Drops Dorzopt Plus - an assistant in the fight against eye pressure

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Eye drops Dorzopt Plus is a drug designed to eliminate the increased pressure inside the eye. It contains two active substances.

Reviews about this medicine have both a positive and a negative side. Their general review can be read at the end.

The withdrawal of the drug has several phases of excretion: fast, as well as slow, which is due to the gradual release of substances from the erythrocytes.

How to take this medicine correctly? You will find detailed information about the medicine in our article.

Contents 1.
  • Instructions for Use 2.
  • Side Effects and Contraindications 3.
  • Storage 4.
  • Analogs 5.
  • Reviews 6.
  • Tips How to Use


    A tool can be assigned if you haveglaucoma( open-angle or pseudoexfoliation).

    Allowable dosage and route of administration

    Drops should be used to treat patients older than 18 years of age. The drug should be instilled in each conjunctival sac one drop.

    Number of instillations per day should be one or two times. It all depends on the severity and severity of glaucoma. Duration of treatment can be determined only by a doctor.

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    If the patient has been prescribed several drugs, the interval between doses should be at least ten minutes.


    The package includes a bottle with a dropper. The total volume of the drug does not exceed 5 ml.

    Active component of the drug is dorzalamide hydrochloride , as well as timolol maleate .As additional elements is benzalkonium chloride, pure water.

    Combination of

    preparations An increase in the hypotensive effect can be observed with simultaneous administration of the drug with sympatholytic drugs. Do not simultaneously take with MAO inhibitors, analgesics and antiarrhythmics.

    When used simultaneously with inhibitors of the isoenzyme CYP2D6( eg, quinidine), there have been reports of the development of depression and a decrease in heart rate.

    Side effects and contraindications

    With the use of Dorzopt Plus drops, the following effects can be observed in patients:

    • Iridocyclitis, burning, keratitis, redness, sensation of the presence of a foreign body in the eye;
    • Frequent pain in the head, increased fatigue, a feeling of lethargy;
    • Perspiration in the throat, dry mouth;
    • Ringing in the ears;
    • Pressure jumps, syncope;
    • Pain in the heart, abdomen;
    • Skin peeling.

    In case of an overdose, the patient may experience an increase in side effects, as well as inhibition of kidney, heart and liver function. In isolated cases, the patient may have cardiac arrest.

    In the case of the development of these conditions, you should immediately stop taking the medication and go to the hospital. Treatment should be symptomatic. Patients with overdose should closely monitor the functioning of all organs.

    Contraindications to the prescription of

    Contraindications to prescription of the drug are serious diseases, so before starting the reception should consult with your doctor. The drug should not be taken in the presence of such conditions as:

    • Asthma;
    • Severe or chronic form of lung injury;
    • Changing the rhythm of the heart;
    • Renal failure, which occurs in severe form;
    • Allergy to medicinal components;
    • Heart failure, which is at the stage of decompensation;
    • Cardiogenic shock;
    • Changes in the cornea of ​​the eye( degenerative);
    • Acute form of myocardial infarction.

    The drug is categorically contraindicated for prescribing to persons who are less than 18 years old.

    In addition, the drug with increased caution may be prescribed to patients of retirement age, with diabetes mellitus, as well as with hepatic insufficiency.

    In pregnancy,

    This period should be discarded. If there is an urgent need, it is acceptable to take the remedy, but the girl should regularly appear at the reception of her doctor, take all the necessary tests and undergo a survey.

    Only with strict implementation of these recommendations can we talk about effective treatment for the mother and safe for the baby.

    During lactation from taking the drug Dorzopt Plus should also be discarded. This is due to the fact that the main components of the medicine have the ability to penetrate the baby through milk, received from the mother.

    If a receipt is required, the method of natural feeding should be excluded.


    The medicine must be stored in a dry and inaccessible place for children.

    At this point, the temperature regime can vary from 10 to 20 degrees.

    If you comply with all requirements, the medicine can be used for several years( 2 years).

    After the vial has been opened the drops can be used for four weeks.

    The overdue product is not allowed for further use, becausesuch a drug can only harm the damaged body.


    The drug Dorzopt Plus can be replaced with a drug that contains one of the active substances:

    Polytimol Timolol is the active substance of the drug. This is a Russian preparation. The cost was set at around 75 rubles
    Timolol-Akos The main substance of the drug is timolol. This drug is manufactured in Russia. Its price is 24 rubles
    Azarga This drug is manufactured in the US and Belgium. The main substance of the drug is timolol. The cost is 936 rubles
    Dorzopt is a Romanian medicine that contains Dorzolamide in its composition. The price of the medicine is 430 rubles
    Arutimol This drug is manufactured in Russia and France. The active ingredient is timolol. The price of the medicine is 54 rubles
    Ganfort This medicine is also an analogue of the drug under consideration. This drug has a huge list of serious side effects and contraindications. The main component is bimatoprost. It can be purchased at pharmacies, spending 894 rubles
    Timo-Komod This remedy can be prescribed in a number of cases. It should be closely monitored for dosage, becausein case of improper use of the remedy, the patient may receive a response that manifests itself in the form of AV blockade, bronchospasm, and so on.
    Fotil The cost of the medication is on average 247 rubles. It is worth mentioning an extensive list of contraindications. In addition, the drug has many side effects, but when used correctly, they are extremely rare
    Okumed These are very cheap drops( only 46 rubles for a bottle), but they are no worse than expensive analogues. The drug can be purchased if you show the prescription from an ophthalmologist. The drug has a large list of contraindications, as well as side effects. In addition, the active substance of the drug is also timolol
    Kosopt The cost of this medication is 969 rubles. It should be noted that this drug is no worse, but not worse than its cheap analogs

    . In addition, Timolol Betalek, Okumol, Xalakom, Kombigan are also among the analogues.


    Reviews about this drug, as a rule, leave only positive. Patients are very satisfied with the high efficacy of the drug,the result becomes visible the next day. In addition, to the pluses, they include an affordable price and the possibility of taking during pregnancy. The medicine has many analogues, which can replace this drug.

    Among the negative sides, people mark a large list of side effects. In addition, there are reports that the drug had no effect.


    1. To buy this drug, you need a prescription from your doctor.
    2. Doctors do not advise you to try to recover yourself;Such a step can only aggravate the situation of the patient.
    3. If treatment does not bring a positive result within the first few days, then this should be reported to your doctor.
    4. Drops can be combined with drinking alcohol.
    5. The drug affects the driver, as well as a person who requires increased attention and sharpness of movements.
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