How much the girl needs to squat to pump up the buttocks

Every woman desires to have an attractive body, but an ideal body is not always a gift of nature, but more often it is a huge work. The simplest exercises, as a rule, are the most effective. And when you want to adjust your figure, get rid of cellulite and have elastic buttocks, then squats will be the most effective way to get the desired result.

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squats Whencorrect performance and regular holding of squats normalizes the hormonal background, metabolism improves, muscles become strong and flexible, cheerfulness appears for the whole day. Also, the process of losing weight is accelerating.

However, despite the fact that squats are a safe exercise for the gluteal muscles and legs, it has some contraindications, which include:

  • varicose veins;
  • hernia;
  • high blood pressure;
  • injury to bones or joints;

  • predisposition to hemorrhoids;
  • scoliosis.
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Rules of sit-ups

To avoid injury and achieve visible results, it is important to observe several mandatory rules:

  • When squatting, strain the abdominal muscles. A large group of muscles is involved, a "corset" of the hips and spine;
  • Keep your back straight. Do not strongly bend it or round it;
  • Shins perpendicular to the ground( with a bend in the knees should be a right angle).There is an effect on the hip, knee and ankle joints;
  • Press the heels to the floor. Increases the load on the tendon, which improves their condition;
  • Breathe smoothly and slowly. An additional load on the heart is provided and a healthy heart rhythm is formed;
  • Classes should be systematic.
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Kinds of sit-ups

It has been said a lot about the benefits, rules and harm of squat exercises. We bring to your attention the most common types of sit-ups to create beautiful buttocks at home.

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Classic sit-up

Feet on shoulder width, sit down slowly for 20 centimeters, spin flat, push backback and continue to squat until the knees are at right angles. Hold for a few seconds and return to the original. Repeat 8 - 10 times.

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Squat "plie"

Feet is wider than the shoulders, socks are bent to the sides, slowly crouch and hold this position for a few seconds. Repeat 10 times.

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Curtsey "curtsey"

Feet on the width of the shoulders, the right leg is brought back, slightly pushing behind the left and put on the toe. In this position, perform squatting. The back should be even, the knee can touch the floor. After 5 sit-ups, change your leg and repeat.

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Sit on one leg( swallow)

Lean your hands on a chair or firm surface, stand on one foot, hold the second forward, bend at the knee and hold it in the balance. On the inspiration sit down, while moving the torso forward, and the leg back. On exhalation return to the original position.

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Squatting with attacks

The inhalation takes a maximum step forward, knees bend at right angles, on exhalation to the original. Do 2 sets of 10 repetitions.

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Squat with

Feet on shoulder width, straight back, belly tightened. On exhalation, slowly sit down, to the right angle in the knees. Dumbbells hold one in each hand or one two.

loading. ..

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Squat with

Suitable for those who have good physical training. If you do this exercise for the first time, then it is worth consulting with the coach. The main thing is to put the bar on your shoulders. With the bar, a classic squat or "plie" is performed.

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