Lessons of aerobics for fast growing thin at home

The main goal of aerobics is training cardiorespiratory system, muscular corset, development of endurance, increase of functional abilities of the organism, improvement of mood. Most people use special sections to practice aerobics, but such exercises can be successfully performed at home, the main condition is to have a desire and good motivation.

  • Types aerobics
  • Morning Course
  • extension housing with jumping out at the bar
  • extension of the hip with a thrust to the chest
  • Smooth attacks
  • Pushups
  • Dips with raised leg
  • Press with instep
  • Evening courses
  • Squats with expanders
  • Press and twist
  • Traction with twisting
  • Push-ups with knee-breaking
  • Strap
  • Lifting of buttocks
  • Swimming
  • Wave

Types of aerobics

  • Classical. Means the exercise of physical exercises, jumps and jumps, different ways of running to rhythmic music.
  • Power. Involves the use of power simulators, dumbbells, expanders and other items. Power aerobics has several directions: shaping, body-styling, target-toning, body-conditioning aerobics and others.
  • Dancing .Training involves performing choreographic pas to the appropriate music. It is subdivided into jazz-aerobics, hip-hop, afro-aerobics, funk aerobics, city jam, oriental dances and others.

  • Water aerobics .Physical training, which is conducted in the pool. In the classroom you can resort to specialized equipment - belts, cuffs, waistcoats, boards. It depends on whether the pool is deep or not. Such exercises well model the shape of the body.
  • Step aerobics. Dynamic fat-burning training on a special step-height adjustable height. Performed in the form of steps, jumps( to and through the platform), as well as exercises for the muscles of the back and the press.
  • Bicycle aerobics. Training takes place on special exercise bikes. Due to the continuous rotation of pedals to music for 45-60 minutes, you can improve muscle tone and remove excess weight.
  • With the ball .For training use rubber and plastic balls of different diameters. This training improves balance, works out individual muscle groups, improves posture, strengthens the muscular corset.
  • With elements of martial arts ( karate, boxing, kickboxing).This is a fairly intensive training, which quickly strengthens all muscle groups, develops dexterity, endurance, relieves tension and aggressiveness.
  • Fitness aerobics. Direction, both for beginners and for professional athletes. Combines power and aerobic exercises, but excludes debilitating training and any injuries.
  • Slide aerobics. Training is carried out on a special mat with a sliding surface and bumpers for braking. A characteristic feature of this type of aerobics is the imitation of movements used in skiing and speed skating.
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Morning rate

This is a circular exercise for weight loss of 6 exercises that involves the muscles of the back, legs, hands and abdomen. Each exercise should be done for 10-15 hikes. After the first round, depending on the physical preparation, after 2-3 minutes it is necessary to repeat all the exercises consistently 3-4 times more.

For training you will need:

  • skipping rope or long scarf;
  • carpet or rug;
  • 2 napkins from sliding material or plastic plates;
  • dynamic music.
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Body extension with jumping into the

  1. Stand upright, feet shoulder-width apart, arms along the body.

  2. Both hands raise parallel to each other. The left leg should be pulled back and raised as high as possible.

  3. Squat down, placing the palms on the floor under the shoulder joints.

  4. loading. ..

  5. Leaning on your hands, jump out and get into the bar.

  6. Return to the squat, then go back to the starting position.
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Thigh extension with thrust to chest

  1. To be straight, feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Take the rope or scarf and stretch so that the palms are wider than the shoulders.
  3. Raise your hands to the chest level. The left leg should be pulled back and raised as high as possible.

  4. Hands bend at the elbows so that the scarf touches the chest.

  5. Take the original position and repeat the same procedure with the right foot.
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Smooth attacks

  1. Stand on napkins or plates, hands along the body.

  2. Sliding your right foot back, perform an attack. At the same time, pull the arms forward.

  3. Return to starting position.

  4. Sliding motion move your right foot to the right and perform a lateral attack. Hands again pull forward.

  5. loading. ..

  6. Accept the starting position and repeat the exercise for the left foot.
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  1. Accept position for push-ups on the knees. Place palms on napkins or plastic plates.

  2. Go down to the floor, spreading your elbows in different directions.

  3. Go up from the floor and slide with your right hand in the direction of the left.

  4. Return to starting position.

  5. Do push-up again, but now slide with your left hand.
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Push-ups with raised foot

  1. Adopt position for push-ups on the knees. Hands on napkins.

  2. Execute the push-up from the floor, leaning on the right knee. The left leg is straightened and raised.

  3. Take the original position and, after changing the foot, repeat the same procedure.

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Press with a leg lift

  1. Sit on the mat and stretch out your legs.
  2. One leg slightly bend, and put the foot firmly on the floor. The second to embrace the scarf and completely straighten, it is important that the ends of the scarf are stretched.

  3. Hold the scarf in tensioned position, perform the exercise on the press.

  4. Return to the starting position and repeat for the other leg.
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Evening course

8 exercises, which should be done in pairs. You need to do 10-15 times the first exercise, and after it as many times to perform a second, then a short respite and the rest of the pair. In general, you need to do 3-4 sets of each pair. For a full load it is desirable to perform this course 3 times a week.

For training, you will need:

  • carpet or rug;
  • expander;
  • 2 napkins from sliding material or plastic plates.
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Squats with expander

  1. Take the expander in hands and stand with both feet on its center.

  2. Put your feet to the width of your shoulders and perform a squat with a breath. It is important that the hips are parallel to the floor, and the knees do not go beyond the edges of the socks.

  3. Stand up, stretch your arms up and exhale.

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Torsion Press

  1. To sit on the rug, press the heels to the floor, legs slightly bend.
  2. Throw the expander behind your back, straighten your arms forward, thereby stretching the projectile.

  3. Rounding the back, bend back and touch the waist of the floor. Keep your hands straight.

  4. Straining the press, rise to the starting position and simultaneously, turning the body, reach out with your left hand to the right.

  5. Repeat the exercise from the beginning, but now change your hand and rotate the case to the left.
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Torsion rod

  1. Fasten the expander to the support. Leave from the support to such a distance that when the arms are straightened, the expander is taut.

  2. Hold hands together. Right lunge backward, twisting the body to the left at the same time. In this case, the expander must be pulled even harder.

  3. Return to the starting position and execute a lunge left leg and twisting to the right.
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Push-ups with knee-bend

  1. Take position for push-ups on the knees. The palms should be wider than the shoulders.

  2. Go down to the floor, spreading your elbows in different directions.

  3. Climb on your hands and simultaneously tear your knees off the floor.

  4. Return to starting position.

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  1. Adopt position for push-ups on the knees. The palms on the napkins are parallel to the shoulders.

  2. Slip your right hand forward, and pull your left leg back.

  3. Left hand move forward to the right, and the right leg is also pulled back. Should get the bar.

  4. Moving your hands and feet in the same sequence, return to the starting position.

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Lifting the buttocks

  1. To lie on the mat, press the lower back to the floor. Bend the legs in the knee joints, and put the feet on the napkins.

  2. Raise the buttocks to the maximum possible height from the floor. Simultaneously, slide the left foot, straightening the leg.

  3. Return to the starting position and repeat the same procedure, straightening the right leg.
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  1. Lie on belly, legs to close, and raise hips above the floor.
  2. Put your palms on the napkins and stretch your arms forward.

  3. Lift the casing and take the position of the star with arms and legs outstretched. In this case, the hands should remain on the floor, and the legs - on the weight.

  4. Feet to connect together and bend at the knees. Arms bend at the elbows so that the palms are under the shoulders.

  5. Take the initial position.
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  1. Get on your knees and take the pose of the child - the pelvis is lowered to the heels, and the stomach to the hips, hands to pull forward.

  2. Relying on the hands, gently move the body forward, moving parallel to the floor.

  3. Straightening your arms, bending your back and reaching out. The body must perform a kind of wave.

  4. Repeat the procedure in reverse order.
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