How not to spoil the first date with a man

It is believed that there is no second chance to make a first impression. Especially this concept is relevant when it comes to the first date with a man. How can you not spoil such an important moment at the very beginning of developing sympathy? In order not to miss your chance, you need to prepare well, and then the first date will be perfect. How to do this, we'll explain below.

  • What to wear
  • Behavior
  • What to talk about
  • Dating rules
  • Errors of women

What to wear

When planning a first date, be sure to think over your attire to the smallest detail. Your task is to please a man, but not to shock him. The outfit must be feminine, modest, yet elegant and slightly sexy. In addition, it should approach the time of year and the institution that you plan to visit.

According to the statements of men, they are impressed by companions in light romantic dresses. Remember - this is the first date, so there are no tight leopard mini and insane decollete. The same goes for make-up, it should be performed in gentle light tones that will accentuate your natural beauty. Red lipstick and the same color of the nails are also taboo on the first date. Such an image as a "woman-vamp" is best reserved for special occasions, which will necessarily be, if you can interest a man on a first date.

Hairstyle is also an important factor in creating the right image. Avoid complex salon booklets and fleece, give preference to light romantic curls or French scythes. Do not use a lot of lacquer lacquer, first, it is very noticeable, and secondly, if a man wants to hold a hand over your hair, he runs the risk of encountering a "steel" surface.

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Behavior of

Very much depends on your behavior on the first date. If you sit sullenly all evening, or, conversely, tirelessly chattering, not giving a man and the word to insert, it is unlikely that the first will be followed by a second appointment. Do not command, do not argue, do not prove your case, even if you are sure of it.

Men do not like powerful and stubborn persons, they like meek, gentle and easy-going girls.

But, here the main thing is not to overdo the stick - it's best to put on yourself a little mystery and riddle on the first date, so that the man would be interested in guessing you, and not in all agreeing and fulfilling any of his whims.

Do not smoke or drink alcohol on your first date. It is worth it to do not because it seems better, but that you do not emit unpleasant odors. If your evening will be exclusively "fresh and fragrant", then it will be remembered for the two of you by pleasant moments. Yes, and besides, the swagger and excessive talkableness caused by alcohol are highly inappropriate on the first date.

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What to talk about

To charm the man on the first date will help easy ease in communication. Of course, in the first minutes of communication it is impossible to avoid some embarrassment and slight stress. To defuse the situation, do not be silent, shyly slapping eyelashes, and start a simple simple conversation. Avoid complex topics such as work, material well-being, former relationships, illnesses, family and marriage. It's best to choose a topic about a man's hobby for a conversation, and then your first date will definitely go well. In general, the questions that you will ask a man on the first date, should not be stereotyped. Be interested not in what it looks like and what position in society it occupies, but in the fact that it is from the inside. For example, what movies look, what books they read, how they play sports, how and where they like to rest, etc.

Be easy in communication, optimistic and kind. Any aggression is not even addressed to a man will be regarded by him as a manifestation of a bad character. Be careful with jokes. It is best to give the role of a joker for this evening to a man, and your job is to giggle gaily over his ridiculous phrases. However, if the joke is trite or unpleasant, then be sure to say it softly about this man.

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dating rules There are several unspoken rules for the first date, adhering to which you can definitely count on further relationships. So:

  1. Do not change your appearance dramatically. Especially this applies to those girls who go on a first date with a man from the internet . If in the photo you look like a burning brunette, then before a date, do not turn into a bright blonde. Male psyche does not tolerate such experiments, and like a man you just can not.
  2. Observe manners and etiquette. Behave politely, respectfully and well-mannered. Keep your back straight, look into your eyes, speak clearly and with a light sexuality in your voice.
  3. Do not be capricious and do not complain. If suddenly a man showed originality and called you on the first date in the mountains, then persistently pass this test. And to build a dissatisfied little face, complain about the heat( cold, mosquitoes, rubbed leg, lost hairpin), you will only later and only best friend. Of course, if you want a man to invite you to a second date.
  4. No intimacy on the first date. If a woman, wishing to fulfill the whim of a man, on his first call will be with him in bed, then in nine cases out of ten on this relationship ends. Most men immediately lose interest in easily accessible women.
  5. Do not start talking about a second date. Especially do not try to invite a man to a second date first, this right always remains exclusively for a strong gender. But to say that it's time to finish your first meeting is best for a woman, since then the man will get lost in guesses, whether you like the date or not. And he will definitely want to solve this riddle on the second date.
  6. Say goodbye to you correctly. In most cases, the farewell scene after the first date is always accompanied by some embarrassment and embarrassment. A man is afraid to take some action and be misunderstood, so it's best to complete the meeting best for a woman. Hug, shake your hand or kiss the man on the cheek( if you liked it very much), thank for a pleasant evening and safely leave.
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Errors of women

If a man does not call after the first date, then the woman made some mistakes. Perhaps you were too assertive, looked vulgar, or touched one of the forbidden topics during the conversation. Find an authentic reason for what pushed the man away from you, it's difficult. But you should try to understand your behavior at least in order not to repeat the same mistakes in the future.

Men do not like to hear foul words and slang expressions from girls. They do not like to conduct boring conversations on abstruse topics, interrogations.

Girls with a bunch of problems, pessimists and female bosses also run the risk of not getting an invitation to a second date.

If all this is not about you, then do not get upset, then the problem is not in you, but in a man. Ideal people do not exist and need to be able to close their eyes to small flaws for the sake of great virtues.

Be yourself, relax and enjoy the very process of the birth of some new feelings. And if this is your man, then the first, necessarily second, third and tenth date will follow. And if something went wrong, then do not reproach yourself, then it's not the "one and only" and you still have everything ahead of you.


I would say: do not be afraid to spoil the first date! Most of all in a man repelled by unnatural behavior and pretense. Be yourself, dress as you like in everyday life, talk about what you are interested in, ask questions. If the conversation is not glued and you feel uncomfortable, maybe it's just not the destiny to be with this person.

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