List of beautiful Russian actors of men

Russian cinema is an integral part and a pride of national culture. The profession of an actor in Russia is prestigious and highly paid. But only the best of the best become masters of their craft, actors who are loved and respected in our country and beyond. Today we have prepared a list of the most beautiful and talented Russian actors of men who managed to conquer more than one heart of TV viewers.

Dmitry Miller

43-year-old actor Dmitry Miller, who became known to everyone on the series "Sklifosovsky" and "Traffic Light" comes from the town of Mytishi in the Moscow region. In his childhood Dmitry did not even suspect that he would become an actor. He accidentally became a student in an acting studio. Today, Miller is a popular actor, who has already appeared in more than 30 films.

Vladimir Vdovichenkov

Vladimir Vdovichenkov, who has been awarded the title of Honored Artist of Russia since 2007, comes from the town of Gusev, Kaliningrad region. Before Vladimir realized that his profession - to be an actor, he changed a lot of work: he was a waiter, a stoker, a head waiter, a tinsmith. To date, Vdovichenkov starred in 49 scenes, the best of which are Leviathan, Brigada, Man by the Window.

Evgeniy Dyatlov

Honored Artist of Russia Yevgeny Diatlov is from Khabarovsk, but spent his entire childhood in the city of Nikopol in Ukraine. After school I went to serve in the army, then, on the advice of my comrades, I entered the LGITMiK course for AN Kunitsyn, choosing the faculty as an "actor of theater and cinema".For his acting career, Yevgeny Dyatlov has already starred in 101 films, the last of which is the popular "Battalion" today.

Stanislav Bondarenko

The 3-year-old Russian actor Stanislav Bondarenko comes from the town of Dneproprudnoye, Zaporozhye region. At the age of 11 he moved with his family to live in Moscow, where he later went to study at GITIS.The debut of Stanislav in the movie was the series "The Talisman of Love", popular in Russia in 2005.For his so little acting, Stanislav Bondarenko managed to play in 38 scenes.

Vitaly Emashov

Vitaly Emashov grew up in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia. In his childhood Vitali did not even think about the career of the actor, only after serving in the army he decided to enter the Yaroslavl State Theater Institute. During his studies he performed on the stage of the Academic Theater. Volkova, in the Moscow theater "Kino performance."To date, the creative legacy of Vitaly Emashov is 31 films.

Maxim Matveyev

The 33-year-old actor of the theater and cinema Maxim Matveyev comes from the town of Svetly in the Kaliningrad Region. In the theater, the young man led a happy event - the graduation in his school was led by actor Vladimir Smirnov, who also noticed an active and charismatic graduate. On his advice, Matveyev could enter the Saratov State Conservatory named after Sobinov, immediately on the second year of the theater faculty. Today, behind the 32-year-old actor 37 successful roles in films.

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Anatoly Rudenko

The native Muscovite Anatoly Rudenko grew up in an acting family. In his youth he dreamed of working in the tourism field and wanted to go to the tourism institute, but Anatoly's mother persuaded his son to continue the dynasty of actors. So, Rudenko became a student at the Shchukin school. Not having time to finish the course, he already starred in such famous films as "Two Fates", "Poor Nastya" and "Simple Truths".For his so little acting career Rudenko managed to star in 50 films.

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Anton Makarsky

Anton Makarsky, 40, is from Penza. In 1993, having chosen the profession of an actor, a talented young man entered the Shchukin school. In 2002, Makarsky played in the musical "Notre Dame de Paris".All-Russian glory to Anton brought the hit "Bell", which he performed in the musical. Today the actor has 46 roles in the cinema and their number is growing rapidly.

Grigory Antipenko

Grigory Antipenko was born in 1974 in Moscow, his parents worked at Mosfilm, so he spent all his childhood there. Prior to the profession of the actor, Gregory tried himself in various industries - in advertising, law, accounting. The celebrity came to him after the television series of the series about ugly Katya Pushkareva, where he played the director of the corporation Zimaletto. Today Antipenko has 36 roles in Russian films.

Vladimir Mashkov

People's Artist of Russia Vladimir Mashkov was born in Tula to a family of art workers. He graduated from the Moscow Art Theater, where he was first a disciple of Tarkhanov, and then switched to the course of Oleg Tabakov. After graduation he worked at the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov and as a member of the troupe of the theater studio O. Tabakov. The first debut in the movie Mashkov took place in 1989 - he played in the movie "Green Goat Fire."For his acting career, Vladimir starred in 49 films.

Yegor Beroyev

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The native Muscovite Egor Beroev grew up in a family of theater and film actors. For the first time Yegor came on stage at the age of 7 years. After graduation, he entered the Schepkinskoye School for the course of Nikolay Vereshchenko. After completing the course, he was immediately accepted into the Moscow Art Theater's troupe. Chekhov. Today, his acting heritage on the big screen is 49 roles in Russian paintings.

Igor Petrenko

Young Russian actor Igor Petrenko was born in Potsdam, Germany. In 1980, Igor's family moved to live in Moscow. In his youth, the future actor entered the Schepkinskoye School, immediately began to work in the Maly Theater troupe and to act in films. In 2004, the television series "Driver for Faith" appeared on the screens, in which he played Vadim. After that, Igor Petrenko was struck with glory and he became a sought-after theater and cinema actor. Today he has 42 films.

Daniil Strakhov

The native Muscovite Daniil Strakhov was born in March 1976.After graduation I went to study at the Moscow Art Theater on the course of the Vanguard Leontief. At the 2 nd year Strakhov was transferred to the Shchukin school to Yevgeny Simonov. In 2003, Daniel played roles in two popular historical television series - "Poor Nastya" and "Children of the Arbat", after which he became famous. To date, Daniel Strakhov starred in 56 films.

Andrei Chernyshov

The 42-year-old actor of the theater and cinema Andrei Chernyshov hails from Kiev, Ukraine. At a young age he went to conquer Moscow and entered the VTU named after Shchepkin, after graduation he went to work at the Moscow theater Lenkom. In 2000, his film debut in the film "24 hours" took place. Then Chernyshov played a role in the multi-part film "March of the Turkish" and since then fame has come to him. Over his shoulders shooting in more than 70 films and serials.

Alexei Vorobyov

Russian actor, musician, showman Alexei Vorobyov today is 26 years old, he comes from Tula. In his youth he was fond of football, he was the best striker of the region. Surprising everyone with the choice of his profession, Vorobiev entered the Music College of Arts. Dargomyzhsky to the specialty "Head of the People's Choir".The cinematographic career of Alexei began with the release in 2006 of the youth series "Dreams of Alice".The actor is currently shooting movies( he has 39 films on his account), recording songs, participating in reality and TV shows, collaborating with the UNICEF Foundation, the Dance for Life program and the Goodwill Ambassador.

Boris Pokrovsky

The protagonist of the famous television series Glukhar Boris Pokrovsky was born in November 1977 in Moscow. At the age of 24 he graduated from GITIS( he studied at the course of S. Golomazov and M. Skandarov).Today, the actor Theater Satyricon. On his account, 25 films, among which such famous paintings as "Kulagin and Partners", "The Fog is scattered", "Pyatnitsky. Chapter Two "and others.

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Yaroslav Boyko

Famous for Russian audience in such films as "Always say" Always "and" Anna Karenina ", the futurethe actor in cinematography got almost by accident: with a friend for the company submitted documents to the Kiev Theater Institute and enrolled. After studying there for several years, Yaroslav took the documents and went to study at the Moscow Art Theater. Yaroslav Boyko's account includes more than 90 popular films and television series.

Dmitry Pevtsov

Talented actor, singer, racer, stuntman Dmitry Pevtsov was born in Moscow in July 1963.In his youth, he independently chose the profession of an actor and entered the acting department at GITIS.The first theater in Dmitri's career was Theater on Taganka, in parallel with theatrical activities in 1989 began to appear in the cinema. After the television series "Bandit Petersburg", where Pevtsov played the main role, he got real fame. To date, Dmitri has played in more than fifty films, performing different roles.

Oleg Kharitonov

Oleh Kharitonov, 48, became an actor from childhood. After school, Oleg did not hesitate to enter LGITMiK for the faculty of drama and musical theater. Later he works in the St. Petersburg Theater "Communion".Debut Kharitonov in the movie was the movie "Looking Down", and his popularity he gained thanks to the role of Fyodor Tumanov in the series "Web".Today in his account roles in 38 films.

Vasily Stepanov

29-year-old actor Vasily Stepanov - native Muscovite. After school I went to the sports school. After shooting in the agitational advertisement about the service in the army, he went to study at the VGIK, then he went to the Shchukin school. Played Maxim Kammerer in a fantastic action movie "Inhabited Island".While on his account only 8 films, but the charismatic Stepanova still everything ahead.

Konstantin Khabensky

Popular 43-year-old actor Konstantin Khabensky was born in St. Petersburg. In his youth he worked as a janitor, cleaner, musician, until he accidentally went to the theater-studio "Saturday" to work as an installer. In 1990 I went to study at LGITMiK for the course of V.M.Filshtinsky. Shooting in the popular in the 2000s television series "Slaughter Force" brought Khabensky well-deserved fame. Today, on the actor's creative account 77 films.

Alexander Domogarov

Russian actor of theater and television, Russian chanson performer Alexander Domogarov was born in Moscow on July 12, 1963.In the movie began to act in 1984, after he graduated from the Shchukin School. The first serious success for Domogorova was the role in the movie "Midshipmen 3", where he played Pavel Gorin. Today, on his creative account, more than 90 films.

Alexey Chadov

34-year-old Alexey Chadov was born in Moscow. In childhood I studied in a theatrical circle. As a student at the Shchepkinsky School, Chadov made his debut in Alexei Balabanov's film The War. Then the picture was recognized in Russia and abroad. Alexei's account includes many famous paintings, such as Night Watch, Day Watch, Streetreysers, Zhara and the million-time comedy Love in the Big City. In total, he has 38 films.

Ilya Shakunov

Actor of the theater and cinema Ilya Shakunov today is 45 years old, he comes from St. Petersburg. At school I started studying at the studio of actor Igor Gorbachev. Then he entered LGITMiK, after which he was accepted into the troupe of the Theater for Young Spectators. In the movie, Shakunov began acting in the 1990s, for his role in the film "The Gololed" he was awarded the VI International Film Festival "Independent Dreams".Total on his account 63 films.

Anton Khabarov

In January 1981, Anton Khabarov was born in Balashikha. In his youth Anton became the champion of Russia in ballroom dances and dreamed to connect his profession only with dancing. But failing at the examination at the Institute of Physical Education, he entered the Schepkinskoye School. After graduation Khabarov was accepted into the main troupe of the Sovremennik Theater. Having played in 2008 the role of Vadim in the melodrama "And yet I love. .." Anton Khabarov gained fame. Today he has 29 films on his account.


I consider the most beautiful and talented Russian actor Yuri Baturin, and for some reason he is not on the list.


And where is Danila Kozlovski? ????


I agree with Michel, Kozlovsky WHERE? ???Probably, somewhere there is a list of THE MOST beautiful Russian actors, and he is in it on the first line. Surprised, what is Stepanov doing here? What kind of actor is he? This requires not only appearance, but also a little mind. I wonder who made this list?what are the priorities?


And where is Alexander Nikitin, a fine actor, a lot of talented roles? !


Domogarov graduated from the Chip, not Pike. He studied on the course at Korshunov - the actor of the Maly Theater, in which Domogarov worked for 2 years.


Alexander Nikitin, the most remarkable role in the series "Between Us Girls"!


Vasily Stepanov. .. read about him an article after the film "Inhabited Island" he did not participate much in filming and now he is at home in severe form of the disease, in my opinion he does not even get up. . It's a pity if it's all true

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