How to poison cockroaches with boric acid

Boric acid refers to the number of inorganic acids. In nature, it occurs in the form of a white crystalline substance, which is heavily soluble in water, but dissolves well in alcohol. It has no smell. Boric acid has disinfectant, antifungal and astringent properties. It is used in cooking, medicine, in production conditions and at home. People's experience stores recipes, how to make a remedy for cockroaches with boric acid.

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Application rules

For most insects boric acid is considered a deadly poison. Getting into the esophagus of insects, it causes pain and itching sensations in pests, provokes reproductive disorders. When using a large dose of the drug, insects get paralyzed and die. But that "red guests" completely left your house, you will have to wait a month and a half.

To cockroaches hit the locus of boric acid in the apartment, you need:

  1. to attract them with bait;
  2. sprinkle the tracks of the active substance in the places of "watering" of cockroaches, or where they prefer to sit out during the day( skirting, crevices, behind furniture).Thanks to such paths, boric acid will fall on the feet of insects, and then, when the cockroach starts to clean the feet with jaws, it will necessarily swallow the poison.

But the bait of boric acid does not work if you do not pre-prepare the room for pest control. It is necessary to:

  • put in an order in the apartment and remove everything that can become food for insects( crumbs, slices of food and fatty drops);
  • regularly take out the trash can and close it at night to limit the access of cockroaches to the means of subsistence;
  • tightly close all taps so that pests can not drink.
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Recipes of

How to get rid of cockroaches at home
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With egg

Makesuch a tool alone can not be difficult:

  1. Separate the yolk of the boiled egg and grind it, adding 50 grams of dry boric acid powder;
  2. Add a couple drops of vegetable oil and mix the mixture until it becomes sticky;
  3. Roll balls from cockroaches from boric acid and eggs, then place them in the habitats of insects.

The bait is stored for up to seven days. After a week, it is recommended to make new balls and place them in the same places.

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With potatoes

To make bait from cockroaches from boric acid with potatoes, two medium-sized root crops are needed.

  1. Boil potatoes without salt;
  2. Crush root crop until mashed;
  3. Add the boric acid solution to the potatoes and stir;
  4. Blend the mass in small lozenges and leave to dry;
  5. Place bait in permanent habitats of cockroaches.

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With porridge

You can prepare a poison for cockroaches from semolina porridge. To do this, boil a small amount of cereals without salt and oil and act by analogy with the recipe based on potatoes.

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With flour

  1. Mix boric acid, flour and powdered sugar in equal volumes.
  2. Add a little water and knead the dough.
  3. Form a bait in the form of balls.
  4. Finished balls spread out in the kitchen in the pest habitat.
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Liquid bait

Liquid boric acid from cockroaches works no worse than a powder if you make bait-drinkers.

  1. Mix 30 grams of an aqueous solution of boric acid with a pinch of sugar and boiled water;
  2. Pour the prepared product over small containers, for example, plastic covers;
  3. Arrange drinking bowls where cockroaches usually drink water, while completely limiting access to other sources of moisture.
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Side effects of

Despite the fact that boric acid is toxic to insects, it is harmless to humans and animals in the absence of permanent or intimate contact. Danger can occur only in the case of contact with mucous membranes and when ingested. This can provoke irritation.

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If the house has children, bait with boric acid for cockroaches should be placed in places inaccessible to children.

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