Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Usually those who live in small apartments face the problem of a small kitchen. But in fact it is not small, but compact. The main thing is to find the right approach for it. The ideas of a small kitchen design will help you find the right furniture, equipment, and also intelligently distribute space. And then your kitchen will become very comfortable and cozy!

  • Placing furniture
  • Which wallpaper to choose
  • Ideas for design

Placing furniture

Once you started doing repairs in a small kitchen, take the time to buy new furniture. First you will need to find out what is best for you. The kitchen is very acutely lacking space, so you need to try to fill it with minimum furniture, choosing only the most functional models.

Of course, you will need a working surface.

Ideally, if all the appliances are located under it, you can choose the built-in models.

The same applies to washing and other parts of the kitchen interior. The more built-in elements you choose, the more space you will save.

If you are going to leave one of the walls unused, it is ideal to place along it a narrow cabinet, a width not exceeding 40 centimeters. Adjust the length of the cabinet from the size of your kitchen. In a narrow cabinet, you can place a mass of everything useful. These are cans of cereals and spices, kitchen appliances, dishes and the like.

Wall cabinets should be small in size so they do not look bulky. It is desirable that they are light. Light color expands the space, so it is ideal for small rooms.

Modern housewives will appreciate the angular arrangement of furniture, complemented by a bar counter. It is very convenient, functional and compact, so it can fit even in "Khrushchev" versions of the kitchen. In addition, it will look very fashionable and stylish and will fit the interior, decorated in almost any style.

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Which wallpaper to choose

Choosing wallpaper for the kitchen, you should not save and choose budget options. For example, paper wallpaper quickly burn out and absorb odors. Therefore, for the kitchen, they do not fit, in a year you will have to re-paste them.

It's better to choose strong, washable and moisture resistant options that will last for more than one year.

These requirements are ideally met by non-woven and vinyl wallpaper. Both options perfectly mask all the irregularities on the walls, they can be washed and even repainted. And if you are a practical person, washable wallpaper for the kitchen will be an ideal solution.

The color of the wallpaper should be light, warm, to give the room lightness and airiness. Choose popular:

  • white color;
  • cream;
  • yellow;
  • pink;
  • soft blue;
  • light green;
  • silver.

Also today are very popular wallpapers. If you decide to use them in a small kitchen, then pay attention to the color and size of the picture. Dark wallpaper visually make the space even smaller. And if the picture shows a lot of small items, it will create a sense of confusion in a small room.

It is best to give preference to large, monophonic drawings that are on a light background. Also you can visually expand the space with the help of panoramic landscapes. It can be an image of a staircase that leads up, a garden alley, a park, a lawn, a river, a view of the city and other paintings.

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Ideas for design

Combine simple furniture with chrome details of kitchen appliances, so you get a stylish, modern interior in minimalist style.

Classic tandem - white + gray - it always looks great! Choose a Scandinavian style, if you like laconism and simplicity. No overload and unnecessary details. To add a finish to the interior, complement it with furniture and accessories made of natural wood.

But if you are afraid that the white color will look boring, you can dilute it, adding bright accents. It can be bright paintings on the walls, a rug on the floor, upholstery on kitchen chairs. Flowers in pots, placed on the windowsill, will also bring their bright green note.

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White looks great in the interior, decorated in the style of Provence. Complement it with pastel, muted shades on furniture, dishes, towels and curtains. As if pale blue, lavender, yellow, pink, sunburnt in the sun, will adequately complement the white kitchen. Just do not forget that the availability of textiles is a must for Provence style!

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But white color can be not only basic, make it complementary! If you like bright colors - red, yellow, fuchsia, then white can perfectly dilute their saturated color range. Bright colors - this is the basis for the style of hi-tech and here it will be appropriate gloss. Such a surface on the furniture will reflect light, which will not allow the kitchen to look small due to the color saturation.

Tree never goes out of style! If you like wooden furniture, then in a small kitchen it should be supplemented with light, pastel shades, chrome accents are allowed. So it will not look heavy, it will perfectly fit into a modern interior.

And remember, even if you have a small kitchen - this is no reason to despair. Approach it in a creative way. Do not necessarily limit yourself to one style.

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