Pilates at home

Pilates is a kind of physical training aimed at strengthening and developing the spine. This technique was created by the physiotherapist Joseph Pilates about a hundred years ago. And now these exercises are becoming more popular among fitness enthusiasts. Pilates allows you to develop the muscles of the whole body with simple exercises that can be done at home. This system of exercises for home training develops flexibility, plasticity and trains endurance.

Recommendations for

classes As with any sport, pilates should start with simple training with minimal muscle load. For lessons at home, you will need a rug, and as a background you can include a relaxing slow melody. For the exercises to be effective, a number of principles must be observed.

  1. Concentration of is the most important moment in Pilates. During exercises at home, you need to constantly concentrate on the movements and see if you are properly distributing the load, and whether the right muscles are straining.

  2. Breathing of the .This is one of the foundations of this technique. It is necessary to inhale by nose, but to let out air through the mouth, while exerting efforts and straining the muscles of the press. Deep breathing is produced by the lower part of the lungs. This method is also called "breathing back".For classes at home, this is one of the most difficult moments.
  3. Straight backbone of the .The effectiveness of gymnastics lies in the constant retention of the back in a straight position. Remember - the top always stretches upward, the coccyx is drawn into itself, the shoulder blades are straightened. Keep this rack will help you constantly tensed muscles of the press.

While doing exercises at home, observe the main rule of any training - it is better to make fewer approaches, but to make them right. Once you have taken the right position, concentrate on it and hold it for a short time. And now a few Pilates exercises for classes at home.

Exercise "Hundred"

This exercise is one of the basic in the Pilates technique. It is performed in the supine position. The exercise is aimed at training and stretching the muscles of the neck, legs, press and back in the home. Lying on the rug, pull out straight legs and lift. Try to stretch your toes forward and up. Then lift your head and shoulders, and point your eyes at the center of your belly. Hands pull forward, lifting them just above the body. The chin does not touch the chest, the arms are parallel to the floor, the palms "look" at each other.

In this position, make energetic alternate movements with your hands up and down. Only the hands move, the body remains in the frozen position. Be sure to follow the breath. Take 5 breaths and five expirations. Do not change the position, perform 10 breath approaches. Thus, the total number of breaths and exhalations should be 100, which is why the exercise is called a "hundred".This is the easiest Pilates exercise for homework.

Exercise "Crown Knife"

An effective exercise for home pilates, aimed at developing coordination, stretching the entire spine and training the muscles of the shoulder girdle. The situation remains the same - lying on the back. Take a deep breath and at the same time start lifting your feet. Keep your knees straight, stretch your socks to the ceiling. The waist should be supported by the palms. This exercise should be familiar to you through the school lessons of physical education - "birch".

The stomach is retracted while holding the position. Continue to follow the breath. Now tighten your hips and buttocks and smoothly, without making sudden movements, lower your legs behind your head. Keep the position for five breaths and exhale slowly and start to return to the starting position. Unbend the back gradually, the vertebra behind the vertebrae.

loading. ..

Exercise for leg muscles

Training is aimed at stretching the posterior surface of the thighs and calf muscles. Lying on the rug, the back is pressed to the floor, lift your legs and pull to your chest, bending your knees. Then, grasping the left leg with both hands, pull it up. At the same time, straighten and stretch the right leg parallel to the floor. On inspiration with your left foot, do 3-5 springing movements, helping with your hands. Movements should be directed to the face. Do the same with the right foot. The exercise must be completed 15 times.

Exercise for abdominal muscles

Lie face down. Press the pelvis to the floor and squeeze the hips firmly. Lean against the floor with your hands, placing them parallel to your shoulders. Elbows spread apart. On inhalation, lift the head and thorax. Hold the position for a few seconds, then slowly raise your hands up and spread them apart. Palms point upwards. Do wiggling movements back and forth, straining your abdominal muscles. On exhalation - movement forward, on inspiration - back. Repeat 5-6 times.

Exercise for the thigh muscles

This is an effective exercise for homework that will help get rid of cellulite on the hips. Sit on your side, leaning on the hip and palm. Legs together, slightly bent at the knees. Put your free hand on the thigh with your palm up. On inhaling, lift the body with the muscles of your hips, and throw your free hand over your head. On exhalation, smoothly lower the body to its original position. Repeat the exercise 3 times.

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It is worth noting that classes of pilates will be especially useful for women, since they are aimed at working out the deep muscles. This allows you to train the most problematic places and eliminates cellulite. While practicing pilates at home, try to adhere strictly to the recommendations given above, as well as strictly follow the sequence of movements.


I've been thinking about doing Pilates for a long time. Now I know how to do it at home.


Yes, for girls without physical preparation Pilates is exactly what you need. Here the main thing to do exercises constantly, even two weeks, and then the first results will appear. I, of course, have not yet appeared reliefs, but the stomach was tightened well, and the skin became more elastic or something. I've been doing it every day for three weeks.

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