Blue coat: with what to wear, with what color to combine

  • Rules of a blue coat
  • Extravaganza colors
  • Style of a coat
  • Shoes, a bag, accessories
  • Tips of stylists

A blue coat is a wonderful solution for those who prefer a classical and universal style. Such a thing is suitable for everyday life, and for special occasions. The shades of blue can vary from azure to dark, which allows you to choose an option for any woman. So, the dark blue coat fits perfectly with dark-haired women, and the owners of light hair will look gorgeous in juicy colors of this color. In this review we collected the actual recommendations of stylists about what to wear with a blue coat and what color to choose accessories.

Blue coat rules

When planning such a purchase, the first thing to do is determine the shape of the product. Style directly depends on what will later be combined with outerwear. The actual question of what to wear it with, does not have an unambiguous answer, but there are some nuances that should be taken into account.

The ratio of the length of the outer clothing and skirts:

  • Do you like mini -skirts and dresses up to the middle of the thigh? Then the length of outer clothing does not matter.
  • Those who prefer maxi dresses should know that the outer clothing should be either shorter than the hem of the dress by 5-7 cm, or very short. Medium is not given.
  • Do you prefer skirts and dresses made in free style? Tip: combine outerwear with shoes on a flat sole, while the length of outerwear is no longer relevant.
  • Office style involves a coat just below the length of the skirt. Of shoes will look good ankle boots.

Universal rules:

  1. A knee-length coat( just above or below) allows the hem of the dress or skirt to be visible no more than 10 cm.
  2. The coat goes well with shoes that have a heel. In some cases, flat-soled models are used, but then one should wear tights in the shoe tone.
  3. Narrow jeans and tight pants are combined with any style of coat, but if you wear wide trousers, then outerwear should be made in the style of a cloak or overcoat.
  4. The hem of the coat should be 13-15 cm above the edge of the shoe or slightly cover the boots( with the forehead).

The cut must be selected based on the proportions of the figure. Tweed products are combined with clothes made of a smooth material.

The extravaganza of the color

Once you have decided on the shape, and the rules are taken into account, you should choose a coat shade: ultramarine, juicy blue, azure, blue, etc. Among the color palette of blue there is exactly the one that suits you. To choose a tone is simple: apply the selected tissue to the face, if the shade refreshes the face - you made the right choice.

The main thing that interests every woman before buying a blue coat is what color solution is more advantageous for combination with other clothes and accessories.

recommendations for color combination:

  • The blue color is not inferior in versatility to black and gray. It is equally combined with white, shades of red, with the same black color, as well as with lilac, yellow and beige.
  • The most advantageous color for accessories, of course, is black or red. For example, long gloves and shoes perfectly complement the image.
  • Elegant hats of lilac and soft blue color are perfectly combined with a coat.
  • Terracotta color in shoes and accessories can be safely combined with the outer clothing of blue.
  • White and black match blue in any performance.

Create a vivid, interesting and stylish image, using a blue coat, is easy enough.

Priority when choosing clothes is one rule: do not overdo the number of colors.

Style of coat

The choice of style depends on the preferences in the images.

  • Business style. Classic cut to the knee is harmoniously combined with a dress-case, a pencil skirt and classic trousers. In the spring of 2017 in a fashion coat with a sleeve three quarters or more above the elbow, which are perfectly complemented by gloves. Also, the spring trend is a model without a collar. Such classics can be diluted with a volume snore or scarf.
  • Everyday life. Upper clothing to the middle of the hip or in the form of a jacket with a collar-stand is successfully combined with jeans and narrowed trousers. This style is called "casual" and assumes an easy, but thoughtful negligence in the image.
  • City style. Meet a girl in a megacity, dressed in similar outerwear, is quite simple. But this does not mean that you will look identical. Will help to stand out fantasy and non-standard solutions. So, the blue coat with a hood is successfully combined with the color of lime, ethnic prints, stepped stoles and other things that this style allows.
  • Marine themes. A blue coat evokes thoughts of the sea. So boldly decide on the classic strip. For example, in the fall, a blue coat that is unbuttoned and showing a striped blouse will not only prolong pleasant memories of summer, but also create an easy image.
  • Romance. In this style, girls have a lot of space for fantasy. The coat can be either a straight cut, or sewn with wedges.
    Combination with a skirt in a floral print or a pastel tone dress is an excellent solution for creating a gentle image.

Shoes, bag, accessories

A fashionable coat of blue in combination with an interesting and original addition will create a fresh image. To do this, you need to call for helpers shoes and bags, scarves and hats, belts and gloves. Choosing the tone of blue, it should be understood that the reserved shades can be enriched with red and emerald accessories, and the juicy blue color of the coat will be successfully combined with black or white.

Consider the most successful combination:

  1. Blue coat, shoes and bag in brown tones. The gradation of brown can vary from beige to rich red color. Actual as a headdress French beret red color or hat. In the cold season, you can supplement the image with a scarf of a gentle tone. In a warm time for a change, shoes with bright color on the hairpin and tippet in tone will be nice.
  2. The classic cut of outerwear will perfectly complement the clutch. A brooch in retro style with a large stone under the color of a coat is suitable as an ornament. Such an interesting image is excellent for social events, meetings in a restaurant and various celebrations.
  3. A blue flared coat, in combination with a shawl or a neck scarf, looks fresh and stylish in the spring. The color range is chosen by contrasting shades, since blue together with blue will look like "butter oil".
  4. To a coat in the style of 80-90-ies( overuse, ie, "very large"), select the following combinations: narrow jeans and a voluminous bag or wide trousers with a small clutch. In this case it is worth playing on an imbalance of proportions. With what scarf to wear such a blue coat? Scarf or snore should also play along with the main image: a narrow bottom and a volume top, and vice versa.
  5. Separately touch the shoes. To the blue coat is suitable one that is convenient for you, corresponds to weather conditions and the chosen image.
But do not forget that the optimal solution is shoes, chosen in the tone of a coat or echoing with other details.

Headgear, especially in cold, wet weather, is necessary. To the top clothes of blue color it is necessary to choose it depending on its style:

  • Classic cut is combined with knitted berets, a cap in style of 80's or a cap-toe.
  • With wide shoulders, the best option is a three-dimensional pastel or white hat.
  • Women with lush shapes are encouraged to focus on hats.

Speaking of an accessory such as a belt, it should be emphasized that it is suitable for fitted or flared models of a coat. The color of the belt is better to choose for shoes.

Tips for stylists

Leading stylists of fashion houses in Europe shared small tricks about the shades of the blue coat in combination with accessories:

  • Juicy blue with the black details, although a classic combination, but the stylists suggest this spring to leave him and dilute the image with a white scarf and bag.
  • Noble blue allows you to use brown shades in jeans, dresses and skirts. Headgear, gloves, snoods - rich purple. For romantic natures, the perfect combination is a gentle pink shade of accessories.
  • The blue-lilac coat in combination with a dress decorated with a geometric pattern is an excellent solution. Also with this color, yellow or orange blends harmoniously.
  • The blue coat looks good with a scarf or a kerchief of contrasting color. The dress in this case is better to choose a pastel tone, and the shoes are gently blue. For the manifestation of creativity, this combination is suitable: a blue coat with a red or yellow accessory.

Unfortunate designs, according to the stylists, are:

  1. A blue coat of medium length with a narrow skirt.
  2. Combining red tones with blue color, because it's quite an extravagant solution. Refuse the juicy red color in favor of a reserved shade.
  3. The choice to the blue coat of the purple supplement. In this case, accessories of a darker color should be preferred.

If the choice fell on bright contrasting colors, then remember that in such an ensemble there must be a third color. For example, blue outerwear, yellow narrow trousers and black shoes and a bag. Thanks to the participation of the third color, the bright blue-yellow image will look a bit softer.

Want to look elegant and refined? Put on a dress that is lighter than a blue coat. And accessories, selected in a neutral palette, will not take attention and at the same time emphasize the tenderness of the image.

Summing up, it should be noted that by choosing such outerwear, you automatically make the base color blue. Due to its universality, it is quite worthy of such a position. Blue can both act as a self-sufficient background for your beauty, so be an accent in the kit. Despite the role that you will take him, the blue coat is a beautiful decoration!

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