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Salty or baked salmon is a welcome dish on the festive table. This red fish serves as a decoration of the feast. And the taste - lick your fingers! Its tender fillet is prescribed even in medical diets. Dishes from it are tasty and useful in all respects. It would seem: is it possible to leave salmon as it is? Like, and so will they give her due?. .

However, the salmon without decoration, that the gem without rims. Ottenit appetizing form of a pair of fish decorative details, and then on the table it will not be equal.

  • Whole salmon is served to the table only in baked form. In the foil the pulp turns out to be the most delicate and does not disintegrate, processed by temperatures from all sides. The head, tail and fins of the salmon are left, the insides and scales are removed before cooking. On the table, she will show off on a large platter, where, in addition to her, garnish will fit in the form of small cherry tomatoes, lettuce leaves( they can litter the bottom of the dish), cucumber slices, sweet pepper. On the skin of the salmon thin strips draw a mesh mayonnaise or softened butter, trying to get uniform diamonds, stretched horizontally. This is similar to scales.
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  • Salted salmon is sliced, convenient for consumption. Cut on the fish board with a sharp knife, laying the fillets with the skin down - so the fish does not deform when cutting. You can make the pieces smooth, it is difficult to cut the flesh at a certain angle, opening in all its glory red divorces. Put this dish on the dish, only slightly grabbing the previous slices. The fan or scales are the most suitable ways for unfolding the cutting.
  • Fine and lengthwise cut strip of salmon fillet folded into a rose, capturing the edge and wrapping the whole strip on it. From the edges it is not necessary to achieve perfect evenness. Small deviations imitate the natural beauty of the flower decor. From below, the rose is fastened with a toothpick. Rosettes can be made small, decorating them with sandwiches, or large, for decorating dishes with fish cut.
  • By the way, about sandwiches. On slices of white bread, the salmon looks doubly stunning. For each breadbase, greased with a thin layer of butter, spread a plate of salmon, slightly displacing it from the center. The extended edge is decorated with half a black olive cut down, on the other hand - a place for a slice of a vegetable: cucumber or cherry tomatoes.
  • From the cross-section of the salmon, bright butterflies are obtained. Leaning 2 slices back to each other, you will get wings. Antennae and trunk spread out from greens and olives.
  • Modest and from that ideal ornament for salmon is a sprig of parsley, laid carelessly on the edge of the slicing, and a thin round cucumber, cut on one side and folded into a sign of infinity. The endless pleasure of such a tandem with him!
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