The best works of classical world literature that are worth reading for the soul

Works of classics, like a good wine - they are sustained and tested by time and a huge number of readers. Many of these books are universal: they heal the soul, seek answers to the eternal questions of being, entertain, relax, elevate the mood, make one think and give an invaluable opportunity to acquire a unique life experience.

  • Contents:
    • Russian classics
    • Master and Margarita, Mikhail Bulgakov
    • Eugene Onegin, Alexander Pushkin
    • Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy
    • Doctor Zhivago, Boris Pasternak
    • 12 chairs, Yevgeny Petrov, Ilya Ilf
    • "The Heart of a Dog," Mikhail Bulgakov
    • "The Life and Extraordinary Adventures of the Soldier Ivan Chonkin", Vladimir Voinovich
    • "The Dawns Are Quiet", Boris Vasiliev
    • "The Bridegroom", Alexander Ostrovsky
    • "The Garnet Bracelet", Alexander Kuprin
    • Foreign Literature
    • Singing in the thorns, "Colin McCullough
    • Gone with the Wind, Margaret Mitchell
    • Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen
    • " The Great Gatsby, "Francis Scott Fitzgerald
    • " A Little Sun in the Cold Water, "Françoise Sagan
    • The Arc de Triomphe, Erich Maria Remarque
    • "Notre Dame Cathedral", Victor Hugo
    • "Dandelion Wine", Ray Bradbury
    • "Fried Green Tomatoes in the Cafe" Stop ", Fanny Flagg
    • " Above the Cuckoo's Nest ", Ken Kizi

    Russian Classics

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    «Master and Mrgarita "Mikhail Bulgakov

    brilliant masterpiece of world classical literature. An extraordinary and significant mystical novel, exposing human sins and vices. In it intertwined eternal themes of the struggle between good and evil, death and immortality, as well as an incredible line of love, which began with the occasional meeting of people created for each other.

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    "Eugene Onegin", Alexander Pushkin

    Good work for those who choose a classic work for self-development. A novel in verse, in which two characters are opposed: the satiated bored young man Eugene Onegin and the pure naive girl Tatyana Larina, who followed the sincere feeling. The story of the growing up and development of one person and the inner devastation of another.

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    Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy

    Married Anna Karenina falls in love with the young officer Vronsky. He reciprocates with her. But the environment turns away from the "fallen woman."The desperate attempts of lovers to reunite against the background of the mores and orders of the nobility of that time were not crowned with success.

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    Doctor Zhivago, Boris Pasternak

    The story of the early 20th century generation that entered the new era with faith in great changes. However, the tests that they had to endure( civil and first world war, revolution), brought only disappointments and broken hopes. But, despite everything, people have gained invaluable experience. The book is full of reflections on the fate of people and the state.

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    "12 chairs", Evgeny Petrov, Ilya Ilf

    The story of two adventurers looking for diamonds hidden in the chairs of the living room set of Madame Petuhova. Romance-feuilleton is incredibly fascinating, saturated with sharp humor and inexhaustible optimism. It will provide some fascinating evenings, for those who have not read the book, and will cheer up those who took it up again.

    The best books on self-development, psychology and personal growth

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    "The Heart of a Dog", Mikhail Bulgakov

    Professor Preobrazhensky investigates methods of rejuvenation. Once he leads from the street the homeless dog Sharik and makes him a pituitary transplant of the deceased Klim Chugunkin, a drunkard and a bully. Instead of a good complaisant animal, a creature with absolutely disgusting character and habits is obtained. The novel shows the history of the relationship of the intelligentsia with the "new breed" of man.

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    "The Life and Extraordinary Adventures of Soldier Ivan Chonkin", Vladimir Voinovich

    A wonderful selection of a work to read on vacation, such an easy novel-anecdote. Before the outbreak of the Great Patriotic War in a small village due to a crash landing aircraft. There is no way to tow it out, that's why the simple-hearted and ridiculous guard Ivan Chonkin is attached to him, who eventually transfers his place of service to the post office of Nyura. ..

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    "The Dawns Here Are Quiet", Boris Vasiliev

    The tragic story of the unequalthe confrontation of five anti-aircraft gunners and a detachment of German saboteurs consisting of 16 people. Dreams about the future and stories of women about loved ones create a stunning contrast with the brutal reality of war.

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    "Without a Dowry", Alexander Ostrovsky

    A play about a woman forced to associate her destiny with an inconspicuous, uninteresting and unloved person simply because she does not have a dowry. A man whom she loves and considers an ideal, only entertains with her, not having the intention to change her to a rich bride.

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    "Pomegranate bracelet", Alexander Kuprin

    Once seeing in the bed of the circus Princess Vera, George Yeltkov fell in love with her without a memory. He sent her letters, not hoping for anything, because she was married. Love lasted for several years, until he decided to give her a pomegranate bracelet. A wonderful work that will suit those who are looking for something to read for the soul.

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    Foreign literature

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    "Singing in thorns", Colin McCullough

    An epic story of a family of poor people who later became managers of a large Australian estate. The plot of the novel is based on strong, full of dramatic feelings between the main character Magee and the Catholic priest Father Ralph. What will win love or religion? The work has become one of the most popular among lovers of romance novels.

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    "Gone with the Wind" by Margaret Mitchell

    A novel about a strong woman named Scarlett O'hara, who took care of her relatives in the hard years of the American Civil War. The book tells about an incredible love story and demonstrates the evolution of the main character's feelings against the background of the trials of the war.

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    "Pride and Prejudice", Jane Austen

    England of the 18th century. Mr. and Mrs. Bennet, who raised five daughters, are thinking of the marriage of young ladies. Settled in the neighborhood Mr. Bingley is the best suited to the role of the groom. In addition, he has many friends. A book about how feelings are born and how love helps overcome pride and prejudice.

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    "Great Gatsby", Francis Scott Fitzgerald

    The book takes place in America during the "jazz era".The author shows the opposite side of the notorious "American dream."At the heart of the story is the story of the rich man and the Gatsby spoilers who are trying to get back their beloved woman who left him when he was still successful. Unfortunately, wealth has not brought him happiness.

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    "A little sun in cold water", Francoise Sagan

    This is an excellent version of the work of modern classics. A story about the novel of the Parisian journalist Gilles Lantier with a married woman who left her husband. The work raises the issue of fatigue from life, what is commonly called depression. It seems that the relationship helped Gilles overcome the ailment. But is his wife happy?

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    "Triumphal Arch", Erich Maria Remarck

    German immigrant Ravik illegally lives and works as a surgeon in Paris before the war. Late returning home, he notices a woman who is trying to throw herself off the bridge. Thus, a novel begins between an actress named Joan and a German refugee. An unusually beautiful, passionate and sad love story, full of philosophical reflections.

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    "Notre Dame Cathedral", Victor Hugo

    This is a real classic of the historical novel, describing medieval Paris. In the center of the narrative is the incredible romantic story of the bell ringer Hunchback Quasimodo and the street dancer of the gypsy Esmeralda. However, the author of the novel is positioned by the cathedral of the Notre Dame, thereby attracting the attention of the public.

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    "Dandelion Wine", Ray Bradbury

    Moments of the summer, closed in bottles - this is wine from dandelions. The book is woven from big and small stories that occur throughout the summer, everyday discoveries, the most important of which is that we live, we feel we are breathing. The narrative itself is warm and leisurely. The brothers Douglas and Tom live in a provincial town and through them we see the world through the eyes of 12-year-old children.

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    "Fried green tomatoes in the cafe" Halftone ", Fanny Flagg

    Evelyn, a middle-aged woman, lost interest in life and seizes depression with chocolate. Once a week she is forced to visit her old mother in the nursing home. There Evelyn gets acquainted with 86-year-old Ninny, who is full of love and interest in life. Every time the old woman tells stories from her past that helps Evelyn reconsider her worldview.

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    "Over the Cuckoo's Nest", Ken Kizi

    The protagonist Randle rashly chooses the last between the prison and the psychiatric hospital. Here he tries to change the established rules and teach him to enjoy the lives of other patients. An elderly sullen nurse confronts the innovations of the freedom-loving patient because of the fear of losing power over the staff and the sick.

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