How to whiten white things

Only in advertising, white things remain white even after a few washings. In real life, they often lose their color and become yellowish or gray, so it becomes necessary to whiten them, but how? .Our grandmothers knew perfectly well how to whiten white things - boiling! However, today you can bleach things with other methods.

White wardrobe items usually give us a lot of trouble, because they need not only to whiten, but also to do it neatly. You should not refuse to buy white things just because you do not know how to whiten them correctly - there are a lot of ways to keep white garments white.

How to whiten white things in the washing machine

White fabrics require special treatment - they must be washed separately from clothes of a different color. If washing something on the white things, bleaching clothes will become an order of magnitude more difficult. As the experienced housewives advise, you can not also wash white cotton and linen together with synthetic and woolen clothes - most often this combination leads to the whiteing of white things.

White powder will also help you with powdered bleach, also known as a washing powder amplifier.

Today, the shops have a lot of bleaching agents, which are designed for use in a washing machine. Typically, to prevent the dressing of clothes, it is enough to add a little to the pre-wash compartment.

How to whiten white things manually

Do you know how potassium permanganate can help whiten clothing? Take a bucket of hot water, add about 200 grams of detergent and a bit of potassium permanganate( the water should be slightly pink) and put in the bucket already washed white wardrobe items. As carefully as possible, cover the bucket with polyethylene and wait until the water is completely cooled, then thoroughly rinse the clothes. As a rule, after the first such laundry can be bleached almost perfectly.

Whiten white things will also help hydrogen peroxide. To do this, dilute 3% hydrogen peroxide in a ratio of 1 teaspoon to 2 liters of water and dip the white wardrobe items into this solution for about 20 minutes. Periodically mix clothes to bleach it as evenly as possible.

Cotton and linen items can be whitened if you pre-soak them for several hours in a solution of water with ammonia. To get rid of strong contaminants, add a little turpentine to the water.

Guipure things and white tulle before washing can be dropped into a bucket of hot water, which is added a spoon of ammonia and two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. Leave things for 30 minutes, then wash them.

If you are worried about how to return the white color of woolen and cotton clothing, lower the washed clothes into warm water. Add the table salt, a spoonful of ammonia, three spoons of hydrogen peroxide and a little powder. After 20 minutes, rinse the things in cold water.

Do not know how to return white color socks and T-shirts? Usually these things are made of sufficiently strong materials that are not threatened with rapid decay. Before washing, soak things in water with two tablespoons of boric acid. After two hours, take out your clothes and wash. Handkerchiefs are usually soaked in a mixture of a liter of water and three tablespoons of salt.

To bleach a thing with an oil stain, you should take another popular recipe. A quarter of a piece of laundry soap is ground and poured with a liter of hot water. Wait until the solution has cooled down and add to it half a liter of kerosene and one tablespoon of soda. Wipe the oil stain with this solution and leave it overnight, or even better - for a day to accurately whiten the clothes. After this period has passed, wash the thing in hot water.

How to boil will help whiten white things

Boiling is an option for the most difficult cases, when it's impossible to whiten the thing simply in no way.

When selecting white things for boiling, choose only those made from dense fabrics - other clothes can be severely damaged during this procedure.

To whiten even the heaviest soiling, add 100 g of powder for every 5 liters of water and add 1-2 caps of liquid bleach. Dip your clothes into this mixture and simmer for about an hour and a half. As the landlady says, this method helps to whiten even very dirty kitchen towels, not to mention the dirt easier.

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Remember that whitening white things is not often recommended, as they lose their appearance, the strength of the fabric will decrease significantly and it will serve you less. Bleach clothing is recommended not more often than every 3-4 washings. White clothes after bleaching must be thoroughly rinsed several times.

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