Important tips and effective exercises for the press after childbirth

For each woman, the birth of a child is a joyful event, but one can not but agree that for the body, baby toddler and childbirth are difficult tests. After the birth of the baby, mother has a noticeable tummy that is able to spoil the figure and mood. Here, diets are almost incapable of helping - you should connect carefully calculated physical activities. They must be properly chosen and counted so that they do not harm the body.


When to start practicing
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  • When you can start practicing

    How soon after birth can you swing a press - many beauties are interested while still pregnantand. Such an attentive attitude towards one's own health, of course, deserves respect. It is better to make a plan in advance, which should be followed after the organism is ready for this.

    When you start exercising immediately after the workload, you risk getting additional recovery problems( bleeding, seam ruptures, etc.).

    Therefore, do not immediately burden the work of your body, it is worth starting only after a certain period of time. This gap for each woman can vary depending on the state of her health. It is better to try to eat properly for 8-10 weeks - this will help build up the strength and begin to recover.

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    After natural births

    After natural births to start work on the muscles of the press is recommended not earlier than, after 1,5-2 months, and then provided that the newly made mother feels well. To determine the exact duration of the exercises, check how the white line converges on the belly. If you start to exercise before that, the risk of getting a hernia of the rectus abdominis is great.

    To test the recovery of a line, you should proceed as follows. In the supine position on the back, the woman throws her hands behind her head and bends her knees. Ask the assistant to put your fingers on your stomach just above the navel, across the stomach. If only two fingers fail, you can start training carefully. If three or four fingers have entered, obviously, it's too early for loads. For more accurate determination, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

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    After Caesarean section of

    After the birth of a child by Caesarean section, it is possible to start working on the muscles of the press only after 2-2.5 months, and on condition that the overall health of the young mother is excellent. Immediately after birth, you can begin to prepare the muscles for future loads. To do this, you need to provide yourself with a balanced diet that will help the body get all the vitamins and microcells that it needs, and bring metabolism back to normal.

    Here you will find the reasons why after a workout the muscles can ache and how to help
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    Breastfeeding mothers

    Some women are interested, you can swing the press after giving birthbreastfeeding mother or it may affect the quality of breast milk. But physical education, if they do not exhaust and do not cause visible damage to health, can not harm breastfeeding. Consult with the observing doctor - there you will be prompted exactly when you can start to pump the press after giving birth to a nursing mother.

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    How to work properly on the muscles after the birth of

    Do not be too zealous in doing the exercises. In this way, you can not only not achieve results, but you can also exacerbate the problem. It is necessary to approach implementation with attention - let it be done a little, but with an effect, than with a strain of effort and without sense.

    Conditionally the exercises are divided into the following groups:

    • work with the muscles of the upper press, when at unmovable legs we raise the trunk;
    • exercises for the muscles of the lower press - the upper trunk is stationary, we use the legs;
    • exercises for oblique abdominal muscles;
    • work simultaneously with both the upper and lower press.
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    10 important tips for

    Finding out how many after the birth you can swing a press, you need to take into account the recommendations of specialists:

    loading. ..

    • Before starting the exercises, always razmomnites. Cardio-loading is useful - fast dance, jumping rope. This will help prepare the muscles for work.
    • Do not give the body immediately a big load. After birth, this is not particularly useful, with excessive weighting formed a large amount of muscle, and in fact it is the thickness you are trying to bring to naught.
    • Be sure to follow not only the technique of execution, but also the breathing. Try to carefully distribute the number of approaches and increase them after accustoming.
    • Breathe correctly, and on exhalation muscles gradually strain.
    • Stomach when performing try to pull. This gives more effect to the exercises.
    • Keep an eye on the regularity of doing gymnastics. It is best to practice daily. If this is not possible, then at least three times a week to work with the press.
    • Do not eat for an hour before classes and for an hour or two after them.
    • Do stretching before and after classes.
    • If the press to download is boring, hula-hoop or belly dancing lessons will do. This not only strengthens the muscles of the press, but also develops plasticity and flexibility.
    • If you feel uncomfortable, and especially pain during class, you should immediately stop them. Talk to your doctor about your condition.
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    Effective exercises

    There are a number of effective exercises that are suitable for restoring the figure after birth:

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    Sit on the floor with your legs crossed. Back support provide a hard pillow. The pelvis and shoulders should be on the same line. Imagine that the transverse muscles of the stomach - the walls of the elevator, which runs from 1 floor to 5. Place the palms on your stomach, inhale, as if lifting the elevator to the 1st floor with muscles. After exhaling, lift the elevator to the 5th floor. Strengthening the transverse muscles, you will protect the spine and make the stomach more flat.

    loading. ..

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    The starting position is sitting on the floor with your legs crossed. Place one palm below the navel, the other under the ribs. Inhaling, "lift" the muscles lift to 1 floor, exhale - to 3. Keep your shoulders straight. Muscular lift lift "up to 5 floors", counting them. Tighten the press and "lower" the elevator to 3 floors. Read the stories out loud. Exercise to do 3-5 times, bring up to 100 repetitions per day.

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    Abbreviations standing

    In standing position, place your feet on the width of the shoulders. Knees bend, place your hands on your hips, lean on them. Straighten in this position the back. Inhale, while lifting the muscular elevator to the 5th floor, point the coccyx to the floor, pubis try to pull to the navel. For 5 seconds, stop and start straightening your back again. Repeat 10 times.

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    Direct twisting

    In the supine position, knees bend, the soles of the feet are pressed to the floor, hands behind the head. Raise the upper half of the body, with the shoulder blades tearing off the floor. Do not put the head on the floor during the exercise. Start to do the exercises with 3 approaches 10 times and gradually increase.

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    Back curls

    Lie down on the floor with your back down, hands should be along the trunk. Raise your legs at an angle to the body 90 degrees, bend your knees. Now the pelvis has to be torn off from the floor, trying to squeeze the knees to his chest. Repeat for the beginning on 10 times when muscles will get used it is possible to do on three approaches.

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    Simultaneous twisting

    Feet to cross, legs bend at the knees and pull to the chest, hands to bring forward. Remove the upper part of the body from the floor at the same time as the lower one, try not to touch your chest with your chin.

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    Slanting curls

    Feet to bend at the knees, put it to the right. Now try to lift the body, with your hands behind your head. Begin to perform the exercise can be no more than 20 times( 10 times per side).Gradually you can increase the number of repetitions up to 50 times.

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