Dry fasting

Few people have heard of this type of starvation, as dry. From the name it is clear that this is a type of starvation, in which a person deliberately refuses to accept not only food, but also liquid in any form. Its other name is absolute starvation.

The Benefits and Harm of Dry Fasting

Doctors are very cautious about dry fasting as a method of losing weight and the so-called "cleaning from slags".More correctly, they criticize him sharply, rightly believing that the benefit from him, if any, is much less than harm.

In medical practice, dry fasting is used in very rare cases, for example, it is necessary in preparing the patient for certain types of surgical operations. Wellness, however, his competent doctors deny at all.

Apologists for this technique believe that dry fasting helps to clear not only the physical component, but also the soul, as it is a kind of spiritual practice. Their main arguments are as follows:

  • Dry fasting contributes to stabilization and weight loss, because the body, which is put literally on the brink of survival( sensibly and accurately!), Must obtain a liquid, and this helps to lose weight.
  • The same mechanism promotes stimulation of immunity and has a strong anti-inflammatory effect on the body.
  • Among the positive effects of dry fasting, they also note the effect of rejuvenation and powerful energy releases, as well as longer-term ones - protection from radiation and prevention of oncological diseases.

Rules of dry fasting

If you still decide to take a chance and try absolute starvation, then adhere to the following rules:

  • Do not immediately go stakhanovsky pace - from this will only harm. The first few times you need to fast for a maximum of 36 hours. Optimum - to 24. And in the future significantly exceed these terms is not worth it.
  • We must properly prepare for starvation. During the day before it starts, eat fruits and vegetables in raw form. A similar exit from the dry period will make the process soft and easy for the organism.
  • If there is a need to prepare food, then this also needs to be done before the day of fasting - the effect from it will be greater if at all do not contact food.
  • But the contact with nature is wonderful, especially in the spring, when the air itself feeds the body and soul, or in the summer, when a lack of water inside the body is easy to "fill" with a pleasant bath.
  • To make everything easier, fill the day with business and meetings - if you are constantly busy, there will simply be no time to think about thirst and hunger. In addition, relatives will not be so worried that you not only do not eat anything, but do not drink.
  • If you smoke or like to drink a cup of strong coffee, or even a glass of alcoholic beverage, be prepared for the fact that during fasting there may be consequences in the form of a headache.
  • To strengthen the effect of starvation and make it really curative, it should be regular - for example, once a week, on the same day. When you see that this day is easy and even joyful, you can increase the amount of "hungry" time, but maximum - up to 48 hours.
  • Motor activity will make it easier for you not only the day after fasting, but also the recovery period as a whole.
  • And do not panic if you feel some deterioration in your health - they are natural and provoked by powerful purification processes.
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