Coating of the bath with liquid acrylic

Everyone had to deal with the problem of aging and spoilage of steel and cast iron baths. Dismantling the old structure and installing a new one, can turn into a repair of the entire bathroom. There is a modern technology coated baths with liquid acrylic, which will help to avoid such difficulties. This article will detail about all the features of this innovation.

  • Restoration technology
  • Reconstruction materials
  • Stacryl ecolor
  • Ecovanna
  • Plastall
  • Reviews

Restoration technology

Bath restoration includes three main stages. Preparatory work:

  1. The surface of the bath must be washed with a washing powder.
  2. Do not flush the powder, you need to clean the entire surface of the waterproof skin.
  3. Clean damaged areas to metallic shine.
  4. Use water to thoroughly remove all contaminants.
  5. The bath should be wiped dry, and dust and small debris can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner.
  6. Before painting all the plum bath should be unscrewed, after which put a bucket or basin in their place.

Preparation of acrylic:

  1. In a special container, we mix the base of acrylic paint and hardener. The correct proportion is indicated on the package.
  2. For ten minutes carefully, until smooth, mix the consistency.

Enamelling of the bath:

  1. Acrylic is poured on the side with a thin strip, then use a spatula to push the acrylic under the edge of the tile.
  2. Acrylic can not be poured with a very strong stream. It is poured on the edge of the rim with a layer of 5 mm. The mixture should flow down to about the middle of the bath.
  3. The acrylic jet is moved along the side of the bath until the circle closes.
  4. After that, the acrylic mixture continues to be poured in the center of the bath. It is necessary to capture the entire surface of the bath, moving along a spiral.
  5. There is no need to correct any incidents and rushes. After drying, they disappear.
  6. The remaining acrylic through the drain hole drain into the container.
  7. The hardening of the new coating lasts from 8 to 36 hours. But it's best not to use the bathroom for several days.
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Recovery materials

Acrylic materials havea number of significant advantages. This is evidenced by the reviews of those who have already made restoration of their cast-iron bath with liquid acrylic. Its main advantages:

  1. Under all conditions, the life of the coating can reach up to 15 years.
  2. The new coating quickly hardens.
  3. Acrylic does not have a sharp odor.
  4. During the operation of the bath, no stains appear.
  5. No bubbles are formed in the material, and no stitching occurs during application.
There are several major manufacturers of acrylic coatings for baths.
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Stakril-ekolor is the very first version of liquid acrylic for painting baths. This coating combines three main qualities:

  • fluidity,
  • viscosity,
  • the ability to solidify not immediately.

Stakril-ecolor withstands high loads, it can not be damaged during cleaning with household chemicals and, despite the time, the surface remains the same white. The only disadvantage of Stakril-ecolor is a strong unpleasant odor.

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Ecovanna is a paint material with a high content of non-volatile substances. This material:

  • is easy to apply,
  • is practically odorless,
  • is resistant to wear, the
  • does not change color during the entire time of use.

The material is also environmentally friendly, heat-resistant and washed with ordinary soap. Service life up to 15 years.

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Liquid acrylic Plastall appeared on the market in 2010.The material does not form bubbles, but also spills during painting. Plastall has practically no smell. Optimal viscosity and density allow to create the required coating thickness. In addition, the paint dries quite quickly, and also retains its primary color throughout its use. With the observance of all recommendations, the coating is up to 15 years old.

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Vasily, 47 years old, Vologda:

"I heard about liquid acrylic for the recovery of baths, various reviews and heard about the advantages and disadvantages of this material. I will say one thing - it's important not to save on acrylic itself, or on masters who are engaged in restoration. Then the result will be excellent! ".

Arthur, 35, Syzran:

"We restored the bath with liquid acrylic exactly one year ago. At first everyone was happy - the bath looked like new! White, smooth, just perfect. But, as it turned out, this coating is very capricious - it does not like cold water, it's hot, and chemistry does not suit everyone. In general, now our looks worse than before the recovery. I will buy a new one. "

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