Than to wash plastic windows and window sills

Today, plastic windows are installed in most apartments. Like everyone in our house, windows and windowsills are also susceptible to contamination. Dirt from the street, stains after watering indoor plants, and beautiful white window sills eventually turn into unsightly gray plastic. As well as what is recommended to wash plastic windows and window sills from stains in order to restore their original appearance.

  • Cleaning agents
  • Washing process for plastic surfaces

Cleaning agents

All plastic cleaning agents can be divided into two main categories:

  • homemade cleaners;
  • factory chemicals.

The second is much more efficient than the first, but they require additional costs. In turn, folk remedies are not toxic and practically free, as their components are at hand for every mistress.

Among the factory detergents there are narrowly focused cleaners designed for plastic surfaces.

They differ in the absence of harmful components in their composition:

  • acid-containing compounds;

  • solvents;
  • of acetone.

These aggressive reagents help soften the plastic, lead to its deformation and the formation of microcracks, from which it is hardly possible to wash out small particles of dirt.

Experienced housewives note that there are a lot of funds with a suitable composition, but they are realized as cleaners for dishes, bathroom or floor, but it is not difficult to bleach the sill of the plastic window. Agree, it is expensive to purchase a whole can of a narrowly-used cleaner for several window sills, therefore, a universal gel-like cleaning agent has long been preferred, such as:

  • Comet;
  • Domestos;
  • Silith;Mr. Proper and other cheaper analogs.
When choosing such cleaners, it is important to pay attention to the fact that they do not contain any abrasive particles that can scratch the plastic surface of the windows.

As for self-made cleaners, they are less effective, but they have several advantages over factory cleaners:

  • does not release harmful chemical vapors into the air;
  • are safe for children and animals;
  • cheap;
  • does not leave a divorce;
  • does not damage the plastic surface.

Please note that you can not use to clean plastic surfaces:

  • mustard powder;
  • soda;
  • citric acid;
  • liquid ammonia;
  • vinegar.

These components lead to scratches, cracks and damage to the integrity of the paint.

The most popular and safe homemade product for plastic is a soapy solution or paste made from detergent and soap. Prepare such a remedy very simply - grate a piece of soap on a grater and mix it with a little water to form a pasty mixture. The same can be done with detergent, the main thing is to dissolve it to a homogeneous mass.

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Washing process for plastic surfaces

Before washingwindows and windowsills should be carried out a number of preparatory works. First remove the flowers and other objects from the window, remove the blinds( if you have them), then remove the plugs from the window sills and start washing.

When washing plastic surfaces, we recommend the following algorithm of actions:

  1. Clean the surface of dust and dirt. First, with a broom, vacuum cleaner or a dry rag, sweep, and then rinse off all the dust and dirt. For cleaning, a rag of microfiber, cotton, fleece or flannel is suitable. These fabrics perfectly cope with cleaning and do not leave after themselves divorces and small scratches.
  2. Application of detergent on the glass. Usually, for washing glasses, solutions with a sprayer are used, which are convenient for applying the product to the window. After application, give the product a few minutes to dissolve the old dirt.
  3. Application of detergent. If there are stains and old dirt on the window sill, apply an additional layer of gel to these places and let it soak. Leave the gel for at least 3-5 minutes.
  4. Directly wash. With a rag, first wipe the double-glazed windows, and then wipe the windowsills. If the first time the dirt did not wash out, then the procedure must be repeated, adhering to 2-4 points.
  5. With the help of clean water, we wash chemicals from the window sill, wipe it with a dry, clean rag. After that, rub the glass with a special sponge or newspapers.
  6. At the end of cleaning, plastic surfaces can be treated with a special polishing agent for plastic, which can be bought in any business department.
  7. loading. ..

After all these simple steps, you can return the pots of flowers to the place and enjoy your windows, sparkling cleanliness.

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