Gel-varnish: the choice of the best, application rules

  • What is good gel-varnish?
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  • What is biogel and thermolac?
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Neil industry offers girls to try out a lot of exciting new products. One of them is gel-nail polish. In principle, a hybrid product of conventional varnish and gel coating is difficult to call a novelty. This "chip" has long been used by thousands of women and are satisfied. But still there are some subtleties that are worth knowing.

What is good gel-lacquer?

If you follow the technology of application, a beautiful manicure will please as much as 18-20 days. At the same time, it looks spectacular, almost does not break and does not need correction. And the nails look like you just made them up. Fashion lovers love this nail cover for its features:

  • Easy application process on the nail plate, as for conventional varnish. The tool gives the opportunity to create a nail design in the classical, French style, drawings and stamping.
  • Fast curing in UV or LED lamps.
  • Persistence of color for 21 days before correction.
  • Natural shine that does not burn in the sun.
  • Hypoallergenic material. It does not contain formaldehyde, acetone and toluene.
  • No chips or peelings.
  • There is no specific odor characteristic of cheap varnishes.
  • Versatility of use. With the help of a gel coating, you can perform both manicure and pedicure.
  • Variety of color: there are rich glossy shades, spectacular "cat's" eye, gel-varnishes with sparkles. According to various estimates, the remedy has more than 200 shades.
  • Easy removal. The material does not need to be cut. It is dissolved by a special compound and removed from the nail plate with an orange stick.

Gel-varnish, or shellac, as experts call it, is applied to short or long nails and looks simply charming. But there is another opinion: the product harms the nail plate.

The main myths about gel varnish

Many women do not know if gel-lacquer is actually harmful. On this occasion, there are several myths, and they are all quite understandable. So, what are they talking about?

  1. The gel-varnish composition can spoil the nail plate. Fact: yes, it becomes thin and fragile. But with proper application and observance of the technology of treatment of nail injury can be avoided. Do not opilivat plate with a hard file( ideally - 180-250 grit).
  2. The nail plate after wearing the gel varnish can turn yellow and begin to flake. Myth: first of all, it depends on the master's experience, novice nail designers often can not calculate the drying time of the nails in the lamp. Act: the plate really turns yellow, but because of substandardmeans, which are removed not by special compositions, but by the method of cutting.
  3. The product harms the health of nails. The fact: gel-lacquer should be used only on healthy nails, otherwise it will only exacerbate their poor condition. In the presence of diseases and damages of the plates it is better to consult a doctor who will prescribe the treatment.
  4. After removing the nails become brittle and fragile. Fact: it does not harm the gel-lacquer itself, but mistakes when removing the coating. In no case can not use iron tools. You can remove the drug only with an orange stick. Although experts do not agree. Converge masters and dermatologists only in one: the procedure is safe if it is done by an experienced nail designer.
  5. It is necessary to take care of the nails, otherwise the coating can be chipped together with the nail plate. Myth: the top layer applied over the colored pigment makes them resistant to abrasive agents, moisture, and retains the shine for about two weeks. The fact: using household chemicals, it is better to wear gloves, so you protect not only the marigold, but also take care of the skin of the hands.

In any case, the gel coating is a synthetic product and can not be completely harmless. To prevent delamination, yellowing and fragility of marigolds is simple.

Plates should periodically rest from the coating, it is necessary to observe the subtleties of removal and application and use only high-quality tools.

Top-7 quality products

Rating gels varnishes, developed by masters of manicure, will allow the girls to choose the right composition. The list includes products of Russian and foreign production. Each brand has both advantages and disadvantages. Choose:

  1. Shellac. Produced by the American company Creative Nail Design. Shellac is hypoallergenic, has a fairly thick composition, is easily applied and dries quickly. Pigmentation is good, but the color palette is scarce. The remedy lasts about 3 weeks, and the bottle is enough for 20 covers.
  2. IBD.The brand from America was founded relatively recently - in 2011.The young company achieved success thanks to the protection of the vial from ultraviolet, the possibility of polymerization of the composition in the UV and LED lamps. The widest color palette includes neon, nude and bright shades. The product is kept on the marigolds for 14-18 days.
  3. Kodi. A remedy for the American brand Kodi Professional was loved for its rubber base, durability and color palette. Girls will appreciate the ease of application and removal, the absence of harmful components, good coupling with the nail plate and an acceptable cost. The composition has one drawback: if it is incorrectly applied, it breaks.
  4. Entity One Color Couture. The company produces everything for professional manicure - lamps, nail files, oils, materials for building up and, of course, gel-varnishes. The richest color palette( nude, transparent, dense, neon, holographic tone) allows you to please yourself with a spectacular manicure. The varnish is resistant, it can be removed only with a special liquid, filing should be avoided.
  5. Jessica Geleration. The bottle is large enough( 15 ml), the product is applied quickly and gives a beautiful manicure for 3 weeks. In this case, the composition strengthens the nail plate, filling the microcracks. The disadvantage of Jessica Geleration is: an uncomfortable brush of the top product and a quick gel thickening of the lacquer.
  6. IRISK.A remedy for the Russian company Iris-Kay. The line includes 5 types of gel varnishes, more than 200 colors. Polymerizes in UV and LED lamps, it can strengthen marigolds. Holds for about 3 weeks, it is removed without cutting, but it can chip.
  7. Aurelia. Another Russian product with an interesting texture of gels for nail polishes. Gold-plated, shiny, shimmering means are ideal for a glamorous manicure. But there are no standard shades in the line. It is recommended to use not shellacs, but products for the care of the nail plate.

In the modern nail industry, there are other solutions for beautiful manicure and healthy marigolds.

What is biogel and thermolac?

The beauty industry does not stand still, offering girls more and more new products. True, some are just a well-forgotten old. Supporters of groomed pens and original nail art have already managed to evaluate:

  • Biogel. Initially, the product was used as a material for building. But today with its help strengthen, revitalize natural plates and stimulate their growth. The process involves applying a non-acidic primer or base for gel varnish to a degreased and ground nail surface. The product is applied by means of a brush, and then the homogeneous mass is distributed along the nail.
  • Thermo-gel. It was created not for strengthening, but for decorative purposes. The peculiarity of the tool is in the cardinal change of the shade as the temperature changes. The composition is glossy, and the luxurious palette allows you to use it for painting nails. It lasts a little longer than usual gel varnish and has a similar application technology.
At home, you can work with all kinds of products. The main thing is to have the right tools and stick to the application technology.

How to use gel varnish?

Settled to do a designer manicure at home? Excellent! But do you have everything you need to cover gel-varnish? The following list of materials and tools will help you choose the necessary accessories:

  • UV lamp. The device is based on ultraviolet rays. For a bright and neat manicure choose a device with a power of at least 36 watts.
  • Degreasing agent. It is necessary for the hitching of the cover and the nail.
  • Bond. Dries out the nail plate.
  • Primer. Helps the adhesion of the coating and the nail.
  • Clear gel varnish. It plays the role of the basis.
  • Colored tool. Color depends only on your taste. Dark shades visually narrow the nail, and light - expand.
  • Finish or top coat. It is glossy or matte.
  • Saw blade with a hardness of 180 to 250 grit, a buff for polishing the surface.
  • Orange wand, napkins without lint.
  • Decorative materials - glitter, bouillon, foil for casting.

Coating with gel-varnish. All stages and technique of application - video tutorial

For sure you will be wondering how to cover your nails. There is a standard step-by-step instruction that should be strictly adhered to:

  1. Make a nail tray or soften the cuticles with a special tool.
  2. Remove the cuticles or move them away with an orange stick.
  3. Adjust the shape of the nail plates with a nail file.
  4. Surface the plates, taking off the gloss. You can use a buff. Remove all delaminations, otherwise shellac will be broken off. Dust remove with a normal makeup brush.
  5. Degrease the surface of the nails, apply the bond on them, and then the primer. This will prolong the persistence of permanent manicure.
  6. Start applying gel-varnish. The coating technology is simple: apply a substrate, dry it in a lamp for 30-60 seconds.
  7. Color the surface of the nail color agent, not allowing it to hit the skin. Use lifhak masters: circle the contour of the plate with a fine brush, and then apply gel-lacquer.
    Control the density, so you prevent the formation of bumps and chipping. It is better to apply the product 2-3 times, but in thin layers. Each is dried in a UV lamp for 2 minutes. Be sure to seal the ends.
  8. Apply top. Polymerize it for 2-3 minutes in a lamp, remove the dispersion layer with alcohol wipes. To keep the manicure glossy, use one napkin for 2-3 nails.

After finishing the work, you need to moisten the cuticles with natural oil. So dry skin after cleaning the nail file.

Fashion trends in manicure

Simple monophonic coating is uninteresting, even if you have mastered how to apply it correctly. Today, in the trend, unusual textures, drawings, smooth transitions and a traditional French jacket. The most popular designs will help you get an unusual, original image:

  • Ombre, or gradient. Feature - in a smooth transition close in color shades. Sometimes nail art is supplemented with sequins.
  • Moon manicure. Full scope for experiments. Holes are painted with contrasting colors or combined with a classic jacket.
  • Single-color options. Fashionable dairy, blue, pink, peach, blue tones are perfect for everyday manicure.
  • Drawings on the nails. Are actual stripes, geometric lines, floristic patterns.
  • Non-standard textures. Stop on shellac with mirror reflections of metal, marble, cracks, caviar and velvet design.

Focus on the quality of products, beware of counterfeits and carefully observe the technology of coating with gel varnish. Only then you will get a stylish and neat manicure, which will complement the image. Related Videos:

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