Gifts for her husband on the anniversary of the wedding

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  • What else can you give for 1 year of marriage?

The tradition to celebrate the anniversary of the wedding appeared in the Middle Ages. Each segment of life lived together has its own name. The first important date is 1 year of marriage, it is called calico. Celebrating such days is beneficial for the relationship, contributes to harmony and strengthening of spiritual affection. Like any other holiday, the anniversary of the wedding can not do without gifts. There are traditional presents, it is also easy to pick up a unique surprise of its kind. We'll figure out what you can give to her husband on the anniversary of the wedding.

Traditional gifts for a cotton wedding

It is customary to present gifts from a material in honor of which it is named. Emerald, sapphire, earthenware - all the names are interesting and unique. After a lapse of 1 year from the date of marriage, cotton goods are given from time immemorial.

This name is given not by chance. The calico is a very thin fabric, often painted with bright colors. It is this impression that is created about the relationship between the newlyweds in the first 12 months of their life. In this period, many new bright emotions, but the connection between husband and wife is still quite fragile.

What is there to give on the calico anniversary: ​​

  1. If it is necessary for the bride to get a dress made of chintz, then the groom becomes the owner of cotton trousers or shirts.
  2. Beautiful towels and napkins made of this material will be a useful addition for establishing a common life.
  3. The cotton can be replaced with cotton: bed linen, tablecloth and any other textiles will be an excellent thematic presentation.
  4. Very good joint textile gifts, for example, a large warm blanket for two.
  5. Any clothes will be welcome. You just need to take into account the time of the year, which is the celebration. In summer, give actual light T-shirts, shorts or shirts with short sleeves. On a winter celebration they choose warmer gifts.

You can dispense with a modest exchange of symbolic cotton scarves. You can order embroidery on them or make your spouse's initials, cordial greetings, warm words and wishes.

If presenters are chosen larger, pay due attention to their design and filing. Satin ribbons, aesthetic packaging, accompanying verbal congratulations - all these details are extremely important.

In addition to the traditional gift, you can be generous to an extra individual. Here, of course, you need to be aware of the interests and desires of your faithful. The advice of the article will lead you to entertaining ideas about the best gift to your beloved husband.

Original presents in honor of the anniversary of the marriage

Once you decided to present gifts not only practical, but also interesting, you need to connect the imagination and give vent to your imagination.

See a list of creative ideas, how to customize a gorgeous original gift from the usual things:

  1. Buy or sew your own pillow of unusual shape. For example, the ideal patterns are the heart or the lips. Another option - paired cushions "sun" and "moon".You can add unique embroideries to ordinary pillows: the name of the spouse, love confessions, comic inscriptions.
  2. Apron with trendy print. This kitchen accessory is now sold in a variety of design solutions. A lot of them are pair models: an apron for Masha and the Bear, for the Prince and Princess, etc. Men are in love with cooking no fewer wives. Perhaps you also learned about this husband's predilection for the first year of marriage. Therefore, an amusing apron will become a wonderful present. Moreover, there are very courageous models with a pattern of chain mail or military uniforms.
  3. Picture. Under the style of the room you can choose the appropriate frame and genre of the image. Modern printing capabilities will allow you to transfer any photo to the canvas. A joint photo in a picture embodiment is a great gift for the first anniversary.

We give bright impressions!

The best gift may not be any material thing, even if it's useful, very beautiful and expensive. The way you organize joint leisure on a memorable anniversary day will be remembered for a long time and will leave the warmest memories of a happy time together.

In this section of the article we will show you how to create a real unforgettable holiday. Here's what you can give to her husband on the anniversary of the wedding:

  • a joint trip to a new country or city for you;
  • walk to the places of the first dates;
  • cozy homely romantic dinner;
  • subscription for a joint visit to the massage room;
  • doubled parachute jump or other extreme event.
Depending on the nature of the man, you will choose how to spend a holiday - alone or in a noisy company.
If the spouse is a person who is sociable, loving guests and not thinking of life without loyal friends, then there is one great idea. Call on guests or arrange joint gatherings with your beloved and friends in a cafe, restaurant. Choose a company from those who attended your wedding, so it will be much more fun.

Some couples do the same thing every year on their wedding day. For example, they meet near the Zags and open a bottle of champagne.

Most men are car fans. If your couple is still very young and did not have time to acquire a personal car, then make other pleasant presents on this topic:

  • pay spouse training in a driving school;
  • arrange a joint walk on quad bikes;
  • rent a motorcycle to ride along with the breeze through your hometown;
  • rent a luxury car for a short time, for example, a limousine or a jeep;
  • open a deposit on the bank card and invest the first amount for the future purchase of the car.

If you prefer a quiet secluded vacation, then choose other, equally attractive, options. For lovers of animals - riding horses, romantics - a walk on a boat, a boat. No less romantic will be an organized trip to the northern regions, where you can see the polar lights.

Lucky for those who have a holiday falls on the late spring or summer - the time of picnics and walks along the seashore.

Although winter rest in the mountains is magnificent in its own way, and a fabulous autumn will stir up a new wave of romantic feelings.

Successful purchase of a gift to her husband

Perhaps your spouse needs some special gift. All year he was too modest to buy it himself. All the free money he spent on the device of a common life and on joyful surprises to his beloved wife. It's time to repay him for such love and generosity.

Take care of a practical gift to your husband from the following options:

  1. Wrist watch watch is a valuable status gift. Choose stylish and quality watches and you can also outside the expensive Swiss stores. There are firms that take as a basis the Swiss design and with European quality performing virtually indistinguishable copies of the best watches. See the collections of lesser-known companies - they are quite common models.
  2. Souvenirs and stationery sets for your desktop. By giving such a gift, you will emphasize how much you value the business qualities of a man. This fact will inspire her husband for further promotion. A souvenir "Newton's Balls", a globe with automatic rotation, an ornamental hourglass are presented.
  3. Any man will be pleased with a modern gadget. A portable charger is an indispensable thing in travel. Buy an amusing lantern for a laptop or a fan with a USB connector, a flexible rubber keyboard. A man who spends a lot of time at the computer, useful special soft support under the arm. Another gadget - a splitter for headphones, to be with your loved one on the same wavelength.
  4. Safe in the form of a book for storing personal savings or an unusual coinbox for small things.
  5. Leather wallet or pocket book for cards, business cards.
  6. Standard thermos or thermos-cup. Take care of the person dear to you by buying this thing. Now neither the cold, nor the flu will not be terrible, because always at hand is prepared by his wife's hot tea.
  7. Diary, original notepad. Making records and planning things is much more convenient in a stylish notebook.
  8. Sets for grilling and shish kebab. Favorite men's business on a picnic is to cook meat for the whole company. Perhaps your husband does it well. So, feel free to purchase a tourist stove and a set of barbecue tools.
  9. Shoe care kit.

You can order the printing of interesting drawings or inscriptions on a T-shirt. Terry bathrobe for the house plus a soft bath towel can be given along with a visit to the sauna or bath.

Gifts to her husband on the anniversary with their own hands

Present your beloved on the first anniversary can be done on your own. Such gifts are very emotional, and therefore they are especially valuable. In addition, you will show yourself as a wonderful hostess and skilled craftsman. The self-made surprise will re-conquer the heart of her husband and strengthen the marriage union.

For a scarf made of chintz, take any motifs you like. Flowers, the name of the groom, elegant patterns, birds - the main thing is that the work was done with love to the addressee.

In addition to embroidery, refer to knitting:

  • For winter, prepare a warm scarf for the spouse.
  • If you are very enthusiastic about knitting, choose a pattern for the men's sweater.

A warm thing made by a beloved woman will certainly please her husband. You can sew any clothes to your choice: a shirt, trousers or even an original tie. This wedding is called chintz, and therefore the main emphasis should be made on the donation of textiles. Sew a comfortable home suit or a set of pillowcases on his favorite pillow.

No man will refuse a delicious dinner. Therefore, another self-made surprise will be a rich table of his favorite dishes. Most likely, in a year you learned about his eating habits, and there will be no difficulties with making a festive menu. Careful thoughtful serving, candles and nice music will be tuned to the desired romantic mood.

Alternatively, give a visit to a Japanese restaurant or tasting dishes from another exotic cuisine. The holiday is common, so let the gift be a joint happy pastime.

What else can I give for 1 year of marriage?

The actual idea for a family gift is engraving on various objects. Order identical inscriptions on your wedding rings in Russian, English or Latin.

Holidays can not do without sweets. Buy a set of chocolates for your husband or arrange a visit to the chocolate museum. An adult man sometimes enjoys sweet gifts as much as a child. Fold in a beautiful package of assorted chocolate, waffles, dragees. Prepare yourself a chic pie and add a congratulatory inscription to it. Let each candle with a new date on the traditional cake change.

The card can be presented as a purchase or made independently.

Some couples have a tradition of writing each other personal letters on plain paper. Write all the words of love and gratitude and put it in a beautiful envelope. Your husband will definitely like this addition on the day of celebrating the anniversary.

To give books is a good idea in honor of any celebration. Buy your favorite valuable collection of books or choose a modern e-book.

Often a man gives his wife an expensive piece of jewelry. Make a worthy reciprocal surprise - gold cufflinks, silver pendant, a stylish ring with a stone.

The calico wedding is also called gauze, and some couples are giving each other an anniversary of simple skeins of medical gauze. If you appreciate jokes and humor, then let there be such a present.

Popular festive fun for young couples - wish cards. You agree in advance with your spouse to prepare an equal number of desires, written down on paper. Fold them in two boxes. With the onset of the long-awaited holiday of the first anniversary, you can immediately begin to draw the leaves alternately. Let these desires be bold, diverse, then the whole day will be filled with surprises and will be unforgettable.

If children have already appeared to the children's wedding, it is not shameful to entrust them to their grandfathers and grandmothers. The two together will strengthen the senses and allow even to miss the child.

For a husband, the best gift will always be a kind and beautiful wife. Devote enough time to make a dress, professional make-up. Surprise your beloved with a new hairdo and beautiful seductive dress.

Take photos for the wedding anniversary. Let the family album be replenished with new cards with happy smiles.

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