29 years old to the family: what kind of wedding is it that they give

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The wedding anniversary is a bright holiday that is celebrated with the family. Every year from the day of marriage, it is associated with a certain material and has a corresponding name. Today we will tell you about the milestone in 29 years: what kind of wedding, what traditions does it have.

This anniversary of joint life is called velvet. Spouses who have reached such an important milestone, are resistant to life's turmoil, are very warm to each other. The importance of a velvet wedding, folk signs, ideas for gifts - this is what will be discussed later.

29 years - velvet anniversary of

The date is certainly not jubilee, but very important. From the numerological point of view, it carries positive energy. This number symbolizes the perfection and unity of the spouses. Behind them, they have many tests that they have withstood, and therefore the relationship becomes more trustworthy, the husband and wife understand each other better. Youthful passions behind, spouses become more wise, there is a deep mutual respect.

As for velvet, this is a very expensive, soft and durable material that symbolizes strong feelings and gentle relationships between spouses. It is believed that people who have lived together for 29 years, love each other as much as on the day of the wedding. And let them are no longer young, but responsibly treat the bonds of marriage, take care of their family hearth. In place of useless passions comes calmness, and bright emotions are replaced by moderation and tenderness.

Traditional elements of velvet wedding

Many will agree that the 29th anniversary of the wedding is a solid milestone, which not everyone achieves. And so the couple deserve sincere congratulations and the best gifts that day.

Velvet is a symbol of prosperity, reliability, success. Velvet anniversary, like any other, has its own traditions and customs that must be respected. To arrange a holiday for a velvet anniversary, you can use the following traditional elements:

  1. You can not do without "velvet" dishes in the festive menu. Treat guests with ribbons, cutlets, pancakes, salads with chicken breasts or seafood, "velvet" eggs. These dishes are a symbol of material well-being, full of life. A large heart-shaped cake, covered with a red or pink cream and decorated with golden sugar beads, symbolizes a strong alliance of the spouses.
  2. The festive program should be supplemented with traditional kisses. Guests shout: "It's bitter!", And "newlyweds" kiss, as on the day of the wedding. By tradition, you need to kiss 29 times.
  3. The decoration of the festive space and the outfits of the heroes of the celebrations should be made of velvet. If you can not find completely velvet things, then clothes with a finish from this material will do. Since this material is not in vogue now, stylish and exclusive outfits for celebrations can be ordered from a tailor. A spouse can put on a velvet shirt or wear a tie, a butterfly made of this material. The wife will look spectacular in a luxurious dress made of velvet dark blue or gray hue. To complement the chic image of the wife can be a beautiful necklace, large earrings or a brooch made of silver or white gold.

Wedding of 29 years is an excellent occasion to shine, to enjoy each other, to fall in love again!

Gifts for

spouses The velvet anniversary is a very important date and an excellent occasion to congratulate the "newlyweds" on the family holiday. Many are wondering what is being given to the spouses for such an important celebration. Presenters should like the couple, be useful, match the symbolism of the holiday.

Gift variants:

  • Textiles made of velvet: curtains, tablecloths, bedspreads, decorative pads. Velvet things look luxurious and perfectly complement the classic interior. In addition, it is a symbolic gift.
  • But what if you chose a gift from another material? Just pack the gift in a velvet box or bandage it with this cloth.
  • On the velvet anniversary, you need to present a gift that is somehow connected with the same name material. It can be a present, in the name of which the word "velvet" occurs. For example, a bottle of expensive whiskey "Black velvet" to her husband or a box of sweets with the same name to his wife.
  • These can be more traditional and practical gifts: appliances, gift coupons for buying goods in the hypermarket, a variety of household goods. Spouses can be given a group gift: TV, dishwasher or washing machine. But do not forget to decorate the technique with a bright velvet ribbon.
  • Often children do not know what to give to parents for a velvet wedding in order to surprise and please them. The perpetrators of the celebration can be sent on a romantic trip to the islands or on the weekend to Europe. There, "newlyweds" can relax and plunge into the romantic atmosphere, again feel young and in love.
  • An excellent gift from the mother of children - a flower arrangement of 29 roses. Present a bouquet to my mother, wish her all the best.
  • "Amur velvet" is a unique tree that is a symbol of this anniversary. It attracts longevity, makes spouses resistant to life's adversity. In addition, it decorates the interior, has a lot of useful properties. You can also present as a gift other plants that have a velvet shade.
  • Treat the couple with a large photo album in a velvet cover with beautiful embroidery or strass decoration. Then in the album you can put photos from the velvet anniversary.
  • If the spouses love animals, then give them a British cat that has a short but very soft, velvety hair. Animals have a monochrome blue or gray color, and outwardly resemble teddy bears, so that the spouses will definitely appreciate such a gift. And in the symbolism of the holiday, "the British" fit.
Children can organize a noisy party with games, competitions in honor of parents. You can invite your favorite musical group "newlyweds", arrange a magnificent banquet, and finish the event with fireworks. Parents will appreciate this gift!

Now you know what to give the culprits to celebrate, to surprise and please them.

Options for celebrating

Wedding anniversary of 29 years is a family celebration, at which only the most loved ones should be present. But this does not mean that you need to celebrate at home in a quiet family circle. You can reserve seats in a restaurant or rent a whole banquet hall. It all depends on your desires and possibilities.

It is necessary to pay special attention to the decoration of the festive space. If you will celebrate in a restaurant or cafe, then entrust all professional designers. If you celebrate the event at home, then use velvet curtains, tablecloths or napkins in the interior.

The presence of expensive dishes, floral compositions with marigolds is essential. The chairs can be covered with beautiful velvet cloaks with lace trim to match the tablecloths. As for the color scheme, the interior should be dominated by calm shades: blue, light brown, lilac. Too bright colors act depressingly.

Be sure to invite a professional photographer who captures the best moments of your velvet wedding. But whatever variant of the holiday you choose, remember, your main task for today is to have fun, enjoy each other, admit to love! Related Videos:

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