How to make tunnels in your ears and take care of them

Today, tunnels in the ears are very popular among young people - large holes in the lobe, into which special attributes are inserted - plugs. Many people have a question - why make tunnels in the ears, because it frightens and can prevent a high position at work, since such a person will not be taken seriously. But if you think about it, when, if not at a young age, to experiment with the exterior, especially since the piercing can be removed and all the punctures are healed.

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How to make

If you are burning with the desire to make beautiful tunnels in your ears, you need to determine the size of the desired hole,way of doing it and the decoration that you want to insert. It should be remembered that the tunnel - not an ordinary piercing, this occupation is more prolonged and painful.

There are 3 ways to obtain a tunnel:

  1. Gradual expansion of the puncture( old or new, but healed) with the help of special stretchers;
  2. Section of the lobe;
  3. Punching( incision and creation of a hole with a scalpel).

The first method of is not fast, however, less risky and painful. In the old or new healed puncture, the master inserts the expander. Usually it is the smallest extender, 2 mm in diameter. With it you need to walk for a while, until the ear gets used to the foreign object, and the hole does not take the diameter of the decoration. Further, the expander is inserted more, and this happens until the hole becomes the right size. After that, in the hole insert an ornament - a special earring for the tunnel or a plug. This method is simple and relatively safe.

The second way to is to cut the earlobe to the desired size. This method is suitable for impatient people, however, there is a risk of infection. Therefore, it will be necessary to look after the hole much more carefully than in the first case. Moreover, you need to trust a professional master who will make a smooth, accurate cut in the right place and will not be mistaken with the dimensions.

The third method is considered the most extreme and is used by avid piercing lovers who want a large tunnel. In this case, the surgeon cuts a hole in the lobe of the desired diameter with a sharp scalpel. This method is very dangerous and painful. This procedure is carried out under anesthesia or anesthesia. The risk of this method is not only the introduction of infection, but also the possibility of tearing the earlobe at large incisions. This method is not recommended for people who are not ready to go through the tunnel all their life.

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Stretching methods

As mentioned above, with the first method, the hole gradually stretches, taking expanders of larger sizes. If you chose this method, then you need to prepare for the fact that you will constantly pursue aching and pulling pain in the lobe, and you will need to look after and process the eye every day, gradually stretching it with the expander. However, after a few months, when you reach the desired size, you can insert the jewelry and forget about the pain.

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Puncture and insertion of the expander is best entrusted to a professional piercer. In addition, he will control the process of stretching and the risk of harm to the earlobe will be minimal. From you, you only need a gradual expansion and advancement of the expander in the hole, as well as careful processing of the tab.

An analog of a special expander can be a Teflon tape, which is wound on the decoration of several layers, thereby gradually increasing the diameter of the hole to the desired size. The obvious disadvantage of this method is the disproportionality of the tunnel created in the earlobe. To avoid such problems, it is better to give preference to professional stretchers of different diameters.

In another option for stretching the tunnel in the ear, weights are used, which are suspended to the lobe. This process is quite lengthy and uncomfortable, so it is not popular.

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How to care for

To care for the tunnel you will need:

  • Antiseptic - Miramistin, Chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide;
  • Cotton blades, sticks;
  • Ointment "Levomekol" or analogues;
  • Alcohol or disinfectant solution for stretch marks and earrings.

Tunnel care is not difficult, but you need to perform this procedure twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, especially during the stretching period. It is necessary to treat the hole with an antiseptic, and the expander and ornaments should be disinfected in alcohol solution.

When leaving home, you can lubricate the area around the hole with ointment, so the inflammation will come down more quickly. And, of course, you need to make sure that there are no crusts of lymph, blood, and the like in the hole or around it. Treat the wound with peroxide or "chlorhexidine".

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Following these rules, the healing process will be faster, and you reduce the risk of infection or inflammation of the ear lobe.

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How to get rid of tunnels

There are many reasons why people get rid of tunnels. Many can get bored, some open the hole for work, others face pain and inflammation. In any case, getting rid of tunnels is a process no less simple than stretching them.

Do the tunnels grow in the ears? The answer is simple: the smallest holes, with a diameter of up to 5 millimeters, can grow themselves, without surgical intervention. It's enough just to pull out the jewelry and take care of the hole, and it, in turn, will gradually be tightened.

If the tunnel is larger diameter, then you will have to resort to the help of a surgeon. Dyrochku is sewn and sealed, which will also need to be carefully taken care of, and disinfect them.

Again, the smaller the hole, the easier it will be to heal and the scar will be less noticeable. The largest tunnels( up to 10 centimeters or more in diameter) can not always be sewn so as to bring the earlobe into its original form.

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Possible complications of

It will not be a secret that this kind of appearance change can lead to some problems and complications. Therefore, it is necessary to entrust the tunnel to a professional and perform all manipulations under sterile conditions. However, this does not guarantee that the wearing of tunnels will not affect your health and appearance in any way. Negative factors and risks include the following complications:

  • Infection, even after stretching and even while wearing jewelry;
  • Paralysis of the facial nerve at the wrong site of a puncture or incision is the most difficult and irreparable consequence for a person;
  • Inflammation of cartilage tissue due to infection and improper care of the ear;
  • Ear lobe rupture, if a very large tunnel size was chosen;
  • Hearing loss and even vision at the wrong puncture site;
  • Necrosis of tissues due to too rapid stretching of the earlobe;
  • Severe itching, blisters, inflammation of tissues and lymph nodes as a reaction to puncture and widening of the opening.

As you can see, the risk of wearing tunnels is not too long, however, all the same consequences can be after a normal puncture.

Before stretching the tunnel, it is recommended to think carefully, soberly assess the situation and not forget about the possible consequences.

If you are not quite ready for such changes, but want a great decoration - use the imitation of plagi and earrings for the tunnel. Insert such a false-one into a normal puncture, and others will think that you have a tunnel.

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