Photos of actress Renee Zellweger - before and after plastics

The actress of the film "The Bridget Jones Diary" has more than once fallen into the rating of the sexiest celebrities on the planet. Fans admired the natural beauty of Renee Zellweger, which highlighted her among other stars, addicted to the procedures for preserving youth. But recently the appearance of the actress has become unrecognizable. Faded cheeks disappeared, and the incision of the eyes changed. Her fans agreed in a single opinion - their favorite was a victim of plastic surgery.

Renee Zellweger is a Swiss-Norwegian film critic. Originally from a small town in Kathy, Texas. As a little girl, she dreamed of acting in films. In the teenage years, the future star visited the drama studio and sports gymnastics section. Later, after completing acting courses, she went to conquer with her talent Hollywood.

Become a sought-after actress at Zellweger did not immediately. After the first attempt she returned home, but the girl did not intend to surrender. Working as a waitress in a cafe, she continued to cover the thresholds of various castings and competitions.

The first time about the actress was recognized after the release of the film "Jerry McGuire", released in 1996.Zellweger gained wide popularity as the main character in the romantic comedy "The Bridget Jones Diary".For filming in the film, she recovered by 9 kilograms.

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Filming in films brought Zellweger not only fame. The Hollywood star has become a frequent object of discussion and gossip about her appearance. At the beginning, conversations revolve around changes in weight, and later rumors of a plastic surgery, as it were done. Surgeons did not confirm this information, but agreed that the actress enjoys injections of beauty.

After the appearance of Renee Zellweger at one of the ceremonies in 2014, her colleagues were surprised. A completely different person appeared before them. The facial features of the artist, which many considered interesting, turned into ordinary.

According to experts, comparing photos of celebrities before and after physicians intervention, you can see changes in the upper eyelids, the use of ultrasound therapy and Botox injections in the forehead.

Star fans were in shock from pictures of Renee Zellweger before and after the plastics. Age of the actress is 47 years old, but she looked much older. Although she herself stated more than once that she did not like these methods and resorted to them, she did not intend to. Apparently, something has changed in the worldview of the Hollywood diva, since its appearance shows the opposite.

Negative reviews upset Zellweger. According to the celebrity, the change of appearance is caused by proper nutrition, daily walks and love - now the actress meets with musician Doyle Bramhall. The public has little faith in these arguments and remains at their opinion.

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Many viewers eagerly awaited the release of the premiere of the third part of the film about Bridget Jones. After watching the film, most of them were disappointed. Grief brought not the plot, but the main character of the picture. In their opinion, the actress has aged for several years, and her face has lost a zest.

Fans were perplexed, where did the corporate actress squint disappear. In the pictures you can see that her eyelids became less dented, and her eyebrows on the contrary, slightly went down. Due to this, the star's look has lost its former charm.

Zellweger herself was pleased with her transformation. According to her, she always wanted to look like that.

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