Nutrition for heartburn

It is very unpleasant when symptoms of heartburn disturb at the most inappropriate time, and even more so if they occur often enough. The culprit in this state will be only the error in nutrition. To avoid this, you should avoid eating foods that can cause an increase in the acidity of the gastric juice.

Depending on the personal characteristics of any organism and the selection of products will differ. Some people quietly consume foods considered to be the most active provocators of heartburn, while not suffering at all from such an unpleasant phenomenon.

Foods that are allowed by heartburn sufferers

Some products almost never cause heartburn. They can be consumed without fear, and they should form the basis of dietary nutrition for those suffering from this ailment.

  • From fruits and vegetables - bananas, apples, legumes, cabbage, potatoes, carrots. From dairy products - sour cream with minimum fat content, goat cheese, processed cheese and feta.
  • Lenten beef, fish, chicken breast, eggs, oatmeal, rice, white bread, apple juice and mineral water are well tolerated by the body.

Foods that should be avoided

People prone to heartburn are advised to remove from the diet:

  • sour fruit;
  • raw onion;
  • fried meat dishes;
  • cottage cheese and fatty sour cream;
  • ice cream and cocktails;
  • wine;
  • coffee;
  • sour juices, especially citrus;
  • eliminate fatty and fried foods.

Confectionery products and pastries, especially fried pies, chips, carbonated drinks - these products need to be excluded not only with heartburn, but also restrict consumption if you want to eat properly and do not have health problems.

Nutrition rules for heartburn prevention

Change your habits, eat not snacks and not once a day, but eat small portions slowly and slowly, five to six times a day. After eating, in no case can not immediately engage in physical exertion, do not lie down and lie down. The best thing you can do after dinner is a 10-15-minute leisurely walk in the fresh air.

Heartburn can overtake anyone: both small and elderly. Chocolate, orange, something fatty or salty can cause unpleasant symptoms, especially if these foods are eaten not during the main meal, but between them, and can lead to a significant increase in body weight and even obesity.

When the products and their combinations are individually selected, the problem of acidity and heartburn is solved. You need to eat protein with a small amount of carbohydrates - not fatty meat, fish, beans, bread, rice, pasta. From the products containing sugar, it is necessary to refuse. Exceptions can only be fruits with a natural sugar content.

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