Diet of Laima Vaikule

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Popular people always attract attention, so there is so much interest in one of the most popular pop performers - Laima Vaikule. Despite her beautiful female age, the singer retains the amazing appeal of her graceful figure. It was not without the diet that she observes.

A tight tour schedule and high demands on food intake give an astonishing result. The singer has repeatedly stressed that she does not allow herself to relax even at friendly parties after the performances. Its motto is strict adherence to the regime in order to keep the bar. Laima succeeds, which speaks of her strong will. The secret of her diet is very simple and quite accessible to all comers to look attractive and maintain a stable weight.

The essence of the diet Laima Vaikule

Personal observation of their diet allowed Lyme to pick up a technique of nine days with interruptions. The diet itself also consists of more stages, there are only three. How does a singer manage to regulate her weight in such a short space? According to Lyme, everything is simple: food intake consists of a single product at each stage, using which, with such a strict food plan, you get an excellent result - from 5-9 kg for the period of the diet.

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Adipose tissue in this case does not have time to remind myself. It should be noted that to control weight loss during the diet of Lyme is due to the fact that nature itself gave her a good constitution, and therefore, you can not allow a strong weight loss. The singer uses the familiar grandmother's method - drinking without eating for several days, but it should be unsweetened. In emergency cases, he resorts to another proven means: two days he does not eat anything, but only drinks tea with lemon( without sugar) and tries to rest as much as possible. Supplement to the diet is a strong good sleep in order to avoid stress for the perfect skin color.

Diet from Lyme: details

The rice is used in the first stage for the first three days. Groats of coarse grinding, without grinding, to preserve all trace elements, that is, just a rice porridge on the water. Instead of salt, a little sauce with the addition of herbs, giving the flavor a tasteless lean dish. Sauce singer prepares herself from soy. Be sure to drink plenty of water, at least two liters a day. Sometimes the singer uses white rice instead of brown, and always before cooking soaks it.

The second stage is special. The body should receive meat so that there is no loss of muscle tissue. Yes, and can not do without protein. It gives a boiled chicken - fillet. You can cook it and steamed. Salt in the diet of the singer is not at all. The singer shares her soy sauce recipe, which insists on meadow herbs: sage, St. John's wort, string. So she prepares a kind of marinade. By giving top-dressing to the body in the form of meat, Laima always monitors the drink, so that the digestive process goes on smoothly.

The diet assumes and the use of fruit. This is the third phase of the nine-day diet. Carbohydrates for food come exclusively with unsweetened varieties of apples in raw or baked form. Carbonated drinks - under strict prohibition. In esteem water, tea with a lemon, sometimes coffee or juice from apples.

During the diet, the singer uses a mineral complex of vitamins, as the body does not receive enough during the diet. This is recommended by specialists in any diet.

It must be remembered that the body of each person can react differently to a diet, therefore, when deciding to go for it, it is necessary to get advice from dietitians with the obligatory delivery of a blood test. Beauty and charm are given great work on themselves, the singer emphasizes.

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