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Eyes are a mirror of the soul. Women use the eyes as a weapon for hunting men who are powerless against female beauty.

What could be better than large expressive eyes that have a captivating look? But not all nature has endowed with perfect beauty. Therefore, women use make-up to increase their eyes in order to get as close to the ideal as possible.

Ways to increase the eyes

If you have too small eyes from nature, then you can increase them in only two ways:

  1. Surgical( plastic surgery);
  2. Visually, with the help of cosmetic techniques.
  • How to make the eyes more without make-up, know only plastic surgeons .Is it worth lying under a knife for the sake of an unknown result? This method is often resorted to by great actors, famous singers to create a stage image. But for ordinary women this is too radical a way of attracting men's looks.
  • For the visual increase of eyes, women are mastering special techniques for applying make-up .With the help of playing colors and their shades, you can achieve many effects that hide the natural flaws of the face. With their help, the eyes become wider and more expressive. But if you focus on the eyes, then reduce the intensity of lipstick color, so as not to turn into a painted doll instead of a beautiful girl.
  • Perhaps to increase the eyes without make-up, without resorting to the help of plastic surgery, there is another way - by forming the eyebrow .But this method is often used in conjunction with makeup.

To make the eyes bigger, you need to form the arcs of the eyebrows, plucking the hairs from below, and not from above. There is a rule: the more distance between the eye and the eyebrows, the better.

How to make eyebrows - video:

You need to consider the face shape:

  1. Round face - eyebrows with a smooth break.
  2. Stretched - horizontal.
  3. Oval - arcuate;
  4. Square - with a sharp break.
  5. Heart - arcuate.
  6. Triangular - with an average fracture.
Note the thickness of the eyebrows: "strings" often make the eyes even smaller, but thick arcs do not cope with the task.

A special brush for combing, as well as eyebrow pencils, will help emphasize the shape of the arc. To care for eyebrows it is necessary on a regular basis, removing in time growing hairs.

Top Myths Visual Eye Increase

Makeup for eye enlargement is like doing all the girls, but not everyone knows the principle of its application. As a result, the makeup does not paint the face, but spoils it.

Below is a list of the most popular mistakes that are allowed by women with little experience of applying makeup. Remember them and try not to repeat such mistakes.

To increase the eyes, you need to draw a pencil outline of the inner eyelid

If you draw a pencil inner eyelid, the eyes will become even smaller and narrower. For small eyes, this make-up is a disaster.

But there is one exception: this method is ideal for increasing brown eyes.

The fact that the brown color successfully contrasts with the black eyeliner on a white background of the eyeball. However, for fair-skinned female representatives this trick is very dangerous.

Eyes can be enlarged with false eyelashes

False eyelashes can not enlarge the eyes. They increase eyelashes. But in order to take advantage of false eyelashes, you need not only the appropriate make-up, but also an occasion.

Their daily use is tasteless and ugly, unnatural, if it is not about natural analogues. They cost several times more expensive, and hardly anyone can distinguish them from natural eyelashes.

Enlarge your eyes only with rich makeup

  • With a heavy makeup to solve the task clearly more easily, especially if you use the technology of applying classical smoky make-up.
  • But you can not use this technique every day. Daily make-up should be easy and at ease. You can make big eyes even without a ton of paints and mascara.

The thinner the eyebrows - the more eyes

  • Eyebrows - like a frame for a picture. If the picture is framed ugly, then she herself does not make an impression. To make the eyes seem bigger, you need to choose the right shape of the eyebrows.
  • The thickness does not play a big role. However, critically thick or critically narrow eyebrows can spoil even the most beautiful picture.

As bright eyes are enlarged, they need to be applied to the entire upper eyelid.

. Indeed, makeup artists use pearly light shadows to increase their eyes. But this does not mean that they need to be applied to the entire surface under the eyebrow and eyelid: this will create the effect of tired and painful eyes.

To achieve the effect, it will be enough to put light shadows on the inner corner, as well as on the center of the rolling eye. Often lighten the surface under the eyebrow.

How to increase with the help of eye makeup? Tips and Examples

In order to increase your eyes with make-up, you need to get some cosmetics. In the arsenal should be:

  1. Ink-proof or contour pencil.
  2. Shadows.
  3. Mascara for eyelashes.

You will also need a set of brushes for applying shadows and shading them. Not too much will be a brush for combing and styling eyebrows. So, how to increase with the help of eye makeup using this makeup kit?

Underline the contour of the eyes

Enlarge your eyes with a soft contour pencil.

  • They should follow the contour along the line of growth of both lower and upper lashes.
  • Please note: you do not need this from the inside, but from the outside.
  • The contour line must be continuous or made in the form of strokes.
If the contour line seems too harsh to you, then blend it to a barely noticeable haze: this technique very effectively increases the eyes.
  • Pulling your eyes, pay attention to the line along the mobile age. It should not be too dark and thick, wide, so as not to narrow your eyes. You can reduce your eyes with a fat contour under the lower eyelashes. Expressiveness is necessary, but it is necessary to reach it with rather thin and discreet lines.
When you outline the contour of the mobile age, note that the line from the middle of this century to the end of the outer edge should be as thin as possible. This is especially true if eye enlargement is unthinkable without the formation of arrows. But the pencil should not be too dark or too light. Choose the average color saturation.
  • Makeup can increase the size of eyeballs. To do this, use a white pencil to draw the inner contour of the lower eyelid. But a special effect can be obtained by using solid, gray or silver pencils.

How to use the shadows?

Eye make-up is unthinkable without shadows. But it is important to follow the technique of applying them step by step. Otherwise, you can achieve an optical reduction, rather than opening your eyes.

Remember two principles:

  • Dark shadows visually reduce.
  • Light shadows visually increase, however make the eyes discreet and expressionless.
It is impossible to make make-up completely light, not to make the look unattractive. But also to use dark shadows is dangerous: there is a risk to narrow eyes even more.

There is only one way out: finding a compromise between light and dark shadows. Usually the outer corners of the eyes are made dark, and the inner corners are light.

Eye makeup for magnification is performed step by step:

1. First, the shadows that are the foundation are applied.

In the palette of shadows the lightest is the shadow-base. It should be in harmony with the natural color of the skin. If the skin has a cold shade, then the base should have a pastel cold tone, for warm skin choose warm shades. For visual lifting of the upper eyelid, the base is applied to the entire mobile eyelid and the skin under the eyebrows.

2. Then apply a shadow that emphasizes the outline.

Enlarge the size of the eyes with make-up allows a contoured shadow that opens the eye. It is applied to the fold and then shaded. As a shadow-contour, select shades with medium intensity. For a visual increase, it is not even necessary to apply a base, just to hide the creases.

3. The process is completed by applying shadows-accents.

The most vivid color has a shadow-accent, which is necessary for modeling the mobile age. The color should match the color of the iris, but you can choose a color that contrasts with it. It is important to take into account the color of the outfit: the shadows must be in harmony with it. Feeling accentuating shadows from the outer corner to the end of the eyebrow arc. This will help visually lift the eye contour.

Makeup for eye enlargement - video:

The last touch of ink

How to make the eyes more with makeup at the final stage?

  • This requires a thick black or dark brown mascara that does not have lumps and has a uniform consistency.
  • Do not experiment with color ink: it visually narrows the eyes.
Before painting the eyelashes, it is desirable to curl them, but this can be done during painting with a brush from the carcass. To do this, draw a brush from the root of the eyelashes to the ends, bending and simultaneously pressing them to the upper eyelid. This will help to achieve the effect of wide-open eyes. Lower eyelashes, too, need to paint well.

This completes the makeup for eye enlargement. To make it perfect from the first time hardly anyone succeeded. Therefore, before a grand event, you need to leave time to practice.

How to visually increase the eyes - video from a professional make-up artist:

The first time is better to visit the beauty salon, it is there you will be shown on an example how you can transform your appearance with the help of cosmetics.

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