Features of female alcoholism

Alcoholism is a serious disease, and not everyone can cope with this addiction. Female alcoholism is fairly singled out as a separate category, as it is extremely difficult to treat. The features of the emergence of female alcoholism differ from the masculine one in that the attachment to the addictive habit takes place on an emotionally-psychic basis.

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Reasons for

Doctors distinguish two types of causes of development of female alcoholism: psychological and physical condition. For psychological reasons are:

  • high level of stress;
  • emotional predisposition to relieve stress on its own( from here gathering a close friend for a glass - other wines, not a trip to a professional psychologist);
  • influence of society - a woman is forced to behave in accordance with the established role, often charging herself with unnecessary duties. For example, the manifestation of weakness in the modern world is considered unacceptable, and in order to meet the requirements of society, a woman resorts to easy ways of relaxation;

  • genetic predisposition to drinking alcohol, features of temperament and character;
  • loneliness, lack of children, husband;
  • need to hide their addiction to alcohol in view of the condemnation and dislike of women drinking, which leads to even greater stress and increasing the dose of alcohol.

For physical reasons it is possible to attribute:

  • the concentration of alcohol in the blood of a woman is always higher due to the lower water content in the body;
  • intoxication occurs faster and stronger due to less muscle mass;
  • requires a small dose to achieve the effect of relaxation and euphoria, which creates a deceptive illusion of the safety of drinking;
  • the hormonal background of a woman affects the absorption of ethanol, boosting it several times.
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Symptoms of

No woman can identify signs of alcoholism development, so the main responsibility lies with her relatives and relatives. It is extremely important to distinguish symptoms of creeping disease at an early stage. The signs of female alcoholism include:

  • Closedness of women, lack of interest in the values ​​and hobbies that were before.
  • Increased desire to drink alcohol, especially beer. This drink very often develops female beer alcoholism, which eventually turns into the usual.
  • Decreased level of intelligence and lack of self-criticism.
  • Increase the amount of alcohol needed to achieve intoxication.
  • Loss of appetite, refusal to have a snack after taking a drink.
  • Complete denial of the problem of dependence on alcohol.
  • Inadequate behavior - abuse, rudeness, obscene speech, hysteria, pronounced aggression.
  • No desire to take up any work, use any methods to purchase another liquor.
  • Skin color with a bluish tinge, puffiness appears, unhealthy eye shine, bruises and swelling.
  • A shiver in her hands.
  • Drinking alcohol alone.

This list of the most obvious symptoms appears gradually, overlapping one another in accordance with the stage of alcoholism.

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Stages of

Female alcoholism, depending on the degree of severity of the disease, can be divided into three stages. Developing in stages, this disease leads a woman from the stage of minimal dependence to complete loss of personality, lack of any needs, except for a new dose of alcohol.

  1. The first stage is already formed alcoholism, in which there is dependence on alcohol. In the case of stresses or problems, an alcohol-dependent person immediately has a strong desire to drink, which leads to a rapid loss of control over the amount drunk. At this stage, the woman does not yet have psychoneurological disorders, there is self-criticism, but she can hardly admit that she is asleep.
  2. The second stage is characterized by the development of an abstinence syndrome, that is a hangover. The brain has become accustomed to ethanol and its absence in the blood leads to irritation of the opioid receptors. At this stage, the woman already feels the physical need for taking a dose of "medicine".In the body there are significant changes: the fat layer rapidly melts, the hormonal background is broken, the typical appearance of the alcoholic appears - a puffy bluish-burgundy face, swollen eyes, swollen ears, lips and nose.
  3. In the last, third stage irreversible changes occur in the organs, brain and psyche of a sick woman. This leads to a persistent dependence on alcohol, the use of which is now its main goal in life. The treatment of alcoholism at this stage is extremely difficult, often there are disruptions accompanied by drinking-bouts.
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Consequences of

Female alcoholism has a lightning-fast flow pattern, which extremely quickly leads to severe physical and mental consequences. A woman is a mother and wife, but being in a state of constant intoxication, she can not perform the functions inherent in nature.

This addiction affects not only the woman, but also her family, relatives, position in the society.

In addition, ethanol is merciless to the female body, the systematic use of alcohol leads to:

  • withering of the reproductive system;
  • for early aging of the skin and organs;
  • irreversible damage to the pancreas, liver, kidneys, brain, nervous system;
  • reduced intelligence and mental abnormalities;
  • occurrence of heart attacks and strokes.
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Treatment of

There is an opinion that female alcoholism is incurable, but it is not. The rehabilitation process is very complicated, it consists of three important factors:

  1. Physiological. Ethanol very quickly and seriously disrupts the processes in the body of a woman, which will take a lot of time to restore the psyche and the affected organs. Therefore, it is so important to begin the rehabilitation process as early as possible.
  2. Psychological. If the patient shows willpower, seriously treats his problem and wants to get rid of it voluntarily, then the cure for alcohol dependence is guaranteed. It is very important in such a situation to support close people, their desire and an unceasing desire to jointly overcome this addiction.
  3. Medical. Correctly selected therapy, consisting in comprehensive diagnosis of the patient, measures to cleanse the body of toxins, pharmacology and psychotherapy, will give its positive results.
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As the long practice of combating modern medicine with female alcoholism shows, treatment of this disease at home, folk methods, dietary supplements, coding and stitching is ineffective. Only treatment in the hospital, the patient's desire and support of his relatives can pull a woman out of the abyss of nothingness.

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