Preparing for colonoscopy is an important part of the study of the large intestine

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preparation for a colonoscopy Colonoscopy is a painless procedure if there is no inflammatory process. In some cases, it can be done with local anesthesia or under anesthesia. To date, this is the only method that allows you to determine the cancer of the intestine in the early stages.

Conducting a colonoscopy procedure helps to examine the condition of the colon throughout its extent with the help of a fibrocolonoscope apparatus.

Many patients refuse the event because of false shame, risking their health.


  • Device device
  • When is the study assigned?
  • Existing limitations
  • Methods for cleaning the bowels before the
  • study. Slag-free diet - this is worth starting
  • Fortrans - what's in the name for you?
  • Cleansing with Lavacol
  • Cleanses for bowel cleansing
  • Tips to help prepare for the

study Device of the

The device is a flexible tube with attached instruments: fibrocolonoscope

  • is a miniature camera , which transmits an image enlarged several times on a computer monitor;
  • instagram viewer
  • flashlight with cold glow , excluding burn of the intestinal mucosa;
  • instruments for conducting mini-operations : moxibustion of the source of bleeding, removal of small polyps or other neoplasms, taking the tumor material for analysis, removing stuck foreign bodies, freeing the passage of stool in occlusion.

The length of the device is 160 cm, which is enough to examine the entire large intestine.

When is the study assigned?

Colonoscopy is prescribed by a doctor in the event of the detection of certain diseases or when there are suspicions of serious impairment in the area of ​​the large intestine, malignant neoplasms.

Symptoms in which an event is prescribed:

  • pain in the area of ​​the large intestine, the presence of a stool disorder in the form of constipation or diarrhea;
  • suspected of a cancerous tumor;
  • depletion of the body as a result of persistent diarrhea, an unclear cause;
  • hemorrhoids, accompanied by frequent internal bleeding;
  • presence of blood in stool;
  • diverticulosis of the large intestine;
  • inflammation of the mucous membrane with the formation of ulcers;
  • need to take material for examination;
  • removal of small polyps, which often precede a cancerous lesion.
In addition to the above, the procedure is useful to everyone who is over 50 years old, because at this age the risk of malignant tumors increases.

Existing limitations

The procedure, despite its benefits and painlessness, is not allowed for all patients. Categories of persons who can not be examined by a fibro colonoscope:

  • pregnancy at any time;
  • ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease;
  • problems with blood coagulability;
  • acute phase of intestinal diseases;
  • peritonitis, the appearance of pus with diverticulosis;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • child's age.

What is a colonoscopy?

Similar studies are performed only as directed by the doctor in charge. It's life-threatening to decide whether to conduct a study.

Methods of cleaning the intestine before the study of

To make the study as true as possible, it is required to clean the bowels qualitatively before the procedure.

There are several methods of preparation for colonoscopy of the intestine, the meaning of which is reduced to the activities:

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  • cleaning of the large intestine with a slag-free diet, which is carried out 3-4 days before the procedure;
  • removal of stool with a strong laxative;
  • purification by water poured into the intestines by enema.

The purification method is prescribed only by the doctor in accordance with the patient's general condition. To the event brought tangible benefits, you should carefully clean the intestines and remove all stool from its walls.

The essence of the procedure is to completely examine the intestinal mucosa to prevent dangerous diseases.

In order for the colonoscopy to be as effective as possible, it is recommended to perform the purification procedures a few days before the study.

First of all, it is recommended to switch to a therapeutic diet that provides nutrition with a minimum fiber content, excludes from the menu products that promote swelling of the digestive tract, the formation of bulky feces.

During cleansing with modern laxatives, you must drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration. After starting the drug should only eat liquid food.

Slag-free diet - this is worth starting

2-4 days before the event( it is recommended to check the accuracy of the period with the attending physician) it is recommended to switch to fractional food with liquid food.

diet before colonoscopy

Basics of the

diet Menu of the slush-free diet before the colonoscopy:

  • sour-milk drinks: fermented baked milk, kefir, yoghurt without filler;
  • weak broths of low-fat meat or fish;
  • fruit juices without pulp. Preference should be made apple and grape;
  • you can eat jelly, fruit ice cream;
  • tea, not strong coffee.

On the day of the procedure, stop drinking fluids 2 hours before the start.

Completely exclude from food for the 2 previous studies of the day the following products are recommended:

  • whole grains cereals and flour products;
  • milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, hard and processed cheeses;
  • beans, seeds, dried fruits;
  • vegetables and fruits in their raw form.

It is allowed to eat boiled vegetables, boiled chopped meat, liquid milk porridge, boiled eggs, but the day before the colonoscopy, you should switch to transparent broths and drinks. Food is completely stopped 2 hours before the event.

Fortrans - what's in a name for you?

Fortran is the last generation laxative that binds water in the intestines, protecting it from absorption in the walls. As a result, the large intestine self-cleaning, getting rid of stool content.

The preparation for a colonoscopy with Fortrans begins 12-14 hours before the study, so you should calculate the start of the medication yourself. You can do this cleaning in the evening, if the diagnosis is scheduled in the morning.

Laxative is available in the form of powder in bags, designed for 15 kg of weight. In the original packaging there are 4 identical by weight powders, each of which should be dissolved in 1 liter of water.

The amount obtained is recommended to be divided into individual doses of 250 ml, which must be taken every 15 minutes.

The last dose is 5-6 hours before the procedure. The output of the contents of the large intestine after the last dose of the laxative should be made with almost pure water. This means that the bowel cleansing is carried out correctly.

Fortrans how to apply

Drug is contraindicated for children under 15 years of age;pregnant;people who have problems supplying the body with water;with heart failure.

Purification by Lavakol

The action of Lavakol, a laxative, causing increased excretion of stool from the intestine, occurs 1.5 hours after its administration.

Preparation for colonoscopy Lavakol begins 17-19 hours before the procedure. Take the last dose of the drug should be no later than 4 hours before the start of diagnosis. An unpleasant aftertaste of the medicine can be changed by adding a little sugar or fruit syrup.

Lavakol A large amount of drunk water can lead to bloating, but it is not recommended to take funds to help get rid of an unpleasant sensation, without the knowledge of the doctor.

The first excretion of feces is observed after 1-1,5 hours after the initial dose of the drug. The medicine is packaged in small bags, which must be diluted in a glass of warm water.

Drinking laxative is necessary every 30 minutes, calculating the time of the last drug intake no more than 4 hours before the start of the colonoscopy study.

Do not use the product without the advice of a doctor, using it every time in case of constipation. Overdose of the drug can cause unpleasant feelings of nausea, vomiting, headache.

Cleanses for bowel cleansing

A day before the study of the large intestine, you should switch to moderate intake of food, easy to digest.

After dinner, it is recommended to take castor oil in an amount of 50 ml, as an effective laxative, which provides cleansing of the intestine from stool.

People with gallbladder disease should first consult with their doctor.

Before going to bed after bowel movement it is recommended to make a contract 2 enemas with 1.5 liters of warm water each. Use for the Cleanses for bowel cleansing procedure is necessary to Esmarch's mug, suspending it to a height of about 1.5 meters above the couch.

In the morning, repeat the exercise, until the intestine will not leave almost pure water.

Despite the apparent simplicity of the procedure, it is not recommended to do it yourself with bleeding hemorrhoids, in order to avoid the infliction of wounds by the tip of the enema.

Tips to help prepare for the

study. Colonoscopy procedure should be prepared in advance - to find out the terms of cleansing, to buy the necessary drugs, products for the diet, hygiene products.

The day before diagnosis is desirable to be carried out at home, having assigned care to children and parents to assistants. Frequent trips to the toilet will not allow yourself to cope with domestic chores.

colonoscopy To improve the taste of the laxative, additives help: lemon, sugar syrup, ginger. You can use a straw, putting it on the back of the tongue, so as not to feel the taste of the drink.

It is advisable to wear free-cut clothes to take it off without delay, since it is extremely difficult to delay defecation after a laxative.

It is recommended to provide yourself with an occupation for the duration of the toilet: reading books, studying on the computer, listening to pleasant music.

The diagnosis should be taken seriously, correctly following all the requirements and recommendations of the doctor in charge. After all, many diseases, including cancer, can be prevented and cured if they are detected at an early stage.

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