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A woman at any age can look great, from a beautiful outfit to a fashionable hairstyle. This applies to the smallest representatives of the fair sex. On long strands, virtually any stowage is possible. And what are the hairstyles for girls on short hair? This will be discussed later.

Styling for loose hair

Girls with curls resemble angels, and so this styling is very popular. How to create beautiful hair on short hair with curls? We tell. If your baby's hair is naturally straight, then you can curl with hair curlers. The process is no different from winding the hair of an adult woman:

  1. Comb the clean wet strands, treat with light gel or varnish, so that the curls last longer. But use only fixing means with a low level of fixation, so that the curls do not become heavier.
  2. Screw strands on curlers with the smallest diameter.
  3. If you do not have enough time, you can dry your hair with a hair dryer, but it's harmful for soft baby ringlets!
  4. If you use soft curlers or ribbons, then leave them overnight.
  5. Carefully untwist the locks, straighten them with your fingers, decorate with accessories if necessary. Naturally, this is not an everyday option, which is great for any event.

For creating small curls:

  1. Comb the semi-dry curls.
  2. Divide into strands, braid the pigtails.
  3. In order for the wave to be voluminous, twist the pigtails into nodules.
  4. Put the child to sleep with such braids / nodules.
  5. In the morning, untwist everything, spread your curls with your fingers.


A good option for a photo shoot - started on short hair. It looks especially good, if your daughter has any variant of a penalty.

  1. Just smooth your hair clean.
  2. Lightly brush the upper strands on the crown and sides.
  3. Separate the strand of medium thickness, lift, make an easy start with a scallop with thick teeth.
  4. Sirloin started with a varnish, lower the strand, smooth it. Repeat the process for the remaining strands.
  5. Decorate your hair with a beautiful rim or original hairpins.

Naughty negligence

If the girl's hair is shorter than 15 cm, then you can create a creative mess on your head:

  1. For this, moisten the wet strands with mousse or gel from a special children's series, fan them.
  2. Remember them to give a beautiful shape.
  3. Decorate the styling with a beautiful accessory - and the fashionable image is ready!

Trendy Casual Hairstyles

Tails with colorful ribbons or elastic bands look very bright and creative. There are many variations of this fashionable and simple hairstyle, which most people choose for every day for a visit to the kindergarten or guests.

Variants of tails:

  • Divide the hair into strands of the same thickness with square cuts. Fasten the tails with a variety of rubber bands, thin ribbons or laces. Finish the ends.
  • Divide the locks from the forehead to the crown of the head into thin or medium strands. Make high lush tails, and screw the rest of the hair.
  • Divide the hair with a straight parting, make two ponytails on the sides. You can experiment with their location: two on top, middle, bottom, one above, the other below. The tail can be wrapped with a colored lace, ribbon or own thin strand to the middle, you will get a fussy and stylish styling.


  • One of the most fashionable and simple hairstyles of this season is the beams, which are created on the basis of tails. When you last wrap the elastic, do not extend the tail to the end. Get something like a loop with a small tail.
  • Especially nice look careless bundles with a pair of knocked out locks in the face. Slightly tear them, and wrap the ends around the base or decorate the beam with a pin.
  • To create an elegant styling, make a smooth tail, lightly coat it from below, make a bunch on the back of the head or on the side, decorate with accessories.
Tails on the entire head can be twisted into knots and fastened with clamps.
From short hair you can create an elegant hairstyle:
  1. Make one low tail, because the tall one will fall apart.
  2. On the base, put on a special roller-bagel.
  3. Spread the strands around it so that it can not be seen.
  4. Fasten hair with a silicone rubber band.
  5. Hide the ends under the bumble-bee. Decorate the bunch with a large flower or stilettos.


Very practical and original look harnesses. The most simple variant of a hairdress:

  1. Comb the curls, treat them with child restraint.
  2. Make 5-6 smooth cuts from the forehead to the crown.
  3. Twist the strands into tight strands, secure with colored clips.
  4. The hair from behind is screwed or fluffed with mousse. Done!

The next hairstyle looks very attractive, but it's easy:

  1. Divide the hair with straight parting.
  2. Separate a strand of medium thickness on the right and left.
  3. Treat them with mousse or gel.
  4. Twist the not so tight braids in the area of ​​the temples.
  5. Fix them with beautiful hairpins. Done!

The plaits can be turned smoothly, obliquely, over the entire circumference of the head, and the ends fixed in the tail or bundle, etc.

Weaving elements

Even with short hair you can experiment and create beautiful braids:

French spike

  1. Separate a lock of hairmiddle thickness near the forehead line.
  2. Weave the classic "three-row".
  3. Each time add a thin strand to the right and left.
  4. Braid the plait through.
  5. You can make one such "dragon" in the middle or divide the hair on the strands and create a few thinner spikelets.

French waterfall

  1. Carefully comb damp curls.
  2. Separate a curl of medium thickness in the temple area, divide it into 3 thin strands.
  3. Screw a regular spikelet, adding a thin strand from above and below with each turn.
  4. After 5-7 centimeters begin to form a waterfall. To do this, leave the upper curl below and replace it with the lower one.
  5. Continue weaving the French braid, leaving one strand underneath, replacing it with the bottom.
  6. The braids can be braided all over the back of the head or to the middle. You can also create 2 waterfalls on the right and left, which will meet in the middle and be combined with the help of elastic bands in one scythe.
  7. Turn the hair tips.

Spit with bunch

  1. Divide the curls into 3 identical strands: one in the middle, two on each side.
  2. From the center strand, make a tail on the back of the head, create a bun.
  3. Lateral hair plaque into the spikelets, from the forehead and to the nape, hide the ends under the shingle.
  4. Straighten the pigtails.
  5. Release a pair of curls from the face.

Braided Wrap

  1. Make a horizontal parting at the forehead line( from ear to ear).
  2. Rest the rest of the hair with clips so that it does not interfere.
  3. Begin to weave the reverse French braid against the hair growth line.
  4. With each new weave add thin strands, but overlay them not from above, but from below.
  5. As you reach the next ear, pull the usual three-row, fasten it with a thin band.
  6. Straighten the braid, smooth the protruding hairs with gel or varnish, invisible and hide in a braid.
  7. Secure the end of the braid with invisibility.
  8. Dissolve the rest of the hair, twist them. Done!

Options for using fashion accessories

Stylish children's hair can not be imagined without special hair ornaments. The most popular accessory is the hoop. He not only decorates short curls, but also maintains his hair, preventing hair from getting into the eyes.

  • If the laying is original, the curls are decorated with beautiful hairpins, then the hoop should be simple, neutral color, without any decor. If the bezel is the main feature of the styling, then it should have a bright color, be decorated with rhinestones, large flowers, etc. The original wide bandages with bands or bows perfectly complement the image.
  • If your baby has short hair, then you can not do without gum. The main requirement: they should be of medium size, very thick or thin do not fit. Wide rubber bands look ridiculous, and narrow silicone damages the thin curls of the child. The ideal option - medium-thickness elastics with bows, flowers and other ornaments.
  • Girls with short hair will get crabs about 2 cm, they make the hair brighter and more original.
    Large crabs look obtrusive, in addition, short locks constantly slip out of them.
    Multicolored hairpins with flowers or bows decorate any hairstyle.

Various hairpins, hairpins, invisible, decorated with stones, rhinestones, beads, cartoon characters perfectly fix the hair and complement the image of the young princess.

Recommendations of hairdressers

First of all, you need to decide on the type of hair: solemn or everyday. The main feature of everyday styling is practicality, curls should not interfere with the child. The main feature of the festive laying is attraction, it can be elements of weaving, large bows, fussy ringlets, etc.

  • Decorate your hair with accessories. Use hair clips, bezels, studs with stones, nets, hair necklaces, etc.
  • A cherry will adorn any hairstyle, especially if the girl has a high forehead. It can be stacked differently, decorated with rhinestones.
  • From wavy hair you can create almost any hair.
  • To create a solemn hairstyle it is allowed to use hypoallergenic fixing means, rectifier with ceramic or titanium plates and hot tongs. For everyday hairstyles, it is not recommended to use all of the above tools and materials.
  • The hair will look good only on clean strands. If the short hair is dirty, even the most beautiful styling will look sloppy.
  • To make the hair obedient, lightly drizzle them with water.
  • To learn how to do your hair, you need to practice several times.

As you can see, even from short hair you can create many beautiful styling for all occasions. Follow the recommendations of the stylists, and your baby will always look original and stylish!

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