The most popular female short haircuts

Short hair is ideal for those who prefer experiments with the image. In any situation, short haircuts look feminine and stylish, thanks to them you can emphasize the thin neck, cheekbones and elegant neck line, correctly correct certain shortcomings of appearance and highlight virtues.

  • Garzon
  • Bob-kare
  • Pixie
  • Page( cap)
  • Cascade
  • With shaven temples


This is the most common female haircut for short hair. It appeared a very long time, but is still in demand. Garson perfectly emphasizes femininity and youth due to what she is popular with both young women and women for 40.

In the classic version, this haircut is similar to the male. Its main advantage is easy laying.

Such a boyish haircut will beautify the face of an oval, rectangular and pear shaped.

Cutting options:

  • classic,

  • ultrashort,
  • extended,
  • with long bangs.

For laying the haircut "Garzon" it is enough to dry hair with a hair dryer and put it in hands.

If desired, you can apply mousse or gel on slightly damp hair and ruffle them with your fingers. The more natural the creative mess, the better the styling will look.

Very stylish looks perfectly smooth ganson.

You can also comb your hair back or raise it up like a mohawk.

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The carving of the square always looks very impressive both on flat and curly hair. In this case, the length of the ringlets can be any - from the middle of the ear and up to the line of the clavicles. Kare fits all types of face and any type of hair. Even the thin, curly locks in this haircut will appear bulky and dense.

The car has several options:

  • classic,
  • on the leg,
  • extended,
  • asymmetric,
  • graduated.

Any variant of the square can be completed with a bang, stacking it in different ways depending on the situation.

If the hair is smooth by nature, then on the basis of cutting the square you can make a very simple business laying: damp hair is divided by a side cut and smoothed with mousse or gel. Using a hair dryer and a flat comb, hair should be directed down.

With the help of a hair dryer, brashing and foam, you can make the most natural volumetric styling. During drying, the hair should be lifted at the roots, and the tips should be pulled down. You can also style your hair by combing it back from face to neck.

Stylish looks disorderly styling with the effect of wet hair. On wet curls, a large amount of mousse should be applied and the hair should be laid with clamping movements.

If the length of the hair allows, then the ends of the curls on the back of the head can be turned upwards or curled into curls.

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A short haircut "Pixie" or "Elf" is characterized by short hair on the temples and the back of the head with a slightly elongated crown. This haircut looks wonderful on straight and slightly curly hair. It fits the owner of an oval and rectangular face with pronounced features.

Cutting options:

  • ultrashort,
  • extended,
  • with long bangs.
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For haircuts pixi is best to choose bright hair colors or a combination of shades - dark roots, light ends.

You can lay the pixies in different ways: to make an oblique or straight parting, a haircut or a mohawk.

Recently, smoothly combed back hair is popular. To create a hairstyle, it is enough to use a gel or foam. At the same time, the occipital part can be combed, and the tips can be screwed out with a hairdryer outside.

Learn how to make a beautiful hairstyle on the side

Very often, women of the age of 50 choose a pixie, as this haircut helps to look younger and brighter.

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Page( cap)

To perform this haircut, you need to have thick, even and obedient hair, then the styling will look perfect. The cap fits the owner of the right oval and pear-shaped face.

She is happy with the simple styling, it's enough to use a hairdryer with a round comb or ironing. At such a haircut, any melioration and coloring looks great. To ensure that the strands do not grow back and the haircut does not lose shape, visit a hairdresser regularly.

Cutting options:

  • classic,
  • asymmetric,
  • graded,
  • on the stem.
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Such a haircut is perfect for owners of naughty and slightly curly hair. Very thin, short hair, this haircut is capable of giving the desired volume even without the use of stowage.

Owners of a round face shape should choose a cascade without a bang with elongated strands in the face.

Cutting options:

  • graded,
  • ragged,
  • double.

For everyday cascading haircuts, a hairdryer and a hairbrush are needed. Hair should be lifted at the roots, and if desired, twist the tips inside or out.

Various accessories will help you to differentiate the evening image: ribbons, rims, hair clips.

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With shaved temples

Asymmetric haircuts with shaved temples on short hair always look very stylish and youthful. Such haircuts are now very popular because of their creativity and versatility.

They can be made on hair of any length, while they are performed so that the shaven temple can be flaunted and at any time hidden under the hair.

Shaved whiskey can be combined with both smooth and wavy ringlets. Such asymmetry is quite simple in care - if you want, you can even trim whiskey yourself.

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