Protection of strawberries from birds with their own hands. The best ways

  • Birds on site
  • Electronic devices
  • Film and CDs( usage and video tips)
  • Cover material
  • Scarecrow
  • Rattles and wind chimes
  • Colored scares
  • Homemade turntables
  • Distracting crops
  • Other ways to control birds
  • Use of birdsin the garden

Strawberries are not only the favorite berry of many sweeties, but also a culture that requires constant care. To collect a plentiful crop, the plant should be watered regularly, remove mustaches, dry leaves, fertilize the soil and much more. Moreover, it is necessary to do it clearly in the allotted time, and not when it will. And therefore it is doubly insulting when the beds are brazenly attacked by gluttonous birds. How to protect strawberries from birds? This will be discussed later.

Gardeners spend a lot of time and energy on caring for plants, but it all pays off with a vengeance when the first berries start to look through the foliage.

Birds on the site

This is an actual problem, the struggle of gardeners and birds has been going on for a very long time. That is why the arsenal of summer residents is constantly replenished with new means of protecting the crop from birds. Each method has its own pluses and minuses. Some means are improved over time, and the least effective ones are forgotten. But in any case, each owner has his own favorite ways of dealing with winged thieves.

The main feathered pests are starlings, sparrows, magpies, tits and pigeons. And they are worried not only strawberries, but also raspberries, currants, cherries, cherries and other garden crops. A flock of such birds can destroy your crop in a matter of hours, so the problem is obvious. Such a confrontation can drag on for the whole season, until the fall.

There are many methods of protection, so you will have plenty to choose from. However, we should not resort to cardinal methods, since birds protect our crop from pests: caterpillars, beetles, larvae, etc. Provide the feathered partners a drinking bowl with water and get ready to choose the most humane means for protection.

Electronic gadgets

Than to scare away birds from strawberries? This can be done with the help of recorded on the audio carrier cries of predatory hawks, owls or warning of the danger of forty, thrushes, starlings, etc. This method is especially suitable for owners of large plantations.

Earlier for the purchase of such an audio record it was necessary to find a specialized agricultural store, but nowadays it can be purchased on the Internet.

By the way, audio recordings are suitable for fighting not only birds, but also with rodents. Many gardeners prefer this method. With the help of loud unpleasant sounds you not only scare the pests away from your crop, but also induce indignation of neighbors. Therefore, this method is not suitable for everyone. To solve this problem, there are special electronic devices that do not act on humans, but cause severe discomfort in birds and force them to leave the territory.

You can also use loudspeakers or electronic devices that produce sharp, loud sounds such as claps or shots, mimic the sound of a siren. Some devices flash brightly or blink when activated.

Film and CDs( Usage and Video Tips)

If birds peck strawberries, you can use old audio or video cassettes, or rather their film. To do this, simply remove the tape from the device and secure it around the site. Pull the web over the bushes, for certainty you can make a second layer at a height of 30 cm from the plants.

The dazzling brilliance of a magnetic tape in the sun scares away birds. In addition, because of the wind, the film produces ultrasound, which causes fear in the birds. To protect strawberries, you can use any shiny, moving in the wind, reflecting the sun and rustling objects. For example, cellophane bags, foil strips, rain from the Christmas tree and much more. Fix them on the trees near the bed.

Use old, unnecessary DVDs and CDs to fight birds. Drill holes in them, insert a string, tighten up and hang over the area. They will fluctuate in the wind, brightly shimmer, create the appearance of movement. Birds do not like it.

Cover material

Bird net - this is perhaps the most reliable material, experienced gardeners recommend this is the means to protect the crop. Buy a mesh in agricultural stores or on the Internet. Material - metal or plastic, more often polypropylene, which has square or diamond shaped small cells. It protects strawberries from birds, lets in water and sunlight. What is important, this does not prevent insects from pollinating the plant. When carrying out foliar top dressing, the net does not interfere, so it can not even be removed.

How to cover strawberries with it? Everything is simple enough: hammer pegs in the ground around the bed, tightly tighten the net at a height of 35 cm from the bushes. Also, it can be attached to a frame in the form of metal arcs or bamboo sticks. So you can go inside and collect berries, not analyzing each time the design. After harvesting, the net can be removed. But in general, this method works and is suitable for a garden, cottage and a city apartment.


If the sparrows peck your strawberries, make a scarecrow:

  1. Join the two boards crosswise - this will be the body.
  2. Separately, take a bag and fill it with dry grass or newspapers - this is the head.
  3. Connect the body with the head, put on your scarecrow unnecessary things, hat, draw a face.

The downside is that the birds get used to the scarecrow very quickly. Over time, the scarecrow becomes a place of dislocation feathered bully.

Many gardeners combine two methods: they decorate the scarecrow with cellophane bags, magnetic tapes, old computer disks. They move from the wind, pour into the sun, rustle, which causes fear in birds. Also on the scarecrow you can fix a variety of rattles, which will knock and scare away the birds.

Scammers in the form of birds of prey are very popular among summer residents. For example, a plastic owl in shiny ribbons with an audio recording of his scream. You can buy such a kit in a store or on the Internet.

Rattles and wind chimes

You can use self-made rattles as a means of protection. To create them, any rubbish( better metal), which knocks at the collision, will do. Tie together the old beer or cans, they are very loud during the wind, and this is not to the liking of a feathered one. Birds generally do not like noise, since they have perfect hearing. This method can work, but only in windy weather.

Some gardeners use air bells to repel birds. Despite the pacifying melody, they are able to temporarily detain the birds. Pests quickly get used to sharp sounds and after a while no longer pay attention to them.

color scarifiers There is an opinion that birds are afraid of white color, and therefore some gardeners pull a white cloth along the plot. If near the beds there are trees, then on the branches you can tie white ribbons of cloth or film. How effective this method is is precisely not known.

Blue and red flags can be used as color repellers. Set them on a bed between plants.

Homemade turntables

Do not throw empty plastic bottles, you can make a small windmill, mill, etc. These spinning and fluttering homemade scares not only the winged pests, but they are also a decorative element for decorating the yard. But unfortunately, birds quickly get used to the turntables.

Distracting cultures

The most humane methods of protecting the strawberry plantation from birds is the planting of distracting crops. Plant a rowan, cherry or sea buckthorn on the site, so you will distract the birds from the garden. However, no one guarantees that the birds will give preference to these cultures and will not fly to enjoy strawberries.

And if you create an artificial water source near the fruit trees, the birds will spend most of the time near it. A sensitive hearing of the feathered will immediately catch the murmur of the brook or the noise of a small waterfall. They will massively flock to these sounds.

The downside is that after a rest near the source a flock of birds can still pay attention to strawberry beds, which will devastate in a few minutes.

Other methods of bird control

There are other methods of crop protection, they are less popular, but, according to gardeners, are effective.

  • Birds are uncomfortable with the smell of onions. Cut a few heads, spread out on beds, fasten on branches. You can use gels based on plants with a specific flavor that repels birds.
  • You can have a cat or several. The animal, of course, does not catch all the birds, but by its presence will scare off the birds.
  • Protect the crop with a special device with a built-in infrared motion sensor. This device will not allow even the smallest bird to approach the bed closer than 10 m.
  • The most severe methods of protection are shooting or baiting birds. Of birds, of course, get rid of, but on the site there will be insects, which destroy the crop even faster.

Benefits of birds in the garden

In a fit of struggle, many gardeners forget that initially birds protect gardens from pests. For example, a female sparrow for a day brings to the chicks at least 600 insects, among which are the May crunch, caterpillar, larvae, etc.
And in winter, these little birds eat plant seeds in order to survive. Thus, they eliminate most of the weed grass seeds that could grow in the garden.

As for the starlings, their record is 400 insects per day. Tits eat at least 250 pests a day. How to calculate the scientists to the site was healthy on it should live 3-5 passerines, 2 families of starlings and 4 tits.

Do not forget that birds are our helpers and friends. This, of course, does not mean that the struggle for harvest should be stopped, just choose more humane means for this.

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