Table setting for family holidays

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We all like to celebrate warm family holidays. On such days it would be desirable to create a special atmosphere in the house, to surround the relatives and, especially, the initiators of the celebration with tenderness and attention. It will be helped in this, among other things, and properly covered with a festive table.

The christening of

Your family has a little man, and his first appearance is baptism. Inviting guests to this event, you can not use decorations or photographs of a child in invitation cards. It is better to let your invitations be more modest, most importantly, specify the place of the baptism and the time of this ceremony. Let your guests confirm their presence at the dinner after the baptism in the cathedral.

Table decoration

If you have a girl born, cover the table with a tablecloth with pink ornaments. Napkins can be embroidered with Richelieu. For the boy's baptism of color, blue will be used.

Cutlery made of silver, porcelain dishes decorate the festive table. In the center of the table, put a bowl with a small bouquet.

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The table is served with a set of expensive delicate porcelain with a delicate pattern and gold finish. A clean white tablecloth will emphasize the solemnity of the situation. On napkins about each guest will be lying napkins with a graceful decoration. If you are scheduled for a large number of guests, the napkins will be appropriate invitation cards with the name of the guest. They should be of the same style as your serving.

The center of the table is decorated with a beautiful bright bouquet on a low stand so that guests can freely see the dishes and take them.

Aperitif, strong drinks and wine

Before dinner, offer the guests an aperitif. Better sherry, vermouth, a cocktail or a light sparkling wine. To it you can serve salty biscuits or tartinki.

Dry white and pink wine, serve to appetizers, soups, to rice with fish. White sweet wine, sparkling wine and champagne are recommended for dessert or other sweet dishes.

These wines must be served chilled, but not below the temperature of 6-8 degrees, otherwise their aroma will not survive.

Red light wine is ideal for pilaf, meat and vegetable sauces. But the red strong wine will be combined with dishes from meat - stew, fried, and also for game. This wine is served at a temperature of about 16 degrees. It is better to open such a bottle an hour before serving.

After dinner, offer guests coffee, but beforehand find out who coffee with cognac, who is without caffeine. Sugar for coffee can not be served in pieces.

Coffee is served strong drinks - port wine, brandy, whiskey. Brandy before serving, to improve the taste, you can slightly warm. Glasses fit a semicircular shape.

Sweet strong drinks are served in very small quantities, poured into glasses. They can add ice.

As a final touch, decorate the coffee table with candlesticks with fragrant candles. Candles will give a romantic mood and help to develop a sincere conversation. Communication with friends will be enjoyable and enjoyable.

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