How to effectively and safely remove leg pain with varicose veins

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pain in the legs Varicose is one of the most common diseases, which in our time does not regret anyone. About 30 percent of women and 20 men suffer from the disease according to statistics.

This disease most often affects the veins of the lower extremities. Varicosity causes pain and lesions of the veins of the legs. The consequences of a neglected disease are very serious. These are thromboses, thrombophlebitis and other venous pathologies.


  • The first sign of varicose
  • The causes of varicose tenderness in the legs
  • The nature of the pain
  • The first thing to do
  • Traditional tools
  • Traditional medicine recommends
  • It's better not to even know. ..

The first sign of varicose veins

The disease affects the vessel walls,, that the veins expand, their walls become thinner, the elasticity is lost, nodes appear. All this leads to a violation of blood circulation in the legs. Causes pain and trophic disorders in the veins.

In this case the pain in the legs can be localized in the region of the shins, ankles, popliteal fossa. In these tissues, where the blood supply is broken, toxins accumulate and stretch the venous walls, which cause pain. With a normal outflow of venous blood, they would have to be excreted.

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The causes of varicose tenderness in the legs

With varicose veins, the outflow of blood in the veins is disturbed, and oxygen is not supplied to the peripheral nerves and muscles, and therefore problems with veins during pregnancy accumulates toxins and toxins. Accumulation of harmful substances causes pain in the legs. When the pain increases, this indicates the development of complications.

The cause of pain is often a long standing on the legs, when there is stagnation in the veins of blood and fluids, swelling of the legs. This can contribute to sedentary work, pressure, pregnancy, obesity and other reasons.

Pain occurs because of increased blood pressure, when it presses against the walls of the vessels of the legs. Simultaneously, their swelling occurs, as well as curvature, protrusion. The function of the valves that guide the blood flow from the legs to the heart is weakened.

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The elasticity of the venous walls is significantly reduced. As a result, pain occurs in the legs. The development of thrombosis and thrombophlebitis is facilitated by pain in the popliteal fossa and in the region of the legs, along the nerve trunks.

The nature of the painful sensations

Different people with varicose veins have different pains. Some feet ache constantly, others periodically. Some people have pain while walking, others, on the contrary, are at rest.

With prolonged walking, fatigue and heaviness may occur. By the end of the day the pain can intensify. It can be by the nature of the pain aching or in the form of lumbago.

Perhaps the manifestation is sharp or smoothed, localized or spreading over the entire leg. There may be pain in the form of tingling.

shin pain At the outset, there may be a feeling of raspiraniya, by the end of the day heaviness in the legs.

Sometimes there is a spasm in the muscles( involuntary contractions).Such symptoms usually occur after a great physical exertion or at night. Over time, the swelling of the legs occurs and the pains become permanent.

Sometimes the affected legs become numb due to the squeezing of the nerve trunks. Often in the legs there is a burning sensation or an ache. There is a squeezing of small vessels and nerves.

Depending on which small or large areas are affected, the pain can be very sharp or minor, local or common throughout the leg. Muscle pains are often symptoms of thrombophlebitis, and almost always body temperature rises significantly.

At night, limbs can not sleep, most often it is a herald of pathological changes in the vessels. One of these is thrombophlebitis. With it, the pain intensifies even more.

When there is pain in the legs - you do not hesitate and immediately go to the doctor, usually the first symptoms of varicose manifest themselves, and perhaps, then it will be possible to prevent the disease and its consequences.

The first thing to do is

In the initial stage, sometimes it is enough to lie down, lifting your legs up, so that they are above the level of the heart. You need to stand less on your feet and change your position more often. But with the progression of the disease, this method does not help. Sometimes, compression bandages, underwear, medical tights or knee-highs help.

health of legs and clothes

It is recommended to go on a diet. So proper nutrition can strengthen the walls of veins, as well as reduce the viscosity of blood, reduce weight.

Excludes salt, bakery products, smoked products and fatty foods. It is necessary to try to lower cholesterol, which is able to be deposited inside the vessels, provoking blockage of them and, as a consequence, the development of varicose veins, and then, thromboses. Diet should be aimed at reducing the burden on sick limbs.

For food, add garlic, pepper, onions. They will help to normalize blood circulation.

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In addition, alcohol should be excluded, since it promotes the formation of harmful substances and aggravates the formation of lipoproteins - and ultimately the development of atherosclerosis. Another advise to eat less salt, as it causes swelling and increases pain. It is worth drinking more water so that it dilutes blood.

There is still a way to relieve pain - foot massage. Often it is recommended to take painkillers to relieve pain.

But in any case, doctor's consultations are absolutely necessary. He will tell you how to properly treat. There are several methods of treating varicose veins with the help of traditional medicine.

Traditional means of

To help a patient to remove the symptoms of varicose veins and to remove leg pain, one of the following methods can be used:

  1. One of the cardinal ways to eliminate varicose is surgical excision of damaged venous sites of .But such treatment is rarely used, only in extreme cases. After such an operation, you need to wear a special compression underwear for a long time.
  2. Sclerotherapy .The essence of the method consists in inserting a special needle into the vein with a thin needle, which seals the vein. And then treatment of varicose veins by laser it disappears. Such sessions are usually conducted 3-6 with a frequency of once a week, depending on the severity of the disease.
  3. Laser treatment .Using a laser beam, the venous wall is exposed from the inside. As a result, damaged parts of the veins are destroyed, and it shrinks, and capillary meshes, asterisks and bulging areas are removed. After such a procedure, you do not even need to wear special underwear.
  4. Medication treatment .Carried out with drugs Venitan, Ascorutical Forte, Heparoid, Venza, Venoplant, Troxerutin, etc. However, such treatment removes the pain symptom, can reduce swelling, slow the progression of the disease, but can not stop varicose completely, and even restore the veins even more.
  5. Wearing compression linen .Often pregnant women are advised to wear such underwear, and it does not allow the development of varicose veins. But most often wearing it as an additional measure in a treatment package. So he is advised after surgery and in combination with other means. Wear underwear or bandage your feet with an elastic bandage right from the morning.

Traditional medicine recommends

There are many folk remedies to alleviate varicose pain in the legs Some are applied inside, others are used for grinding compresses and lotions:

  1. Green Tomatoes .Slices of them or in the form of gruel pribintovyvayut to the affected areas. The bandage is refreshed after three hours. This is done every day until the condition is relieved.
  2. Leaves Kalanchoe .Chopping and placing them in a 0.5 liter bottle half, add alcohol and put in a place protected from light. After a week, the solution is filtered and the liquid is used to rub the feet from the feet up. This method helps to get rid of Apple vinegar pain in the legs and remove a fine mesh of veins. So continue to rub for 4 months daily. Apple vinegar .Make wrappings with vinegar, diluting it with water for 20 minutes in the morning and evening, lifting your legs up.
  3. Alcoholic infusion of white acacia. One part of the flowers is filled with three parts of alcohol, insist for 10-14 days in a dark place. Strain, tincture rub your legs 5 times a day. Treatment continues until the condition improves.
  4. Tea from a carrot top .One spoonful of carrot leaves pour boiling water in an amount of 200 ml and insist for an hour. Drink on 200 g 2 -3 times a day.
  5. Treatment with nettle infusion .2 tablespoons of nettle, pour a glass of boiling water. After insisting, filter, drink a quarter cup. They drink for two weeks.

It's better not even to know. ..

Varicose is an insidious disease. It can be treated very hard, so it is better to prevent it than treat it.

What should I do for the prevention of varicose veins:

  1. Maintain the normal weight of .foot fatigue
  2. Go for a rational food .Use sufficient fiber to exclude constipation. Reduction in the diet and even the exclusion of animal fats, and the addition of useful vegetable. It is necessary to exclude flour products and sugar, all that contains cholesterol and contributes to the deposition of fat and weight gain.
  3. Physical Exercises .Running, swimming and special exercises for the feet will perfectly help to establish blood circulation in the veins.
  4. Regular foot massage .
  5. The correct clothing of is the guarantee of normal blood circulation. Do not wear often high heels. Things below the belt should be free cut, without tight bands and girdles.

All these rules will help to avoid the disease. But if you suddenly have the slightest symptoms, you should immediately go to the doctor. After all, the disease in the initial stage can be treated more easily.

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