List of the best Russian melodramas

Films about loyalty and betrayal, love and hate are full of inexpressible emotions. They make you cry and laugh, have fun and be sad, rejoice and upset. List of the best Russian melodramas, offered below, will help you brighten up quiet family evenings. These films will not leave anyone indifferent.

The truth in wine

The heroine of the melodrama "Truth in wine" - Victoria - works as a top manager and puts a lot of effort to succeed. The girl does not understand that not everything in life can be bought for money. Due to the failure of her failure, Victoria has to return to the family estate. Here she is waited by tremendous love, an interesting matter and a real struggle for her land.

Outdoor surveillance

"Outdoor surveillance" is a film about the Russian secret service. In the center of events, the legendary "Seven" of the GOUMMD are real professionals of the operative-search service. They are confronted by cunning and quirky criminals who have connections in the government. Some of them occupy high places themselves. But the "Seven" will not let the enemy escape.

Instead of it

In the melodrama "Instead of it" is described the story of the friendship of two girls - Ira and Nastya. They have been friends since childhood. When Nastia was left an orphan, Ira's parents took the girl to her house. It all started well. But soon Ira became jealous of her parents to a friend, and then her young man. Now Nastya also got the best place after the institute. What will Ira do?

The man in my head

The film "Man in my head" is a fantastic story. She is a single woman who gets to the hospital after an unsuccessful skating. When Alena regains consciousness, she realizes that an outsider has settled in her head. Between them there are constant conversations. When a man disappears, the life of a heroine changes.


Melodrama "Red" tells about the girl Tase. The heroine attends a music school to someday become a famous pianist. The decisive evening for Tasi is approaching, when the concert concert will take place. However, the day of triumph became fatal for the heroine. Meeting Tash with drunken visiting musicians turns into a tragedy. She loses sight.

Part for the champion

The heroine of the film "The Party for the Champion" is a successful woman who directs all efforts to work. However, Elena will soon turn 40 years old, and she has neither husband nor children. The heroine is satisfied with fleeting novels that do not commit to anything. Everything changes after visiting a gynecologist. If Elena does not give birth in the near future, then she will never become a mother.

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Rowan waltz

Melodrama "Rowan waltz" tells about post-war events, where there was also a place for deed. After the liberation of the Volgograd region, young girls had to clear roads and fields. Hastily the trained heroines had to risk their lives every day. But this did not stop them from rejoicing, loving and suffering.

Both in sorrow and in joy

In the film "And in sorrow and in joy" the story of two families closely intertwined is described. The main character, Ivan, met with his brother, learns that their wives will give birth at one time. However, the tragedy drastically changes the lives of both families. After the accident, Marina's son, Yegor and Vera, perishes. Ivan gives his son to the unsuspecting Marina and leaves her at home.

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My mother is a Snow Maiden!

In the melodrama "My Mother - Snow Maiden!" Every hero is looking for his own happiness. Elena wants to get married and start a family. Little boy Stepan lacks warmth and care. Oleg is in love with Elena, but she gave preference to Andrew, which delays the acquaintance of parents with the chosen one. The destinies of all the characters are intertwined, and everyone finds what he was looking for.

Contrary to all

The hero of the melodrama "Contrary to everything" - Boris Ivanovich is a famous businessman. Once his cancer-infected wife confesses that she once secretly gave birth to a girl from her husband. After his wife died, Boris Ivanovich begins to search for his daughter. At this time the orphan Natasha comes to Moscow to enter the theater school. What happens when they meet?

You will be my

The main character of the movie "You'll be mine" is just two boyfriends. First, Dina met with Dmitry, who for the sake of his beloved was ready for anything. But the initiative was intercepted by Ilya - an arrogant and persistent guy. The girl has to make a choice between cardinally opposite heroes. What will Dean prefer - the power of Ilya or the devotion of Dima?

Surprise for beloved

"Surprise for a loved one" is the story of an ordinary woman Julia. Selflessly caring for two daughters and her husband takes all her time. Yulia is happy until she finds out that Alexei has a mistress. The whole world is falling apart for her. When Julia meets Nikolay - a successful businessman, it transforms into a confident beautiful woman. However, she still loves her husband.

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The Kingdoms for Love

The heroine of the melodrama "The Kingdom for Love" is the daughter of a rich businessman. Cristina was left without a mother. After studying in England, the heroine returns to her father and finds out that he is going to marry. Christina tries to separate him from her chosen one. However, the father offers his daughter an independent life. The conditions of life and the circle of the heroine's communication change radically.

In captivity of deception

Melodrama "In captivity of deceit" tells about love, which overcomes all obstacles. Igor and Olga planned to marry after school. However, Igor did not enter the university and was taken into the army. After the end of his service, Igor informs Olga that she loves another. But it was a lie. In fact, the guy became disabled. However, the secret sooner or later becomes known.

Tango moth

In the life of Anna - the heroine of the melodrama "Tango Moth" - a series of troubles. Her husband goes to another woman, then she loses the child and, in addition, the neighbors try to survive her from the apartment. And this obsessive dream, in which a fluttering moth burns in a fire. When the girl's despair does not have a limit, everything changes.

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