Roller coaster

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The diet, which received such an original name - the roller coaster - was created in the mid-80s and quickly gained popularity. And this is not surprising, because the idea behind the diet was truly revolutionary for its time.

The idea, the principle and the result of a diet Roller coaster

And the idea is simple. The developers of the diet wondered: why do not diets work, even very low-calorie? Why after some time after the beginning of even the most rigid diet the weight ceases to decrease?

The answer was found by dieticians: the body adapts to low-calorie nutrition, inhibits all metabolic processes as much as possible, moreover, considering that "hard times" have begun, even those crumbs that come with food try not to use it immediately, but to put it aside. And we have what we have: the weight is not relieved, even with a small calorie content, and if even slightly increase it, it immediately grows. ..

Hence the idea behind the diet of the roller coaster: to prevent the body from adapting to a low energy balance, constantly changing the calorie content of the daily diet. And the calorie graph on this diet is just like a roller coaster: up and down, up and down, with steep climbs and swift descents. Here it is:

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The total duration of the diet is 3 weeks.

  • First 3 days we eat 600 kcal / day.
  • The next 4 days - 900 kcal / day.
  • Then within a week - 1200 kcal / day.
  • And then we repeat the week from 600( 3 days) and 900( 4 days) kcal / day.

After these three weeks smoothly we pass to the full, balanced nutrition, gradually increasing the volume and caloric content of the diet.

The diet is quite heavy, especially the first 3 days, but in 3 weeks of the diet you can lose from 3 to 7 kilograms, and if during it actively engage in sports, then weight loss can be up to 10 kilograms. Agree, great result!

Rules of application, diet menu

And a few more recommendations for riding on a roller coaster:) .

  • Foods during the diet can be used all kinds of, the main thing is to fit within the daily caloric content. But it is better to give preference to voluminous and low-calorie foods, for example non-starchy vegetables( cucumbers, cabbage, etc.), filling the stomach and creating a feeling of satiety.
  • Be sure to include in the menu low-fat meat, fish, low-fat dairy products. Try to ensure that the diet is varied and balanced.
  • Use, at least slightly, your favorite foods, cook, at least occasionally, your favorite dishes, for the benefit of a diet that allows. The presence in the menu of dishes that you like, very much facilitates "sitting" on any diet, and the roller coaster here is by no means an exception.
  • Reduce fat intake as much as possible, try to eat low-fat foods. But do not exclude fat from the diet completely.
  • Drink as much liquid as possible, giving preference to water and green tea, but, of course, do not push it into yourself through strength.

During the diet, it is desirable to take a multivitamin or vitamin-mineral complex to compensate for the lack of vitamins and trace elements coming from food.

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