Application of Sensivitis in the treatment of eye diseases

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Eyes are what a person sees the world. For the whole day they can get tired. This is due to frequent work at the computer, books and so on.

At such times the cornea of ​​the eye suffers, it dries up. This gives the person many problems.

Unpleasant sensations can provoke the development of other, more serious problems.

Often the patient is prescribed special drops of Sensivitis, the mechanism of which is aimed at eliminating the dryness of the eyes.

This drug is used solely for the doctor's prescription, following all rules and recommendations. In this article, we will discuss the instructions for the use of the drug in detail, consider the side effects, contraindications, price and available analogues.

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    • 2. Side effects and contraindications
    • 3. Features of use
    • 4. Release form and shelf life
    • 5. Prices
    • 6. Analogs
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    • 8. Conclusions
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Instruction for use

Principle of operation

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The outer part of the eye must always be moistened. The eye is arranged so that independently it can produce the necessary amount of tear fluid.

When a person blinks, this special fluid is distributed over the entire surface of the eye.

If there is not enough of this liquid, dry eyes appear. It is caused by different reasons. This can be a constant job at the computer. To define such illness it is possible on such signs:

  • a dyscomfort and feeling of a burning sensation, an itch;
  • manifestation of blurred vision;
  • with eyes constantly flowing tears when watching TV;
  • fear of light;
  • patient can not wear contact lenses.

After a certain diagnosis, the medic prescribes special preparations that will help cope with the manifestation of such a disease as "dryness" of the eyes. It is important not to delay, so as not to develop other terrible ailments. Treatment of such a disease is carried out with the help of special eye drops. One of the best for today is Sensivit.

The drug can be bought at a pharmacy, but you must first talk with your doctor.

Before you begin to consider the rules for the use of this medication, it is worth to find out how it works, that is, to determine its pharmacological effect.

The very essence of it is that it moisturizes and protects the eye. In addition, it normalizes( stabilizes) all three layers of the tear film itself, which covers the surface of the eyeball.

A protective film is formed by the correct action of carmellose with a thin transparent eye tissue, the so-called conjunctiva.

The essence of the film formed on the surface is protection and moistening. In addition, this preparation contributes to the fact that the aqueous layer of the eye( tear film, which is on the surface) is stabilized.

In the normal state, the secretion of tear fluid is as follows:


In addition to the main active ingredient, carmellose sodium , it has the following additional components:

  • vitamin A. Due to the fact that the preparation includes vitamin A, the productivity of the inner layer of the film is enhancedfactor of;
  • Vitamin E. An important component of the drug that is responsible for the nutrition of the cells of the cornea itself and the conjunctiva of the eye.

Indications for use

The drug should be taken after the appointment of a doctor. He can prescribe them in case of complex eye treatment:

1 When there is a direct violation and reduced production of lachrymal fluid
2 If a person has reduced formation of tears
3 In cases where there is a need to strengthen the protective film on the cornea of ​​the eye


To cure gave a positive effect, it must be properly applied. The instruction, which is in the box with the drug, will tell you how to properly treat.

Bury the eyes properly. This means that the drop should fall into a specific place. Conjunctival sac is a place, accumulations of a large number of capillaries. To find it you just need to pull the lower eyelid down.

Sensivite appoint one drop two or three times a day. If it is a question of children, the dose can vary, all depends on the received effect. This will tell an ophthalmologist.

The treatment process is quite simple. To do this, you need to open the bottle cap, then turn your head to the horizontal position( throw it back).After pushing the lower eyelid with your finger and dripping, you need the amount of the drug directly into the conjunctival sac.

Do the procedure neatly, in no case do not allow the tip of the dispenser, the eye, to touch. If the medication has been prescribed to the child, do not let him or her independently carry out the treatment process.

Mom, or dad, according to the same scheme, take a vial of the drug, take off the cap. The head of the child is also thrown back( it is better to put the baby on the couch so that it lies), with one finger push the lower eyelid and quickly dig in the eye.

Interaction of

If a person is treated in parallel with other drugs, then you need to understand that there are certain compatibility rules. And it's not just about eye drops, but about all medications in general. Be sure to tell the professional who prescribed you the medication that you are taking other medicines that a doctor had in mind, whether you should use this medicine, or prescribe other.

If we talk about the compatibility of Sensivitis with other drugs, then everything is simple. It is compatible with all drugs. But it must be applied according to a certain scheme. Drops can be instilled after 5 minutes after you used your medicine. This is necessary so that there is no cross reaction in the body.

Side effects and contraindications

When a patient comes to the physician, he must tell us about your problem and take all the tips and advice of a doctor. At all it is not necessary to be engaged in a selftreatment, after all any insignificant damage of an eye, at wrong treatment, can provoke a number of serious diseases.

And it should be understood that Sensivit has its contraindications, which is taken into account, and to know:

  • not apply to women who are in a position or are breastfeeding;
  • is not prescribed if the patient has intolerance of the components;
  • is not prescribed to children until two years of age.

overdose, what do you need to know about the drug

Absolutely all drugs have their own instruction manual, and it is important to observe in order to achieve a positive result. Many people think that by increasing the dose of the drug, they speed up the treatment process, but in fact it is not. If the patient wears contact lenses, they should be removed before the instillation procedure.

Within 15 minutes, after the procedure, there may be blurred vision, fog effect. Vision returns to normal mode, after half an hour.

In cases of ignoring the rules of use, there may be health problems. The overdose of Sensivit was not registered. But if the patient has dripped more of the drug, it is recommended to rinse the eye with water, and if necessary, treat.

It is worthwhile to understand that if allergic reactions were noticed, then it is necessary to quickly stop using the drug.

Side Effects of

Another important aspect of attraction is side effects. Often, drugs have a large list of side effects that can cause the patient to abandon the use of the drug. The advantage of this drug is that it has no side effects.

The only thing that can manifest in a patient is an allergic reaction. It manifests itself with itching and tears. In such cases, stop burying your eyes and see a doctor.

Seldom can be observed and heartburn. In this case, it is necessary to stop treatment with this medication.

Features of using

The use of drops has its own special instructions, which are worth knowing and applying, because if you neglect it you can face other troubles.

When a patient bites his eyes, he watches a loss of vision, or rather focus.

Objects become not clear and mist appears before your eyes. It is very important not to bury your eyes, if you need to work for serious installations, machines.

Do not sit behind the wheel of the car. Doctors recommend that after the procedure do not engage in anything other than for 20 minutes .This time is enough to make the vision restored, or rather its clarity.

During therapy, it is not recommended to wear soft lenses. If the patient wears a hard lens, then before burying his eyes, we take off. After twenty five minutes , it is possible to put on. If the patient has the opportunity to be after the procedure at home, then it's best to just lie with your eyes closed.

Form release and shelf life

Since it is a drop, the preparation is available in a special vial, an opaque color. One bottle of 10 ml is placed in the box. A cap in the form of a pipette, which allows you to make a small drop, enough to bury the eye.

Shelf life is written in the box with the drug. There is also an instruction for use. But it is still necessary to seek medical advice before starting treatment with Sensivitis.


It is worthwhile to understand that the price of drops is formed taking into account different reasons, one of which is competition. Speaking about prices in Ukraine, they vary from 90-130 UAH .

If you buy the drug in Russian pharmacies, then the price is also not stable, for the same reason. It ranges from 275-310 rubles to .To purchase them, you do not need to take a prescription from a medic.


Speaking of analogs, they also are. More often patients try to get a little cheaper drug, but they want it to be effective too. In the drugstores of the city you can be offered analogues:

  • Defisle;
  • Blink Contact;
  • Blink Intensive;
  • Vidisik.


Patients using this drug noticed that it does give a good result. Already after the first application the patient feels better. Eyes stop watering, there is no itching and irritation. The lacrimal fluid returns to normal.

The only thing, some are confused by the fact that after digging in front of the eyes there is a small fog that many people panic. And that it's worth the wait until the clarity of the picture is restored.


The preparation Sensivit has its advantages:

  • good tolerability and compatibility with other drugs;
  • quite a pleasant price;
  • is easy to use;
  • has no serious side effects, does not cause dependence.
  • is an affordable medicine for complex eye treatment.


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