List of fantastic TV shows

There is a period in life that I want to see a movie that will turn your views on the world or make you look at it differently. The presented list of fantastic TV series eliminates the need to search for an interesting and exciting film. Every moment of the picture makes one hold his breath, having looked at one series - I want to know the continuation. When watching serials, the heart then stops, then furiously beats.

Secrets of Smallville

The series "Smallville's Secrets" tells the story of a guy with superpowers. On the planet Earth there was a crash of an alien ship, next to the fragments was discovered a little boy. The married couple adopted him and named him Clark. Years later, the guy discovers the skills that will later help him to fight evil.


Agent Olivia and her partners - scientist Walter and his son - the main characters of the series "The Face".Their job is to investigate incidents involving mystical forces. They are trying to understand the source of their origin, in order to neutralize the danger. It turns out that behind all this is a company carrying out a lot of experiments beyond reality.

Envoys of

Five different people of the series "Messengers" should save the world from the coming Apocalypse. A mysterious object fell to Earth. The wave he provoked caused the temporary death of the learned Faith, Erin, Peter's teenager, Raoul's agent and television presenter Joshua. After the resurrection, they discovered in themselves the mysterious forces intended for them to fight the horsemen of the Apocalypse.


The "Superpower" series shows the world of co-existence of the usual population of Los Angeles and superheroes. Detective Christian and his assistant Dean investigate intricate crimes, the perpetrators of which are the destructive abilities of unusual people. Can a former superhero defeat evil?


Ability to survive and fight for life shows the main character of the series "Arrow" - Oliver. The billionaire, who was considered dead for 5 years, was found on an abandoned island. Returning to his native land, he looked at things in a new way and the people who had previously surrounded him. Acquired ability to own a bow helps him restore justice.


The series "Salem" tells the story of the persecution of witches and cruel reprisals against them. Innocent people are suspected of witchcraft and burned at the stake. And the real witches skillfully hide their true nature. War veteran John, returning to Salem, discovers an insane population, hunting for women with superpowers.


The story of life and struggle is described in the series "Ancient".Hybrid Klaus returns to New Orleans and discovers the new king of the city of Marseille. He is trying to overthrow the vampire who once turned to them. At this time, his brother Elijah wants to protect the pregnant woman from Klaus Hayley and revive family ties. Witches try to stop vampires and take power into their own hands.


The series "Flash" tells about a guy named Barry, fighting with evil. As a child, the boy's mother died under mysterious circumstances, which was accused of his father. Barry wants revenge and restore justice. During a scientific experiment that is out of control, a guy acquires the ability to move quickly, which helps him in the fight.

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"I am a zombie" - a series about a girl Olivia, who became a zombie. The main character must feed on the brains of people to support the person within himself. For the sake of obtaining the necessary doping, she is assigned to work on the investigation of mysterious murders. Eating the brains of the deceased, the girl finds their memories, which helps in the investigation of crimes.

Under the dome

The series "Under the dome" tells the story of a city mysteriously caught under a transparent dome. Nothing can penetrate the defense. Any attempts result in a tragic outcome. Now the main task of the citizens is to unite and survive, despite the mysterious events taking place in the city.


Nick from the series "Grimm" begins to see what the others do not see. Usually mystical beings hide their essence behind human form. His aunt reveals a family secret - he is a hereditary fighter with monsters and his destiny is to become a hunter. Detective Nick begins to investigate mysterious crimes and punish evil.


Felix, Andy, Jake and Sam are the main characters of the "Lost" series. Once in the forest, the teenagers could not find their way back. At night they were caught by a terrible thunderstorm and the only thing they wanted was to get home. After returning to the city, no one recognized them, as if they did not exist. The heroes fell into another reality, from which it is necessary to find the way back.

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The real people

The series "Real people" about fantastic technical progress. People have learned to create biorobots, very similar to real people. Everyone could afford such a miracle of technology. The robot carries out assignments, playing the role of servants. But the problem is that striking similarity can lead to a complete replacement of the owners.

Time Boundary

A scientist from the series "Time Boundary" - Christophe, invented a program for time travel. He posted it on the Internet, and in a few hours the invention was possessed by many people. Everyone tried to change the past to please themselves, especially dangerous were the attempts of criminals. The government began the persecution of anyone trying to use the program.

12 monkeys

In the series "12 monkeys" people survived the so-called Apocalypse. An unknown virus destroyed virtually the entire population in the world. Survivors hide in the bowels of the earth. Earlier, the convicted James should return to the past with samples of the virus. If a vaccine is invented, and he will save mankind, he will be freed from all charges.


I would add another "Supernatural".

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