How to procure a Victoria for the winter

Large-fruited garden strawberries are often called Victoria. This name became common because of the variety that was first brought from America, it was called "Victoria".Often these berries are also called strawberries, but this is an incorrect name, although many use it. In fact, this strawberry is a very different berry.


How to choose a victoria for billets

  • Preparation of berries
  • Methods of harvesting a winter for the winter
    • Jam and jam
    • Smokey with nuts
    • Victoria wiped with sugar
    • Freezing
    • Drying
  • Juicy aromatic berries of Victoria not only replenish the body with vitamins, macro and microelements, but also make the skin of the face beautiful. Masks from the pulp of Victoria smooth out small wrinkles and bleach the skin of the face. Useful substances in berries strengthen immunity, lower blood sugar levels and help with colds.

    Sweet berries of Victoria have a low calorie content( 30 kcal per 100 g.) And perfectly satisfy the need for sweet without adding extra pounds. In the season, the fragrant berry is eaten with sour cream, cottage cheese, sugar and milk. And how to prepare a Victoria for the winter, to enjoy delicious berries in cold seasons?

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    How to choose a victoria for blanks

    There are many ways to prepare a Victoria for the winter. The success of harvesting depends not only on the freshness, integrity of the berries, but also on their size.

    • For jam, choose the ripe dense berries of the same average size, without damage. Jam turns out to be beautiful and does not become sour during storage, because all berries are cooked evenly.
    • For jam and jam, a Victoria of different sizes will suit, berries must be ripe and overripe.
    • To accelerate the drying process, the berries are slightly immature, dense and the same small size. You can cut large berries into pieces.
    • For a freeze, berries are suitable as overripe, they are rubbed with sugar and frozen, and mature dense, which are frozen completely.
    • In compotes, the overripe Victoria decays, therefore only mature dense berries will suit them.

    Preparation of the victoria before harvesting

    The berries of the garden strawberry grow bent close to the bed, so when collecting a large number of berries are stained in the ground. Victoria before harvest cut, remove sepals and thoroughly washed.

    • For billets that are subjected to heat treatment, it will be enough to rinse the berries twice under running warm water.
    • For drying and freezing, the berries are washed twice with hot water to avoid infection with intestinal infections. For freezing and drying, pure berries are completely dried on a towel.
    • For other types of blanks it will be enough to flush the Victoria in a colander.

    Methods of harvesting the winter for the winter

    In addition to the traditional types of billets( jam, compote, ground with sugar) from garden strawberries, jelly, confiture, liqueur and unusual dessert figs are prepared. Summer berries from berries are not only delicious treats, but also the bases for a variety of desserts, cakes, drinks and fragrant pies. Harvested berries can be added to cereals, cottage cheese and yoghurts.

    Jam and jam from Victoria

    To keep berries whole - this is the main task in the preparation of jam. The berries of the Victoria are juicy and tender, so long-term heat treatment will not work.

    Jam five-minute - the most popular recipe for jam from Victoria. The cooking process is very simple. The essence of the method is that the Victoria( 1 kg.) Is covered with sugar( 0.4 kg.) For 5 hours, then boiled for 5 minutes, removing the foam, and rolled into sterilized jars. The berries remain intact, the taste of the jam turns out to be wonderful.

    There is a way that takes a long time, but the jam for this recipe is amber and thick. Victoria with sugar( 3: 2) is kept in the refrigerator for 4 hours, then brought to a boil over low heat, cook for 5 minutes and remove the foam. Cool for 3 hours and repeat the process 3 more times.

    In order not to damage berries, jam from Victoria do not mix with a spoon, but slightly shake. Penka can easily be removed if the pan is shaken so that the foam accumulates in the center. Jam from Victoria will never get liquid unless water is added to it.

    Jam from Victoria is made from whole berries or crushed in a blender. The process of preparation is simple, the berries are filled with sugar and cooked on low heat until the desired density.

    Smokey from Victoria with nuts

    Smokva is a fruit pasta without the addition of chicken proteins, similar to dried marmalade. Smokva refers to the Old Russian cuisine.

    For preparation use ripe and overripe berries( 500 gr.), Which is kept with sugar( 300 gr.) Until the juice is isolated, and then boiled over medium heat. Smokva is ready if the sweet mass is thick and well separated from the dishes.

    To the mass add crushed nuts( 100 gr.), Mix well and spread a thin layer on a baking sheet with baking paper. Ready figs are dried in air or in a slightly opened oven at 60 degrees. An aromatic fig from Victoria is cut and dumped in powdered sugar.

    Smokva will be stored for a long time if it is put in cans, covered with paper, tied and stored as jam.

    Victoria rubbed with sugar

    To preserve the taste and vitamins, Victoria is rubbed with sugar. Due to the sugar content, the dessert becomes high-calorie. The berries are kneaded or crushed in a blender with sugar. Usually 1 kg.victories take 1.2-1.4 kg. Sahara.

    There are two ways to store the wiped victoria:

    • is spread in sterilized jars and sealed;
    • is spread in containers or poured into small plastic bottles and frozen in the freezer.

    This Victoria at any time can be defrosted and served as a dessert or used for baking.

    Frozen Victoria

    The universal way of harvesting the Victoria for the winter. Frozen berries of Victoria almost completely preserve useful substances, taste and aroma.

    If you simply freeze the berries entirely, then when they are thawed, they release a lot of juice and lose their shape. Such berries are cooked with sugar( jam, jam, jelly), grinded with sugar, cooked pie fillings and added to the cream for cakes.

    To maintain the integrity of berries use sugar. Victoria is covered with sugar( 1 kg of berries 300 grams of sugar), kept in the refrigerator for 3 hours and then gently with juice put in bags. Berries during defrosting do not lose shape and they can be used to decorate cakes.

    To preserve berries, syrup( per 1 liter of water 400 grams of sugar) will also help, it is brewed, filled with berries and frozen.

    Dried Victoria

    Victoria dried completely, slices and slices. Dried berries Victoria - a powerful antidepressant, they contain a large amount of pectin, which helps to remove from the body slag. Berries after drying retain a bright color and acquire a magnificent sweet and sour taste. With dried Victoria prepare biscuits, muffins, pies, pies, compotes and muesli, it is added to tea.

    In the electric dryer there are slices 5 mm thick.they dry for about 9 hours, in the oven, the drying takes place in two stages: the slices are spread on a baking sheet with baking paper, sent to the oven for 1.5 hours at 60 degrees, then the slices are turned over, spread on clean paper, cool and then dried 8-9 hours.

    The fastest way to dry the Victoria is in the microwave. Slices or whole berries spread on a plate lined with paper napkins, on top cover with a layer of napkins and sent to the oven for 3 minutes at a power of 600 watts. Then remove the top layer of napkins and dry another 3 minutes. The berries are mixed and, if they do not dry up completely, they dry up again, but they control the process every 30 seconds.

    Dried berries of Victoria are stored for up to two years in glass and ceramic closed jars.

    From Victoria cook yet aromatic useful compotes, thick jelly with gelatin, jam without sugar and confiture. .. There are a lot of recipes. Choose any methods of workpieces and enjoy a useful and fragrant berry at any time of the year!

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