to her by a fan who for several years has been unaccountably in love with a girl. And soon after that Vera learns the terrible news that the guy committed suicide and it is possible that the irresistible feelings towards her pushed him to such an unreasonable step.

"The Count of Monte Cristo" - Alexander Dumas

Roman tells the reader about a young sailor, who by fate's will became a "scapegoat" in an attempt to marry his beloved girl, whom his cousin also wanted to marry. Unprincipled judge sentenced the guy to imprisonment. But it is in this place that he gets acquainted with a magnificent man who becomes an example for him.

"Grapes of anger" - John Steinbeck

The novel describes the events taking place during the Great Depression. The family of poor farmers is forced to leave their own home due to economic difficulties and prolonged drought. Caught in a desperate situation, along with thousands of other people, they decide to keep their way to California, where they hope to find work for themselves and provide the family with the means to exist.

"Wuthering Heights" - Emily Bronte

Mr. Lockwood, trying to escape from a bustling city, moves from London to a provincial manor. A friendly visit to the neighboring estate was very interesting for him by his uneasy relations of tenants. Despite all the secrecy, Lockwood still finds a man who reveals to him the whole truth about the difficult lives of the inhabitants of the Wuthering Heights manor.

"Two captains" - Veniamin Kaverin

Roman tells the reader the story of an amazing young man who grew up in a provincial town, was left without parents, but despite the blows of fate, he moved to a big city. In Moscow, love forced Sasha to go to feats, to justify himself before the beloved, he becomes a real pilot and goes in search of information about the missing expedition of the girl's father.

"Twelve Chairs" - Ilya Ilf, Yevgeny Petrov

Having learned from the mother-in-law about the treasures that she hid in the chair of the living room set, Ippolit Vorobyaninov goes in search of them, and Ostap Bender comes to his aid. As it turned out, they are not the only ones who want to get hold of diamonds, their rival is the priest, to whom the old woman confessed. On the way to the desired, treasure hunters face many difficulties and obstacles.

«Twins» - Jacqueline Wilson

A light ironic work that tells about the life of twin sisters. Girls are similar in appearance, but their inner worlds are very different, Garnet is a naive trustful tittle, and Ruby is a desperate daredevil who is not afraid to take risks. Their lives are full of adventures and difficulties, they learn to build relationships with their stepmother and are trying to find their own way in life.

"Day of the Triffids" - John Wyndem

The plot is twisting around the biochemist Bill Mason, who is one of the few people who have not lost sight during an unusual phenomenon. In addition to the fact that the majority of the world's population was blinded by wildfire, predatory plants of Triffids, which were bred specifically for obtaining valuable oil, broke free. Like many others, Bill tries to survive in the world of blind people and killer plants.

"The Day of the Jackal" - Frederick Forsyth

The criminal under the pseudonym Jackal agrees to the contract killing of the French president. Upon learning of the impending assassination attempt, the secret services try to persuade the commander-in-chief to refrain from public speaking. In response to the president's refusal, they are instructed to find out who the murderer is to the country's best detective, who begins to carefully screen out candidates and seems to find a thread leading to an elusive sniper.

"Children of midnight" - Salman Rushdi

The author of the story is a guy named Salem, who was born at midnight, the very day when India finally became an independent country. He tells the reader the story of his family, beginning with his grandfather and ending with his son, while he does not forget to mention the significant events that took place in the country during this time.

"Jane Eyre" - Charlotte Bronte

Jane is an orphaned girl, constantly being mocked by her aunt who has become a guardian. Life changes dramatically when Jane is sent to a girls' school, where she finds friends and feels comfortable. Growing up, the girl settles down as a governess at Thornfield estate and falls in love with his master, which greatly complicates her life, especially when she learns the news that he is going to get married.

"Bridget Jones Diary" - Helen Fielding

Brigitte is an English middle-aged woman who keeps a diary where she carefully describes all the events of her life. The girl constantly tries to quit smoking, lose weight and limit alcohol, but she does it badly, because she constantly gets into stupid situations, after which she relieves stress with the help of a sweet or a glass of strong drink.

Doctor Zhivago - Boris Pasternak

Roman tells the story of a military doctor who left his family and went to the front. There he met a girl he fell in love with. Together they experienced many difficulties, but they had to part. Yuri tries to return to his family, but fate disposes of differently, and the arrow of Cupid falls into it for the third time.

"The house in which. .." Mariam Petrosyan

The author acquaints the reader with the children of the boarding school for disabled children. All inhabitants are known only by nicknames, soon the next release, which the graduates are very afraid, or rather they fear the unknown, which is outside the familiar walls. The author makes it clear that there is a parallel world of the House, in which his tenants often disappear.

"House of Leaves" - Mark Danilevski

A book with an unusual story-labyrinth, in which it is easy to get lost. At first it seems that the plot twists around the family, which moved to an unusual house. Then the story sends the reader back to the old man who has been studying for some years a kind of "Nevidson film", and then to a guy who got this manuscript-study about a strange house from this old man.

"Dracula" - Bram Stoker

Count Dracula is not just a rich aristocrat, he is a monster, more precisely a vampire who eats human blood. After the "dead" ship landed in the town of Whitby, strange events began to occur, the girl gradually loses her blood and dies, after which she rises from the dead. And all this is the trick of a crafty villain, opposed to Professor Van Helsing.

"Danny the World Champion" - Roald Dahl

Danny has the best dad in the world, he does not scold his son, constantly tells him interesting stories and teaches him every craft. But soon the kid learns the truth about the fact that his father is one of many poachers who rage in the forest of Mr. Hazel, that bastard. Denny from the world of fairy tales suddenly finds himself in the real world.

"Eugene Onegin" - Alexander Pushkin

Eugene - a young and educated nobleman, who already yearns for fresh life and is in search of new sensations. His dying uncle leaves his nephew all the property and lands. And then Onegin goes to the village, where he meets Lensky and the Larin sisters. And soon he provokes his new acquaintance to a duel.

"Woman in White" - William Wilkie Collins

Walter - a young artist from London, who was offered a good job in a large estate. The night before leaving on the road the guy meets a girl dressed in white, he decides to help her, and she, in turn, broadcasts some disjointed sentences. In a new place, he tells about a strange girl Marian one of the inhabitants of the estate and finds out that she is the keeper of a madhouse.

"The Horse Charmer" - Nicholas Evans

Grace is 13 years old, the girl has long been unable to recover from the tragedy that occurred to her on a normal horseback ride. Her horse named Pilgrim after that incident became as if wild. Therefore, the girl's mother decides to turn to Tom Booker, a man who can understand horses. Annie hopes that he will help the Pilgrim find peace, like her daughters.

"Hunter's Notes" - Ivan Turgenev

The author, who tells the reader various stories, is a seasoned hunter. He talks about his adventures, occurring with him during the hunt, about the people who met him on the way, describing their lives and everyday life. And sometimes their stories seem incredible.

"Notes of a young doctor" - Mikhail Bulgakov

The stories tell about the life of a young doctor who practices in a small village. During his stay, he encounters complex witches, carries out complex operations and combats illiteracy and superstitions of the villagers.

The Green Mile - Stephen King

Paul Edgcombe, while in a nursing home, talks about his job as a warden in a federal prison where he had to execute executions of prisoners. Soon an unusual prisoner is transferred to him in the block, who has a supernatural ability, he is able to heal and Paul was able to make sure of it.

"Idiot" - Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Leo Nikolayevich again returns home to Russia from far Switzerland, where he was in a sanatorium. Suddenly, the prince falls into the cycle of events, he is involved in the proceedings to whom and for whom to marry Nastasya Barashkova, whom several gentlemen want to see in their wives. Some seek marriage because of their hobbies, the latter tend to enrich themselves.

"The Name of the Rose" - Umberto Eco

The detective novel tells about the investigation of a series of murders that occur against the backdrop of church disagreements generated by the offer of Francis of Assisi to renounce worldly riches. Wilhelm Baskervilsky and his companion Adson Melksky are trying to untangle this tangle of secrets.

"Atonement" - Ian McEwan

Cecilia and Robbie are in love, but she is a daughter of a politician, and he is the son of a gardener. They are not afraid of publicizing their relationship, but everything changes at a time when Sister Cecilia claims that she witnessed Robbie raping a girl. The guy is sentenced to imprisonment, but soon he and Cecilia are at war.

"The History of One City" - Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin

A satirical novel in which the author narrates the history of the fictitious city of Glupov and the change of his authority. Mainly the mayors seized power with the help of corrupt soldiers and each of them was peculiar. One introduced reforms, during the reign of the second townspeople had to starve, but was also such that he immediately destroyed two settlements.

"The Caucasian captive" - ​​Leo Tolstoy

Officer Zhilin serves in the Caucasus, when a guy goes to visit his mother, Muslim mountain men take him prisoner. The guy does not sit idly by, making dolls to attract the owner's daughter, hoping with her help to get out of captivity. He almost manages to escape, but because of his captive fellow they are returned back and now freedom seems an impossible dream.

"The Captain's Daughter" - Alexander Pushkin

Peter Grinev is a landowner of young years who tells about the events taking place in his youth. About how an authoritative father sent him to serve in the army and how he met his future wife, and then another daughter of a simple captain. On the way to their happiness was a military riot, the father's refusal to bless the union and the desire of another officer to forcefully marry the girl.

"Pit" - Andrei Platonov

The beginning of the twentieth century, the emergence of the Red Power. In the story we are talking about the construction of a common house for workers, which was never completed, instead of it there was only a foundation pit for the foundation. In the background of the plot is the story of a homeless girl, who never finds her happiness. The anti-utopian work tries to describe the senselessness and cruelty of the totalitarian system.

"The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" - Clive Staples Lewis

Four children of the Pevansi family are sent from London to a friend of the family due to frequent bombing. Playing hide and seek, one of the girls hiding in the closet suddenly gets through him to the land of eternal winter, which Tumnus calls Tarnus Narnia, and it's cold there because of the evil sorceress who proclaimed herself queen. The baby comes back, but the rest of the children do not believe in her story, but soon they all end up in a magical kingdom.

"The Left Hand of Darkness" - Ursula Le Guin

The Messenger of the League of Worlds arrives on the planet Gethen with the goal of concluding an agreement on the accession of the planet to the interplanetary union. But the heat is not met, the inhabitants are incredulous and hostile. Soon, Aya and his adherent Estraven begin to openly persecute and they have to flee, but their adventures are just beginning.

"Lefty" - Nikolay Leskov

The left-hander is the nickname of a good artisan, whom the Cossack Platov asked to do something unusual in order to outdo the arrogant Englishmen. The last in the old days gave their ruler a tiny flea made of steel, besides, she could dance. The present Emperor Nicholas I decided in response to such a curiosity to demonstrate to foreign masters, what the Russians are capable of.

"Treatment of George Marvelus" - Roald Dahl

Eight-year-old boy George decides that he can cure the grumpy nature of his grandmother, preparing a special potion. To make sure that the recipe is matched correctly, the toddler is experiencing a mixture on animals that together with him and their parents also live on their small farm. Tests of the pot lead to the fact that pets grow several times, and for parents, such initiative seems like a good chance to earn extra money.

Lola Rose - Jacqueline Wilson

Janie and her mother are often beaten by a cruel father, but a sudden lottery win allows them to flee the house and move to London. To completely get rid of a past life, they changed names, and Janey now became Lola Rosa, which she chose for herself. Soon from the winning state nothing remained and the girl had to grow up quickly.

"Lolita" - Vladimir Nabokov

Humbert has long been attracted to girls of young age, this condition he associates with children's love. Soon he married, but his marriage did not last long. And then there was that fateful meeting, he became a lodger of a widow named Charlotte, who had a daughter of 12 years. Later, they played a wedding, but does it give them happiness?

"Love during the plague" - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Rejecting the offer of a childhood friend, Fermina marries a successful doctor who is keen on fighting the plague. Soon the girl finds out about his intrigue on the side, which destroys her dreams of an ideal family. After the death of her husband, no longer young Fermina and Florentino meet again and start a relationship. They decide to go on a cruise, and to avoid customs checks hang a flag that signifies the presence of a terrible disease on the ship.

"Little Women" - Louise May Alcott

The large family March lives during the Civil War. Their father is at the front as a military doctor. There was a misfortune, the Confederates passed through their hometown, they burned everything to ashes, including their home. Now four sisters and mother are forced to go to another city in the hope that their relative will help them to start life from a new page.

"The Little Prince" - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The little prince came to Earth from another planet, having met a pilot in the Sahara desert, who made an emergency landing. He told the story of his life and adventures that happened to him on Earth and on his native planet. Prince decides to tell and other corners of the universe, but soon, following the advice of the geographer, again returns to the green planet.

"Master and Margarita" - Mikhail Bulgakov

Roman describes the events of how the Devil himself arrives in Moscow with his closest associates. They arrange several mystical sabotage as entertainment. Ivan Bezdomny after a meeting with Satan falls into a psychiatric hospital, where he meets the Master, who tells him his story.

"Dead Souls" - Nikolai Gogol

Mr. Chichikov arrives in a town called NN, who wonders the local landlords with a strange desire to buy dead souls from them( the souls of deceased unregistered peasants), with their help he wishes to multiply their lands. Despite several successful transactions, Chichikov comes across a very unreliable person who can betray him and then his venture will fail with a bang.

"World of Sofia" - Jostein Goder

This novel is a novel-matryoshka, in which the reader gets acquainted with the girl Sophia, who studies the history of philosophy on the letters of Professor Knox. In addition to her, Hilda is present in the novel, which tells the reader about Sophia and her discoveries in philosophy.

Moby Dick - Herman Melville

Ahab is a whaling captain, obsessed with revenge. Once, because of the huge white whale, he lost his leg now. After assembling a new team, he is going to overtake Moby Dick and defeat him. Soon after the ship went into the sea with the crew members, unhappiness begins. Despite this, hunting for the giant giant continues, and Moby Dick shows up on the horizon.

"Mohr, the apprentice of death" - Terry Pratchett

A sixteen-year-old boy named Mohr, by coincidence, becomes the helper of Death herself. From time to time, she shifts her responsibilities to him to take a day off. Everything is going according to the planned plan until the Mora is given the task to transfer to the next world a sweet girl, into whom the guy has already fallen in love. The student is going to break the rules of his mentor.

"Moth" - Henri Sharyer

The novel is autobiographical. Convicted for the murder of a man, Henri Sharrière, nicknamed the Moth, receives a life sentence. While in French Guiana, he repeatedly made attempts to escape, but each time, bumping into various difficulties, again found himself behind bars. Despite this, he did not lose his desire for freedom.

"We" - Evgeniy Zamyatin

A single state of the totalitarian regime was created on Earth. People here have no names, only one letter denoting sex and the number that follows it. The government fully controls citizens, right up to the intimate sphere of their life. Citizen D-503 describes the established order in the message to the inhabitants of other worlds, which the future crew of the space ship, preparing to leave the planet, must transfer to them.

"On the Western Front without Change" - Erich Maria Remarque

The novel tells of a young soldier named Paul and his front-line comrades who studied with him in the same class. The boys voluntarily joined the army, but during the First World War, they received such deep psychological trauma that survivors of the war, being on a civilian, could not adapt to a peaceful life.

"The Catcher in the Rye" - Jerome Salinger

Holden is a sixteen-year-old teenager who, while at the hospital, tells the reader the story that happened to him in the winter of last year. It all started with the fact that the guy was expelled from a closed school, but he does not hurry home. He settles in a hotel and invites his girlfriend to the theater. Soon he confesses to Sally that the world around him and everything up to the small things has bothered him, the guy can not understand the meaning of life.

"The Night is Tender" - Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Dick Diver is a talented and young doctor who, in Europe, falls in love with her patient and soon she marries him. Nicole has a good dowry behind her, they are building their own dwelling and lead a very alienated way of life. Everything changes on the day when a young and charismatic actress settles in a hotel not far from their house, into which Dick immediately falls in love.

"Oliver Twist" - Charles Dickens

Little boy Oliver was orphaned in early childhood and became a foster child of an orphanage. For bad behavior from there he was sent to work with a local undertaker. But for a long time to endure the bullying of the senior apprentice guy did not, he fled and headed to London, where he was under the wing of a small pickpocket. After long unsuccessful attempts to teach the boy the criminal craft Oliver gets into the house of the good-natured gentleman.

"It" - Stephen King

Seven children understand that the brutal murder of kids in the city of Derry is committed by a terrible monster that has the ability to take various forms. Once they are together, the guys decide to rebuff the monster, they go down the drain and injure the monster, which soon disappears. But after 27 years they again have to feel the long-forgotten childhood fear.

"Les Miserables" - Victor Hugo

The events of the novel take place at the beginning of the 19th century, when a convicted prisoner completely changes his world view thanks to the help of a good-natured bishop. Changing the name, the guy establishes the factory and thus raises the welfare of the city, in which he then becomes the mayor. But stumbling, he again has to hide from the police, which considers his capture a matter of honor.

«P.S.I love you "- Cecilia Ahern

Married, Jerry and Holly lived a soul in the soul, but their tale came to an end when Jerry suddenly died of a serious illness. Holly, heartbroken, could not cope with the loss, she became withdrawn and alienated. But one day a girl receives news from her beloved, who wrote her several letters in advance, due to which she must learn to live anew.

"Perfume" - Patrick Ziusskind

Roman tells the story of a guy who was born with a great sense of smell. People eschewed him because he was not like the others, but this gift is the hero's only grief in a cruel world. Soon the guy meets Maître Baldini, who wants to learn the craft of perfumery. He is ready to create a magnificent smell even at the cost of human life.

Peter I - Alexey Tolstoy

Historical novel, which tells the reader about the great All-Russian emperor, who with all his might tried to create a strong and powerful power. Still young he understood the importance of reforms, but in order to realize his plans, he had to fight for the throne first with his own sister.

"Picnic on the roadside" - Strugatsky brothers

The plot of the novel unfolds around Redrick Schuhart, a man who makes his way into the closed and anomalous Zones and takes out valuable artifacts from there. These Zones, according to scientists, were formed by visiting the planet by alien races. People can not live on these sites and their visit also implies serious negative consequences.

"Lord of the Flies" - William Golding

A group of children is on a desert island after a plane crash. Among the adolescents, two boys stand out clearly, marking the leader of the group. The guys hold fair elections and at first the winner still has the ability to dispose of resources and distribute the work. But over time the group splits in two, because the second boy does not agree to be a subordinate.

"The Tale of Two Cities" - Charles Dickens

Lucy recently just found a father who had been detained for a long time because of the powerful Marquis of Evremond. And soon the girl meets Charles Evremond, for whom she is ready to marry and even receives a blessing from her father. Suddenly, one family after another collides with their family, and it turns out that behind everything stands a woman who wants to take revenge on all the relatives of the marquis.

"Monday begins on Saturday" - Strugatsky brothers

The author of the humorous story is a simple programmer from Leningrad Alexander Privalov. During the vacation, the guy had to spend the night in a local museum, where he saw many miracles, which for local residents are common. Shortly thereafter, Alexander is offered a job at the Sorcery Institute and he agrees.

"Portrait of Dorian Gray" - Oscar Wilde

A young and very attractive guy Dorian Gray becomes a muse for the artist who paints his portrait. Having fallen under the negative influence the guy turns into a depraved and vicious rake, and all his "rotten" acts are reflected only in the portrait, which grows old instead of Dorian. The guy likes it, but after many years he understands that this can not go on forever.

"The Last of the Mohicans" - James Fenimore Cooper

A historical novel tells of the Franco-Indian War and of three Indians who decided to perform a noble cause and save the daughters of one British commander. Chingachgook and his son Unkas, the last representative of the Mohicans, along with their friend Natti Bampo, they set out on a dangerous adventure.

"Singing in the thorns" - Colin McCullough

A large family of Cleary opens up new horizons when their rich relative invited her father to a quite decent position. They move to Australia and then their only daughter falls in love with the priest, who also meets the grown-up girl reciprocated. Their relationship greatly hampered the lady of the estate, because she herself has plans for Ralph.

"Adventures of Erast Fandorin" - Boris Akunin

A series of detective books tells the reader about Erast Fandorin, he is attractive, intelligent and has good manners, which makes it a huge success for women. During his life he changed many ranks and places of work, but Erast has an incredible ability to unravel even the most mysterious deeds. Despite his luck and career growth in his personal life, he is not so disgraceful, his first wife is killed in an attempt to assassinate his life.

"Torture Master" - Jean Wolfe

A fantastic novel tells of a young disciple of the Guild of executioners who commits a serious misdemeanor, but avoids the death penalty. Instead, Severyan is sent to the distant city of Traks as an executioner. The hero is waiting for a long and hard journey, he will have to meet with a lot of unusual people and mysterious creatures.

"Stories" - Anton Chekhov

Short stories of the author touch upon a lot of topics, mostly they concern the "little man", his life and minor problems, the writer also touches on all other aspects of life: love, hatred, envy, friendship, childhood and so on. Each story has both essence, and meaning, and moralizing, which can be read between the lines.

"Rebecca" - Daphne Dumorje

A young servant of a rich lady suddenly gets to know the widower and aristocrat Maximilian de Winter. Their relationship develops and it comes to the wedding. Soon the girl understands that everything and everything in their estate is imbued with memories of his previous wife Rebecca, even the servants are opposed to her. But the truth about Rebekka, which her husband opened to her, calms, only now the adversity in their family does not end there.

"Shining" - Stephen King

Jack has some difficulties with self-control, so the teacher's work for him is still a closed topic. But after settling down to work in a mountain hotel, he travels there and his family. Jack's son owns the gift of telepathy and clairvoyance, the boy understands that the hotel owns a terrible otherworldly power, which tries to take hold of his father's will to accomplish terrible things.

"The Old Man and the Sea" - Ernest Hemingway

Santiago is an old fisherman who goes to sea every day hoping to catch something, 84 days he is unlucky. And on the 85th day a huge marlin gets on the hook, but it's not easy to cope with it alone. For a few days, Santiago fights with his catch and, when he almost won, the blood of the marlin lures a pack of sharks to the boat.

"Taras Bulba" - Nikolay Gogol

The sons, who graduated from the school, come to the Cossack and Colonel Taras Bulba, retired. Together with them, the father goes to the Sich to boast of the young men before their comrades. And soon they, along with the rest of the Cossacks, go to the people's liberation war. Only thoughts of the younger Andrius are not about the battle with the enemies, but about the Polish panne, which he met shortly before returning home.

"Quiet Flows the Don" - Mikhail Sholokhov

Roman tells about the tragic fate of Grigory Melekhov and his family, who had to endure all the horrors of the First World War and the wake of the Civil War. The hero of the book is an exemplary Cossack, who rose to the rank of general, but at the turning point of the Cossacks he rushes and does not know on whose side to stick red or white. Also in his personal life, Gregory is torn between two women.

"Three ages Okini-san" Valentin Pikul

Vladimir Kokovtsev is a young midshipman, whose service begins on the sail-screw clipper "Rider".After several weeks at the port of Japan, the guy returns to his homeland, marries and the spouses have children, and soon he learns that his Japanese mistress also gave birth to his son. More than two decades, Vladimir already in the rank of captain is forced to return to Japan, but in the course of the war.

"Three in a boat, not counting a dog" - Jerome K. Jerome

Three friends during a regular meeting decide that they need an urgent rest of the soul and body. Guys do not want to go to a village or a sea cruise, some of them come up with the idea of ​​traveling by boat on the Thames and the others support it. At the scheduled time, the guys get to the hired boat and go on a journey. Their journey involves being very cheerful.

"Tess of the genus d'Hervilleville" - Thomas Hardy

Tess is forced to shoulder all the worries about the family on her own shoulders, as their father began to drink heavily when they learned of their belonging to the once-famous tribe d'Hervilleville. The family lives in poverty, to correct the situation the girl goes to a rich relative, but there she finds only her son, who turns out to be an impostor. He scores her head with romance and seduces, and the offended girl is forced to return home in an interesting position.

"Gone with the Wind" - Margaret Mitchell

The novel takes place during the civil war between the states of America. Young Scarlett learns that her beloved marries another, in retaliation she marries before him, but her husband suddenly dies in the war. The girl has to move to her husband's relatives, and she hopes that she will be closer to Ashley, her first love. In the meantime, Mr. Butler, who has a bad reputation, tries to charm her.

"Ural Tales" - Pavel Bazhov

Based on various stories of miners and folklore of the Urals, the writer created tales about the work, life and life of craftsmen. Spirits of mountains, rivers, lands and forests, miners of precious stones and factory workers become the main characters of bright and instructive stories.

"Lessons of the French" - Valentin Rasputin

The 11-year-old boy's mother is trying all his best to send his son to the city to study, because he thinks he's very clever and wants the guy to achieve something in life. In difficult post-war times the guy has a hard time. A teacher of French, who is given a boy not easy to show kindness to him, but he does not take pride from her food. Frequent trips of the boy to the teacher the school principal perceives as inappropriate attitude u deprives her of the work.

"Walking Castle" Diana Jones

Of the three sisters Sophie is the oldest, the girl has already resigned herself to her boring life as the owner of the hat shop. Taking Sophie for another sister, the evil witch turns her into an old woman. The girl leaves the house and after a long journey she has to stop at the castle of the Wizard of Hawles, who is considered a ruthless heartthrob. Being in the magical estate, Sophie hopes to remove the spell, and the castle owner turns out to be a nice and charming guy who also wants to return her youth.

"The Seagull named Jonathan Livingston" - Richard Bach

Jonathan Livingston is a gull that can not accept such a meaningless life as a constant search for food. He decides to devote his life to studying the art of flying and for this he was expelled from the pack. Loneliness does not frighten him, one day he opens another reality, a perfect world, it turned out to be all gulls that have improved themselves by studying the flight. From the elder of this world, he learns that this is not the last stage of perfection.

"The Seagull" - Anton Chekhov

Constantine has long been in love with Nina, he creates for the girl from the rich family a play in which she should play the main and only role. The audience perceives the work and the new actress coldly, that's why Constantine thinks that Nina has cooled to him because of the failure. But the girl is now engulfed in fervent feelings for another man, who is the beloved sister of Bones famous actress.

"The Stranger" Diane Gabldon

Claire is a simple nurse, and outside the windows of the Second World War. By coincidence of incomprehensible circumstances, the girl suddenly travels in time and is in 1743.Over time, she understands where she is, but does not understand how it turned out. Not being able to change something the girl has to adapt to the new time.

"Sherlock Holmes"( stories) - Arthur Conan Doyle

Sherlock is a bit odd, but the best private detective in London, along with fellow and other Dr. Watson, he undertakes to investigate only the most intricate cases that the police can not handle. Holmes does not try to enrich himself, he just likes to solve complex riddles. Thanks to this way of life, the famous detective has made many enemies.

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