Variants of partitions for zoning space in the room

Partitions are an integral part of many design projects, because it is original, practical and beautiful. Especially when it comes to small apartments, where you need to divide space into zones for different needs without losing space. There are many types of partitions, we'll talk about them in this article.

  • Acrylic
  • Bamboo
  • Gypsum
  • Wooden
  • Design
  • Mirror
  • Live
  • From blinds
  • Brick and concrete
  • Forged
  • Furniture
  • Low
  • Plastic
  • sliding
  • Glass
  • Shelves
  • Textile
  • Screens


Acrylic different impact resistance, easeand flexibility, which makes it possible to realize in this material a variety of forms. Partitions made of this material are an excellent solution for any premises, because they are safe and easy to install.

Acrylic partitions can have not only a variety of shapes, but also colors( from standard transparent, to gold or silver).They can be monolithic and openwork.

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A bamboo can be a light partition or a massive decor element. This depends on the thickness of the bamboo trunks, so for small spaces it is better to use thin trunks. Such screens are light and practical, they can be transferred depending on the need. However, bamboo is a very specific material that can fit into not every interior.

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Gypsum plasterboard

It is universally suitable for zoning any room. The plasterboard partition is able to radically change the space of the room, while it can be a deaf soundproof wall or an insignificant structure that partially changes the perimeter.

The undoubted advantages of drywall - ease of installation and finishing: it is easy to plaster, suitable for any kind of finishing materials. But on gypsum boards it is not recommended to place shelves and other heavy elements, it is too brittle. Or, initially, it is necessary to envisage this and to strengthen the metal structure at the time of installation.

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Another plus is that it's possible to create a curved design from gypsum board with smoothly curved borders.

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Wooden partitions can be made from different materials, it depends on themtype and purpose. For example, partitions from chipboard can be of various shapes - from shelves to blind walls. They necessarily require additional decoration.

You can use partitions made from pallets - these boards are not located closely. Often, they are made from original folding screens.

Partitions from racks have an incredible number of variations - from simple designs to complex shapes. Such a wooden partition does not weight the space, allows light to penetrate into the separated part of the room.

Usually, the partitions made of wood materials simply cover with varnish, so that the texture can be seen. They are easy to make with their own hands, it is enough to have racks or pallets, transparent lacquer, tools and imagination.

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Design ideas for partitions exist an incredible amount. Most often, modern designers create simple and very unusual variants of partitions, for example, suspended vinyl records, disks or machine numbers. There are false partitions from stretched ropes, plastic bottles, screens from old multi-colored doors, fishing nets and even a designer.

Very interesting and easy to look septums of many threads, decorated with beads. In a bold modern design can fit a partition made of stretched chains.

For a room decorated with eco-materials, or for a country house, a variant of a partition of stumps and twigs is acceptable. There are partitions made of paper, for example, silhouettes of colorful butterflies on transparent threads. For the interior in the retro style, the partitions made of old window frames with and without glasses are perfect.

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Mirrors always add light and expand space, and also successfully hide what is behind them. The sliding partition design, reminiscent of the closet, can combine both a mirror and a solid door. In this unusual way, you can hide the dressing room and storage space. And practical, and beautiful. And most importantly, much more and more economical than a closet.

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The original option is to create a partition in the room of greenery and fresh flowers. This method will help to refresh any interior, but it is more suitable for large rooms.

The simplest way to create such a partition is to place a large number of different plants on the bookshelves. It is important to understand that plants need good lighting.

You can also implement a more complex option - to grow a "green wall" of weaving plants or moss. It looks very cool, but such a partition needs constant care and a special microclimate.

As a septum, you can use a large aquarium, such an unusual solution will revitalize the room. But behind this element of the interior you need constant care.

As a partition, you can organize your own waterfall.

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From the blinds

Suspended partitions from the blinds will be a good alternative to fabric. They are easy to install, quite practical and diverse in shape and colors. They can be removed as soon as they are no longer needed, in addition, they miss the light and do not take up much space, that is, they are great for small rooms. Vertical blinds are most often used, but there are exceptions.

Often the interior uses glass partitions together with blinds, but this is more suitable for office or hospital rooms, because it looks very laconic and somewhat "cold."

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Brick and concrete

In recent years, the Loft style is quite popular, in which brick walls are used for zoning. It is original and beautiful, but it is not always easy to fit such a partition into the design of the room. However, if it succeeds - the effect will be astounding.

Typically, brick partitions are used in living rooms, halls and kitchens, less often in bedrooms. For this element, a lot of space is needed, especially since the brick structure visually "heavier" the room, so this partition fits exclusively for large rooms. A brick partition isolates the rooms from sound only if it is made as a full wall.

Despite its "coldness", brick can create an atmosphere of coziness, if it is to plan a real or false fireplace. This variant of the partition is ideal for country houses.

You can make a brick partition with your own hands, but some negligence will only be a plus for such an interior solution.

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Luxury forged partitions are suitable for large spaces. Cold, but very beautiful openwork partitions serve for zoning volumetric halls and living rooms. They can be not only stationary, but also mobile - in the form of screens. Such forged screens, especially white, can fit organically into the interior of the bedroom in the style of "Shebi chic".

Often practical use of forged partitions do not find - it's just a cool and stylish element of decor.

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Often furniture cabinets are used - from racks to compartments. But this is not the only option. If you want, you can use almost any furniture, for example, put a sofa in the middle of the room, and divide the kitchen with the dining room into a bar counter. As a partition, you can also use a cabinet with a TV, or a computer desk. And if you add textile to all this, the zones will become much brighter.

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Low partitions purely formally divide the room into zones, their only practical application is using as a shelf or table depending on the sizes. Such partitions can be made of any "hard" material: gypsum board, wood, glass, bamboo and so on. Form, color, material - all depends on the destination, interior and imagination of the author.

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They are not inferior to the glass for a variety of design solutions, in addition, they can be not only static, but also transformable and mobile. This option is useful for rooms with stretch ceilings.

Very convenient and practical plastic partitions in children's rooms. They are safe, easy to clean and can fit into any interior due to the variety of shapes, designs and design.

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The sliding partition for room zoning can be made of various materials. Glass, for example, is suitable as a partition for the bathroom or shower. The undoubted advantages of such a design - it takes up little space, and can become both a blank wall and a door between two rooms. Modular partitions for the room can be in the form of door-coupe. They will help to divide a large room into two.

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Glass partitions can be stationary and sliding. Typically, designers successfully use them to separate the workplace from the common space, corridors from living rooms. The main advantage of such partitions is the light transmission, therefore glass partitions can be used in rooms with one window. Their downside is that they practically do not perform a soundproof function.

Matte glass partitions are more often installed in bathrooms, but they are also ideal for kitchen, office, hall and office and hospital rooms. In addition, glass partitions can be made in different colors, which allows you to fit them into virtually any interior.

There are stained glass partitions, however, this option is suitable only for the appropriate interior. These bright and original designs can serve not only as a means of zoning, but also as an element of decor.

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One of the most functional types of partitions. The shelves for zoning serve also as a storage place for things. For example, very often they are used to separate from the common room of the workplace. In this case, bookshelves and office can comfortably sit on shelves. Such a design solution can be done with our own hands - you just need to decide on the design and dimensions.

The shelving does not overload the space, because light passes through them and, unlike many other types of partitions, they separate the zones in a single space, rather than divide it into separate rooms.

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Fabric partitions are the simplest way to divide a room into zones. Moreover, it's enough just to place on the ceiling guides or a baguette and buy curtains in the right style. At the same time, they can be periodically changed, using alternately dense and lightweight fabrics, beautifully tied, folded, decorated with various trifles.

Such soft partitions are ideal for children and bedrooms, but they are equally interesting in small living rooms. Quite often this option is used by restaurateurs to create cozy isolated zones in the common hall.

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Screens of

This kind of partitions was invented back in ancient China, they were used to protect against evil spirits. The first screens were made of paper and fabric, decorated with paintings and stones. Now screens are made of a variety of materials and serve as decorative partitions for zoning space.

There are a lot of variants for manufacturing screens and for them can be used as traditional materials( fabrics, thick paper), and modern( for example, plastic, acrylic).You can place hooks and small shelves and pockets for clothes and accessories on the inside of the screen, then it will also perform the function of a dressing room.

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